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01 Dec, 2020
Excellent quality, good gift. Recommended read more »


01 Dec, 2020
Very low quality. After a couple of days finished to work, and returned.  read more »


01 Dec, 2020
Very low quality. Returned.  read more »

Good gift for a good price

01 Dec, 2020
Really hight quality gift. We loved it.  read more »

Really good, good quality, and useful

26 Aug, 2019
Strongly recommended, good quality, loock nice.  read more »

Medium quality, regular belt

26 Aug, 2019
Medium quality, not so good, and not recommended.  read more »

Excellent smart plug

26 Aug, 2019
Strongly recommended, excellent working smart plug. read more »

Excellent plug

26 Aug, 2019
Very good smart plug. Worke excellent. Strongly recommended. read more »

Low quality toy

26 Aug, 2019
So low quality, not good, and almost not usefull telescope.  read more »

False description!!!

01 Aug, 2019
It is not SELF INFLATING pad, it is regular, low quality, inflatable pad. You can order similar to this for 5$ in Walmart or any other shop. Returned, and will not recommend it to noone. read more »

Excellent quality for very good price

12 Jul, 2019
Excellent quality of toothpicks. Recommended!!!! read more »

Standard nail gel

02 Jul, 2019
Ordered to my wife, but she not really liked it. It is not a best quality you can find on Amazon read more »

Excellent cables.

02 Jul, 2019
It is really excellent short usb cables. I use them on my motorcylce and car, and have one more as a spare cable. Now i am looking to get more cables and defenetly will check thi seller. read more »

A good toy for kids and adults

02 Jul, 2019
It is really good toy for any age. We ordered them as a gift for our kids, but after received we start to use them as a stress release toy. Would recommend it to my friends. read more »

Excellent gift for a girl!!!

02 Jul, 2019
I ordered this shoes as a gift to my 5 y.o. daughter. And she so loved them. Shi is ready to wear now only this shoes,nothing else. It is really work with remote, you can change color and mode of ligh... read more »

It's good, but not more

24 Jun, 2019
It is good power band, but not the best one. So for this 4 stars. I am not sure if it is really 20000mAh, but it's stron enought to charge a phone 2 times. Never tested more than two times. It'... read more »

Really good charger

24 Jun, 2019
Get this charget to solve my workplace problem - only one outlet, and need to connect few USB device to powerr. And this one solved the problem. Now I'm not need to disconnect my phone to charge m... read more »

IT is really good.

24 Jun, 2019
Get this set for my daughter, she is using it to make a crafts. And it is really good. She already recmmended it to her frineds, and as I know - few of them already ordered it.   read more »

Excellent milk warmer

24 Jun, 2019
I have my expresso machine, but my mil warmer on it out of order. After ordering of this one - my espresso really improved by creamy hot milk. Would recommend it to my friends, cofee lovers. read more »

The best order in last month

24 Jun, 2019
This was a best order in last month. I hd some back issues, but after I start use the belt all of them are passed. Will strongly recommend it to all my friends and collegues.     read more »

Excellent laptop stand

24 Jun, 2019
Really good, halpfull notebook stand. Helpd me to start write my work more often and on easy way. Would recommend it to my collegues.  read more »

Good tasty tea

23 May, 2019
Good tea with strong nice taste. Recommended to a tea lovers. read more »

Really nice toy

15 May, 2019
Get it for my son 13 yo. He really loved it. It is his most lovely toy for last week. And it's allowd in Canada. So would recommend it to my friends. read more »

Really good tool to work with your laptop

10 May, 2019
My laptop has not LAN connector, just WiFi, and this adapter really neccesery to my work as a tech. It work fine, easy to use, not need any specific installation or drivers. Recommended, read more »

It is really celaning

08 Jan, 2019
I got this descaling solution, when I was very scaptic about it. Ususally it is not cleaning et al from scaling inside. But I was really surprised to see, that this one did a good job. After usage my... read more »

Excellent gist for my daughter.

04 Jan, 2019
My daughter get it as a New Year gift fro "Santa" She is so exceted, andloved it. For so low price we ged so good present. Already recommend it to few our friends to buy as a girl gifts.... read more »

Excellent baby camera-monitor!!!

04 Jan, 2019
Really excellent baby moitor-camera. Use it at our home, and it pass true 3 flors to a basement with a signal. Also possible to use it outside, at the yard. Would recommend it to all my friends hwo ne... read more »

Excellent for every yard and home.

27 Dec, 2018
I get this cam, and installed it at my yard same day. It it really good cam, with strong wirless transmitter, so it was possible to install it on the wood, and not on my house. So now I can see my int... read more »

Excellent baby monitor camera!!!

27 Dec, 2018
I get this camera to our friends, thay have a new born baby. It was the BEST geft they get. The loved it so much. It work awsome, for a long distance, and monitoring also video and audio from totally... read more »

Excellent solar cahrger

10 Dec, 2018
Get it before weekend, and test it at the weekend. It work really nice, charged 2 phones from 30% to 100 in less then 3 hours. Was really easy to connect and keep it outside. Will use it in all my ATV... read more »

Really excellent GPS system

10 Dec, 2018
Really nice, excellent working GPS navigator. Fast sattelite aqure, good map, excellent display quality.  Touch screen work smoothly, also in low temperature. Strongly recommended to every... read more »

Excellent alarm lamp for a bike

22 Nov, 2018
Really excellent alarm lamp. With excellent functions. Strongly recommended read more »

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