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Very nice

12 Jun, 2019
This bathing suit makes my curves more noticeable and looks very nice. read more »

I look sexy during my leisure time

07 Jun, 2019
I do love how this outfit hugs my curves. I feel happy knowing that when I am home and I and lounging, I look great. read more »

Too tight in the arms

07 Jun, 2019
This is beautiful but I feel like it is too tight in the arm are. Everywhere else fits fine read more »

So fun

06 Jun, 2019
I love these lights. When I look at them, I feel very calm and happy. My fairy lights read more »

Works great

01 Jun, 2019
Works great. I just didn't pay attention to the obvious. This doesn't plug in to an outlet. Very useful.   read more »

Great charger

25 Feb, 2019
Great charger for my car. Definitely comes in very handy when I need it most. No more searching through my bags to find it when I need navigation. read more »


25 Feb, 2019
Comes in handy for charging two electronic devices, especially on the go or when out of town read more »

Item never received

26 Oct, 2018
I never received my product read more »

Never received my product

26 Oct, 2018
I never received my product from this seller. I don't know what happened read more »

No more neck discomfort

05 Oct, 2018
This seat belt cover has saved me from neck and shoulder discomfort. So glad I have it  read more »

Cute little hairdryer

28 Sep, 2018
A mini hairdryer that I can take on the go. This mini is definitely going to help my hair dry quicker so that I can be a happy traveler read more »

Cute little webcam covers

26 Sep, 2018
These work great. Just having a hard time keeping it on without using tape. I do love them though. So cute. read more »

I like it

15 Sep, 2018
The clip opens slightly and is hard to put on my phone with the protective case. I do love the color pink  shade and how pretty it is read more »

Just how I like organizers to be

06 May, 2018
This item will go in my craft corner and be a great space saver as well as an organizer. Another item I love. read more »

I am the mermaid!

28 Mar, 2018
I bought a mermaid blanket last year that I could not fit so I gifted it to a relative and I finally found this one at a great price and the the color is nice. Very happy to have this mermaid blanket. read more »

Great teeth whitener

18 Mar, 2018
I honestly didn't think that this would work. I was definitely surprised when it did. Very healthy teeth whitening option that doesn't contain any chemicals. I definitely want more of the in m... read more »

Circular motion cleaning brush

27 Feb, 2018
I have been looking for one of these for a few years and finally found it. This cleans my face perfectly and massages gently while it deep cleans and helps close my facial pores read more »

Nifty nipper

27 Feb, 2018
Helps with cutting off the tiniest sharp edges on metal. The appearance is smoother and there is no snags. read more »

Happy foot hammock

07 Feb, 2018
I will be using this whenever I travel out of town. My little legs won't be tired from being in one spot because I can't reach the footrest attached to the seat in front of me. There will be m... read more »

Nifty purse organizer

07 Feb, 2018
I am glad I purchased this. I have a few little purses that I need to have organized and out of the way. This will do it for me. I am now purse clutter free. A ax read more »

Happy steaming

07 Feb, 2018
I just used this baby last night and my lungs were clearer and I wasn't up last night with any coughing or congestion for the first time in days since I was sick. I am happy. read more »

I have protection from the sun with these sleeves

01 Feb, 2018
I love the arm sleeves. They will keep my arms from baking in the summer sun. When am out with friends and family, it won't be so bad wearing tank tops. read more »

Great colors and drain approved

01 Feb, 2018
These colors are beautiful and they are great stoppers for my drains. I must say that this is a happy purchase read more »

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