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Works great

21 Aug, 2019
Our bbq has beena mess and our brush recently broke and it was ruined fairly quickly. This Grill Scraper works great. I love that it can work on a variety of grills and it saves our new brush by getti... read more »

Works great and slows my puppy down

21 Aug, 2019
My 10 year old dog still eats so fast he gets sick right after on most days. This powl helps slow him down and prevents him from getting sick right after eating because he ate too fast. I love it and... read more »

Makes a difficuly project easier

05 Jul, 2019
This ink pad makes what is an already difficult project into a much easier one. Wrangling a baby and trying to put ink on their feet or hands  just becomes a jumbled mess. This ink pad makes it m... read more »

Not disappointmentd and did help a bit

05 Mar, 2019
I have been told by multiple women that a meternity belt would help towards the end of my pregnancy. I have been getting pain in my lower back and struggling to walk more than a few minutes. It did ta... read more »

great way to keep papers organized

25 Feb, 2019
I have been wanting these cute  file folders for a while. I got bored with the plain ones i have a tone of. I already have one all set up for when go to have our next baby, so we have aplace dof... read more »

Beautiful Dream Cathcer

22 Jan, 2019
I purchased this dream catcher for my daughter for Christmas. She fell in love with it and had me hang it up right away. We have had several people compliment her on it since it is a nice soft color b... read more »

Had high hopes

22 Jan, 2019
I have been wanting a robotic vacuum cleaner since I found out they existed and were affordable. I had high hopes when i got this robotic vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately it missed the mark by a long sho... read more »

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