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Works, isn’t variable speed and not worth the asking price

28 Jan, 2021
The device works to remove & tighten bolts however the claimed variable speed is not true. It is an on/ off switch trigger and one speed only. Device feels cheaply made, from the way the... read more »

Nice, smart hand sensor is a little clumsy

24 Jul, 2020
Lights are very nice. Great range of brightness.  hand sensor works alright, i dont find it's as quick to use as it should be, as I have to position my hands a few times to ensure... read more »

Nice Unit

18 Mar, 2020
Nice unit. Air pressure gauge seems a little flimsy &  I don't completly trust the pressure reading, but it does allow you to have a general idea of where you sit with pressure. I general... read more »

Works well, good strength and signal inside my house

02 Mar, 2020
Cute little stick. Looks nice, works well & comes with an included USB cable extension. The stick itself is a little large for fitting amongst several usb ports that are in use, however the includ... read more »

Lovely vase, my grandmother loves it for her flowers

22 Feb, 2020
Beautiful vase, my grandmother loves it for her flowers. Cool green shades on bottom and top rim, great for flowers.    Glow in the dark paint SUCKS however. Design is pretty, but glue... read more »

Will be my new every day beard oil, just wish it had a scent

01 Feb, 2020
A quality beard oil, I wish it had a scent, something natural.  Works well, I had been using Mvrck by Paul Mitchell, the only thing I miss is the scent, however I understand that this oil was... read more »

Didnt fit my microwave lights, but modified to work

26 Jan, 2020
Bought these to replace the lights underneath my microwave that acts as a range hood. These lights dont have a skinny enough base to fit in to the slot, however I cut the legs off the original incande... read more »

Sounds good, looks nice, feels solid - amazing bluetooth range

16 Jan, 2020
Nice quality sound bar. Goes loud enough for a speaker of this size, bass is decent enough for the size of this sound bar. Solid construction, feels nicely made. Rotational volume knob is a nice touch... read more »

Slick & Integrated - looks factory

12 Jan, 2020
I bought these to add to the rear fenders of my golf cart - applied last night, now waiting to make sure the adhesive bonds well. Reflectors look like a factory addition to the fenders & would mos... read more »

Bright & sharp

11 Dec, 2019
Bright & sharp, provides good coverage. Remote is very nice, works well from inside as it uses radio frequency rather than infrared.  read more »

Nifty with slides for all holidays.

08 Dec, 2019
Nice little holiday light display. I wish the slides showing were more complex, maybe adding some led lights to shine alongside the coloured slides. Covers the side of a dark house well, images have g... read more »

Super bright, OMG bright

08 Dec, 2019
Incredibly bright! Blew my mind with how bright they are. I plan on attaching them to a 12v LED driver so I can dim them as I please. They come with 3M adhesive attached to the back, however it seeems... read more »

Nice, not as bright as I would like

08 Dec, 2019
These are nice, about what I expected. I wish they werew a little brighter, but they're about right if you're using them as interior accent lighting in a car. These are going to be installed i... read more »

Nicely packaged, couldn't notice much change

18 Nov, 2019
Packaged nicely, comes with all equpiment required (including teflon tape, a nice extra touch!). After running water through for a little while, I could not smell or taste a difference in water from m... read more »

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