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Made my hair soft!

24 Sep, 2020
I love how this biotin made my hair so soft! I definitely notice a big difference and will definitely order again! read more »


16 Sep, 2020
These taste great and truly do help suppress my appetite in a more natural way. I love the convenience of liquid form too. Great packaging! read more »


12 Sep, 2020
This is a great quality kids camera. I love that it's very durable and easy to connect to my computer to retrieve photos. The photos themselves aren't amazing, but it's about what I'd... read more »

Perfect for easy play

20 Jul, 2020
This controller is perfect for new players and players who are more familiar with the single controller system. It's easy to connect and charge. I love that the battery lasts longer than the regul... read more »


20 Jul, 2020
This grill is excellent for portable grilling. I love taking it to the lake because it's so small and convenient and easy to clean. I love that it was so simple to assemble too! read more »

Great correction

03 Jul, 2020
This posture corrector made a huge difference in my posture! I look taller and my back hurts far less than it did before the corrector. It's very durable and fit super well. Easily one of my best... read more »


01 Jul, 2020
These exercise bands are great for people of all ages with just the right amount of resistance. They are easy to hold and control, minimizing risk. I love that they are very durable as well. I haven&#... read more »

Best investment ever!

30 Jun, 2020
This is easily the best investment I ever made. People with back pain absolutely need it. It comes with lots of accessories to massage all different areas of the body and is rechargeable so you don... read more »

Easy to use!

30 Jun, 2020
I love how easy these lashes are to apply! They take no effort and are so fast in the morning, which is great for a busy mom like me! They are great quality and hold up for many uses. read more »


28 Jun, 2020
This is a great high quality mask with a beautiful printed design. I bought this for my husband and he loves the Pagan theme! read more »


25 Jun, 2020
These are super cute! They did require a little effort to get in, but once they were in, they look amazing and stay on very well. You can tell they were made with quality materials! read more »


25 Jun, 2020
This air pump works fast and inflated quickly! I love using it for our guest air mattress. It made the job so much easier. I also love that it has a wide variety of tips and I can even use it to infla... read more »

Great fit

25 Jun, 2020
These socks have a great snug fit thanks to the silicone grips on the inside at both the heel and toe. I love that it also has small grips on the bottom so it's less likely to slide down into my s... read more »


17 Dec, 2019
This case was easy to use and set up. I like how it fits my AirPods. Great at protecting them! read more »


17 Dec, 2019
This battery is seriously the bomb! We love it. It easily charges our devices and can charge them several times over before needing a recharge! read more »

Fit well

17 Dec, 2019
I love how well these fit with such nice prints. I like the quality and can't wait for more prints! read more »


17 Dec, 2019
Such a cute little tabletop tree decoration! We put ours on the couch side table. It truly is charming with all of its lights and very high quality. read more »


17 Dec, 2019
This pillow is small and easy to store. It's very comfortable. I like that it dries quickly and there's no mold or mildew. The hook to hang it is very handy as well. read more »


17 Dec, 2019
This massage wand is very powerful. I like how well it works out the kinks in my muscles. I also really like that it's rechargeable and easy to clean. Great buy! read more »

Great for tracking

06 Nov, 2019
I am constantly losing my keys and these make it so easy to find anything I am missing. I love that it came with so many fobs. I even attached one to my purse! Easy to use! read more »

Very cool

06 Nov, 2019
These are awesome and very versatile. I bought them for my bed sheets, but they also work great for keeping scarves in or sweaters closed too! Great quality and nice buy! read more »

Super cute!

23 Oct, 2019
This case is both super cute and functional. It protects my AirPods really well and has great sound quality. read more »

Great sound

23 Oct, 2019
Superb sound. These have high quality bass and are made with solid materials. I love the quality of these headphones and feel very confident in my purchase. read more »

Clear sound

26 Sep, 2019
These have great clear sound. I like that the other person can hear me clearly. read more »

Works great

26 Sep, 2019
These work great. I love that they come with tweezers for applying them. A layer of topcoat and they stay on fine. read more »

Easy to use

31 Aug, 2019
This is easy to use and connect. The audio quality is very good. I like the bass and volume is easy to adjust with no significant swings. It appears to be very durable and I’ve had no issues cha... read more »

Very high quality

31 Aug, 2019
I absolutely love this for not only summer trips to the pool but also vacations. Living near the coast I get to see so much more of the ocean life with my new snorkel. This is a must have for every fa... read more »


31 Aug, 2019
How cute is this and super convenient for storing all of my everyday jewelry. I love that it’s so convenient for pairing jewelry with my outfits and inexpensive compared to alternatives. read more »


31 Aug, 2019
I absolutely love this thing! It’s so convenient to keep on my work desk and charges my phone when I’m not using it making me never have a low battery! It’s so easy to set up and I h... read more »

Superior quality straws!

31 Aug, 2019
Not only are these high quality but they are a safe alternative to plastic or paper straws for kids! These are so easy to stash in my purse and easy to clean with the included cleaning tool. read more »

High quality!

13 Aug, 2019
Shockingly great quality! I love the unique shape. They are great at blocking the extra sunlight without impeding vision. The detail is pretty and I feel great wearing them! read more »


08 Aug, 2019
This is easily the best fanny pack I’ve owned. I love the high quality of the materials and generous sizing. It has two water bottle holders which is super handy as a parent! We will be taking t... read more »


31 Jul, 2019
This is the perfect bag for any kind of travel. I bought it to hold all of my necessities and everything fit perfect. The zipper is nice and quality and I love the great color. Well made and sturdy. L... read more »

Easy to use

24 Apr, 2019
I found these easy to use and line up and they gave me a great starting point for great brows.  read more »

Easy to use

24 Apr, 2019
Handy little smart watch at its price point. I love that I can make calls from this watch and can speak and hear clearly. The other features were great as well! read more »

Great for the lake!

24 Apr, 2019
I absolutely love these for family trips to the lake! We often bbq there and swim, so protecting my expensive phone is crucial. This allows me to still access my phone and take photos even in water. L... read more »


10 Apr, 2019
Excellent sound quality and great bass! I love how well they fit my ears and they stay in! read more »


10 Apr, 2019
This charging cable is super fast! I had no issues getting it to connect and it’s very reliable and good quality! read more »

Great cable

10 Apr, 2019
Great fast charging cable. Reliable quality! I love it! read more »


27 Mar, 2019
I was a little skeptical at first but this is hands down one of the best investments I’ve made for my curly hair! It fit perfect, was easy to assemble and didn’t require a lot of time or e... read more »


27 Mar, 2019
My first impression is how durable these are! They are nice and thick and I can tell they are high quality. I love how easy the markers write. They have the perfect surface area for writing down all o... read more »


21 Mar, 2019
I purchased this for my two cats and it seems to have become the hot commodity in our house! Both kitties love it and seem very relaxed and happy! read more »


21 Mar, 2019
This was the perfect item to keep track of all my recent travels and show them off in a beautiful way in my own. I love the fun colors and design. It truly feels high quality. read more »


16 Mar, 2019
These are a fantastic solution to obnoxious kid tablets! They are just the right volume for kids and easy and fun to wear. They were easy to connect and have a shockingly great battery life. All in on... read more »

Great visual

13 Mar, 2019
This awesome little speaker has a great visual effect. I love how easy and fast it is to connect and disconnect as needed. It produces some nice clear and loud sound. Exactly what I was looking for! read more »

Great buy!

12 Mar, 2019
These have great bass and an amazing battery life. They actually work better than sets I’ve spent hundreds on. No regrets! Great buy! read more »

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