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Smart watch

03 Mar, 2018
It easy to pair and answer calls but you can’t txt on the watch unless your sim car in it not the best but good for teens  read more »

Love the container

27 Feb, 2018
This container are amazing u just snap and go they come in 5diffrent size with there lids perfect read more »

Love it

11 Feb, 2018
I love to take pictures so this tripod came in handy it’s really easy to use and connect to your phone via Bluetooth  read more »

Time for a change

09 Feb, 2018
I need to switch up my living room I been having the same set since for years and this is perfect timing new year new living room easy to use  read more »

Just perfect

09 Feb, 2018
This brush is perfect the price is awesome it has 3 settings it massage your gums and teeth plus deep cleaning and regular brushing what else could we ask can I ask perfect  read more »

Perfect powerbank

09 Feb, 2018
I’m a person I’m always on my phone and drain my battery this game in handy and the thing is. Is not only one you get two for the price  read more »

Perfect pick

09 Feb, 2018
How could I start this this humidifier are  perfect they have a lo ght ,they have timer ,and best of all they make my house smell perfect read more »

Love it

06 Feb, 2018
I have always love pajamas on my son he so into  dinosaurs   read more »

Love it

05 Feb, 2018
I love doing my make up but when it come to cleaning my brushes I get super tired read more »

Love them

05 Feb, 2018
I bought this knife cuz it cought my attention love that they are different colores and have a cover for I won’t cut myself when I put them away  read more »

Perfect timing

03 Feb, 2018
I bought this cuz I have a stand that it’s magnetic and this cake on time and they go perfect together  read more »

I go tru Chargers

03 Feb, 2018
im a person that goes tru Charger like crazy cuz they always brake or stop working cuz the get tangled n stop read more »

Love it

03 Feb, 2018
IM a person that love trying new eyeliner cuz I have problems getting that perfect wing and with this is is more easy n perfect size for the price  read more »


03 Feb, 2018
I love this digital  thermometer.its more easy take my kids fever read more »

Love it

03 Feb, 2018
I have bought so many different facial brushes but they always are to hard on my sensitive skin this brush is soft and perfect  read more »

My sleeping beauty

02 Feb, 2018
my daughter every time we get in the car she feels sleep being in a toddler car seat will work awesome cuz it use to hold her head but now she on a booster seat she complains that her neck hurt but wi... read more »

love it

31 Jan, 2018
IM type of person that needs coffee every morning but my termo get to hot to hold it so this termo holder came in hand and now no more burning read more »

Best tripod out in the market

31 Jan, 2018
I never been so excited for a package read more »

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