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Oct, 2017







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I'm from the beautiful state of Idaho. I love fishing, camping, hiking, white water rafting, biking, rock(Crystal's, Arrowheads, Geodes & more) hunting, Cliff diving, hunting(not me personally though, I couldn't kill an animal even if I had a choice of my life or there's, however if it came down to feeding my family or starve, I would most definitely hunt and kill so that me & my family may eat, but that will be the only reason why), but if I may choose a #1 on the favorite thing to do list I would most definitely go with Fishing, but that's still a close tie with rock hunting, lol.
Let's just agree anything to do with being outdoors and adventurous I'm most definitely in & what better place to do it than Idaho!
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It's a nice speaker if you wanna keep things under control and quiet!

12 Apr, 2018
  The Barsone Speaker looked much bigger in the photos on Amazon, but then again what doesn't look bigger if it's posted on Amazon, lol. However, for the price I paid for this speaker it... read more »

The LED Light's that flash on the very front of the speaker has so many different combo's to go with the music you listen too! It's really pretty cool!

06 Apr, 2018
 The "Alfway Bluetooth Speaker" is very interesting because they have these really neat combinations of color that light up. Depending on the song your listening to, how high the volume... read more »

Package Arrived Severely Damaged, but I started watching the delivery guy who delivers my packages for the past few days and learned that he is so lazy to walk 3 stairs down to my door so instead he tosses my packages down the stairs(&

06 Apr, 2018
 I have bought 2 of the "Sunrisse Clocks" before for gifts to my daughter & my son & I was very impressed by the beautiful color changing ring around the clock & the way the... read more »

Nice project for my grandson to do so I bought them as a stocking stuffer.

20 Dec, 2017
  My grandson absolutely loves these little water beads, for whichever reason, I will never understand because to meet once they're wet it feels like your sticking your hand into a big bowl o... read more »

"Mother, Daughter cubic zirconia, Sterling Silver necklace.

20 Dec, 2017
 Well it would be a pretty nice necklace if it actually had engraved "Mother Daughter" in it  instead of "Grandmother, Granddaughter" , since both all my grandparents hav... read more »

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