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amazingly convenient!!

19 Nov, 2018
This thing is the shizz diggity.. it is made with a good silicone material so has held up quite well to 7 kids using it mulitple times a day! I am especially impressed with how easily it can be cleane... read more »

works like a charm

25 Aug, 2018
no complaints on this one!! the material is sturdy and has held up super well to my pit dragging me all over the place.. lol.. i would totally recommend this!! read more »

this is the best thing made since icecream!!

25 Aug, 2018
i literally was amazed at how bright the light is. i use it every day!! the material is sturdy... will buy again! read more »

super cute!!

25 Aug, 2018

works great

17 May, 2018
this stand is sturdy and is made with a great metal. I use it for my cell phone and for my ipad. I will be ordering more for my kids, seeing as they keep trying to take mine. lol def. reccommend!! read more »


26 Nov, 2017
This dream catcher is absolutly beautiful... The colors are so vibrant.. Arrived on time in one piece. It is made with amazingly sturdy material. I am super pleased with the quality for price.  W... read more »

best hiking backpack ever

21 Nov, 2017
My husband goes hiking from time to time and this has been the best bag he has ever gotten. it has pockets and straps everywhere. it was easy to strap on and held firmly the entire trip for him. not o... read more »

works perfectly

21 Nov, 2017
this was a must buy. while my brother and father are both avid guitar players neither can read music. they are trying to teach two of my girls to play and this has been a perfect way to teach them the... read more »

amazingly beautiful

21 Nov, 2017
these clip lights are simply stunning. I bought them for my daughters room and the lights just luminate the pictures so perfectly. It was very easy to put up and the clips hold the pictuers well.... read more »

cute bag

18 Nov, 2017
this is a really cute bag. the drawstring holds firmly and the material is okay. I bought this to put a giant panda in for my daughter for christmas and it is perfect. If i ever need another large san... read more »

cute and sturdy

18 Nov, 2017
this is one of the best pet feeder water bowls i have bought yet. it is made with good sturdy material and holds a good amount of food and water. i have two furbabies and this works great for them. it... read more »

good product

17 Nov, 2017
I like all of the products from this seller. their things are always made with good quality and last for a long time. I have this exact set and bought another one to give to my dad. comes with a nice... read more »

great quality

17 Nov, 2017
these are made with good quality. we own several different sets and this is by far one of my favs. it comes in a nice case for easy storage or if you wanted to take it with you to travel. case is made... read more »

we just love these

17 Nov, 2017
we own several of these bibs. they are more than worth any amount of money you spend on them. they hold up well. i wash mine in the top rack of my dishwasher but they are a easy clean no matter how yo... read more »

great knives

17 Nov, 2017
These are great knives. And for the price well worth the money in my opinion. are sharp and are of good quality. i would recommend these for any persons home. I am very pleased with the way they cut m... read more »

Great quality

17 Nov, 2017
this is a great quality product for a great price. seller is friendly and compassionate about customer care. I will order again so my dad can have one!! read more »

Good quality

21 Oct, 2017
I bought this for my husband i am sure he will love it.  read more »

Good quality

20 Oct, 2017
This is a good quality necklace and seller is super friendly and willing to answer questions on all products quickly.  read more »

Great quality

20 Oct, 2017
These are great quality screwdrivers. Not to big not to small. Easy to carry with you and they are durable. If your thinking of buying these you should.  read more »

Best speaker ever..

19 Oct, 2017
This is the coolest bluetooth speaker i have ever bought.. Is build great and has great sound. It is well worth the money.  read more »

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