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I love these earrings!

05 Oct, 2020
Fantastic, I can't believe how great these are! Very shining and pretty. Recommended. read more »

Cute color

24 Sep, 2020
LOVE these glasses! Very sturdy and good fit. Might have to get a couple more colors! read more »

Not good quality

24 Sep, 2020
I'm very disappointed because the chain tarnished very quickly to a brown color. Not what I was expecting or wanting. Tried cleaning and not really cleaning up.I do not recommend. read more »

Great Product

14 Sep, 2020
Good and easy to use. I am very happy with this purchase I also have not had to replace the nip tip yet!!  Light weight and cute! Thanks!  read more »

Portable and Relaxing

13 Sep, 2020
This neck massager is practical, convenient and safe. It is not heavy and easy to carry. It’s very light weight and feel comfortable on my neck, it has the right touch when massaging my nec... read more »

Fills fast for large tubs

12 Sep, 2020
Loved finding this great little air pump. This is perfect to use by the pool for floats for easy blow up. I couldn’t ask for a better product! I recommend this inflator. read more »

Cute for the price

11 Sep, 2020
Great every day earrings. Light weight but still sturdy and comfortable. Don't think twice. Get it ! read more »

Like the product

27 Aug, 2020
I really like the case and it is really useful. Fits perfectly with my new Ipad. Very cute. Good quality read more »


26 Aug, 2020
Great product. It works so well :) Keeps hair nice and shiny. I absolutely love this stuff.  I definitely recommend this product! read more »

Happy with purchase

25 Aug, 2020
I love it. This stuff is amazing! It's lasted a long time and my hair is incredible after just one use. I think it works wonderfully! It really helps! read more »

Great product

24 Aug, 2020
Bought this product the first time and was very impressed at the quality. It smells fresh and tastes wonderful. Will order again. Highly recommended read more »

Great flying ball

10 Aug, 2020
This is so much fun. I got this for my daughter and she has had so much fun with it. It's easy to use and the charge stays up for a long time. The seller has describes it just like it works. This... read more »


10 Aug, 2020
It works great easy to apply and holding good. Indispensable product! read more »

Good coverage for those under eye dark circles

10 Aug, 2020
One of my all time favorite drugstore concealers. Great coverage, long lasting, and easy to apply. Will be buying again. read more »

Great Belt

10 Aug, 2020
Such a good quality belt, very nice, durable, very cute! Perfect to wear to add a little something to your outfit.  read more »

Durable and great price

10 Aug, 2020
Great value for the money, work great and were super easy to setup. read more »


10 Aug, 2020
Strong durable, i can hang anything from it and expect it not to fall off the wall. Super adhesive & easy to use. read more »

The item wasn't delivered

10 Aug, 2020
The item wasn't delivered read more »


10 Aug, 2020
Very happy with this item.  Works great. Will definitely will buy more colors . read more »


10 Aug, 2020
Wonderful to free up drawer space. Really useful, it holds lots of stuff! It does not cost you much, but it improves your life and mood. I love it! read more »

The Perfect Bra

10 Aug, 2020
Great support and comfortable. Very hard to find ones that fit and offer support. Would highly recommend, and I will definitely buy again. read more »


10 Aug, 2020
I am very pleased with this product and the style of the rings is exactly what I was looking for! read more »

Cancelled by seller

10 Aug, 2020
has been canceled because the seller is unable to ship my order read more »

Doll clothes

17 Jul, 2020
One very happy little girl. My niece loved it all. Super cute. Highly recommend this set! read more »

Supportive, cute and sexy!

16 Jul, 2020
LOVE IT. The fit was great. So comfy and perfect) Buy this!! read more »

Not as described

11 Jul, 2020
Not what was advertised when I got it. This rug is a poor quality and it is the size of a small bathmat unlike the photo that is shown in front of a sofa . Super disappointed. This... read more »


04 Jul, 2020
Love the style. True to size. Stunning ring! No issues! read more »

Love it

04 May, 2020
I LOVE this kit. Very pretty colors. They wear well and the smell is pleasant. You should definitely buy them. read more »

Great quality

03 Apr, 2020
Really good quality! Perfect size. Great for make up and for drawing suppliers. I use this daily and it's still in great shape. Exactly what I wanted and is very durable. read more »


02 Apr, 2020
Good food storage bags, but the openings of these bags are small. You can use them for seasonings. They wash really easily and no lingering smells either read more »


29 Feb, 2020
Great quality stickers! Super adorable use them on my laptop, water bottle and notebooks. Nice assortment. I love these!  read more »

Work well

23 Feb, 2020
Definitely worth the money! This product exceeded expectations. My mother has been using facial these patches 5 days a week for a month and the difference gets more noticeable every week! read more »

It works

20 Feb, 2020
This product is very good. There is no harsh smell and is easy to lather. If you need a hip replacement it may help a little but for sore muscles and minor arthritis it is an awesome product... read more »

This cream helps

20 Feb, 2020
It works! Great for aches and pains. It took a couple days to really notice a difference but I went from terrible pain in my hands to almost nothing. Recommend highly. read more »

Definitely will buy it again

15 Feb, 2020
I have been using this neck cream for a couple days now. I notice a great difference in firmness in my neck. I feel my skin gets smoother. I think this cream is on the top of my list of... read more »

Super cute and worth it!

13 Feb, 2020
Perfect! It’s very cute and the pictures look great. So soft and beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. I love the design and it's versatility. Would recommend. read more »

Soft and cuddly

13 Feb, 2020
They are so cute and adorable... Well made and fit perfectly in children's small hands. Kids loved them! Thanks so much. read more »

Awesome Accessory!

30 Jan, 2020
Ladies, want to make your beau insane! Wear this in your hair! It’s sturdy, easy to apply onto the hair, and I get so many compliments when I wear it with my high bun. read more »

Great necklaces!

29 Jan, 2020
These are great i love mine and its a perfect gift for ur special someone!:) Beautiful jewelry and great quality read more »

Very beautiful lipsticks!

29 Jan, 2020
I got this as a gift to my friend and she really like it. They are really cool, packaged very well. read more »

Matte cigarette lipsticks

29 Jan, 2020
The package is like a real cigarette box. Сolors are beautiful, smear thin or thick will get different looks. Thank you so much read more »

Love this tea!

02 Dec, 2019
 I personally loves the aroma and the oolong. Totally worth the money!  read more »

It worked for me

02 Dec, 2019
Easy install, just read the somewhat vague instructions. Works great. read more »

I like it!

02 Dec, 2019
It really works. You can see an immediate difference. Amazing product. I was really impressed! read more »

Effective and affordable!

02 Dec, 2019
These patches work great! It's definitely better than any other product I've tried. I will be buying these again. read more »

Great value

17 Oct, 2019
Love this case! Super durable. Excellent! read more »

Ok slippers

17 Oct, 2019
They are ok, nothing special. Only good thing is that they are soft feeling. read more »

Worth money

17 Oct, 2019
Definetly value for money. Worth every penny. This cable charges fast and works great. I would recommend read more »

Works as described, good quality

17 Oct, 2019
No complaints, this wallet does exactly what I was expecting. It's lightweight and convenient to carry everything as simply as possible. Cards and cash are neatly organized and easy to access. read more »

Loved it!

17 Oct, 2019
Great variety. Love the stickers. Love decorating my Bloom planner with them read more »

Works Well

17 Oct, 2019
This machine is very light and easy to use. With it, sometimes I have to make up the off-line clothes, it is more convenient! read more »


17 Oct, 2019
Awesome polish! The colors are very nice. Dries quickly. Will definitely buy from them again read more »


15 Oct, 2019
Natural looking! There are my all time favorite brow pencils. Easy to put on. Great product for the $. Would by again. read more »

Great for everyday and travel

01 Oct, 2019
I bought this bottle on a recommendation from a friend. I LOVE it! I went from drinking little or no water a day to drinking what I should using this water bottle. I feel so much better and... read more »

Very smooth shave

01 Oct, 2019
I've always purchased the Gillette Fusion 5 for myself and my husband, but they are expensive! This razor is a great alternative. It comes with more cartridges for less money and honestly, I... read more »

Quality product

25 Sep, 2019
Love this! It is a sleek design, a powder coat feel. Durable, no scuff marks or dings after weeks of daily use. Actually keeps my water cold all day long. Excellent quality! My favorite bottle! read more »

Good value

25 Sep, 2019
Great for my party. Was just what I needed. Best balloons ever! So easy to blow-up, sturdy, just great, great, great! read more »

Good quality

19 Sep, 2019
Bought for my teenager and was a perfect fit.  Really nice leather belt for under 10 bucks! Happy with purchase.  read more »

Love my necklace!

19 Sep, 2019
This necklace is fabulous and it fits great around my larger neck! Great quality!  Not too heavy. Its stable and comfortable :) This is really cute. read more »

Great peel mask

04 Sep, 2019
I've used plenty of different products for blackheads. This has been the best one. This product makes my skin feel so clean and smooth after a treatment. It’s a little hard to remo... read more »

Great value

04 Sep, 2019
This is an awesome set! The big variety helps you discover what toy preferences your cat has bc there is a little of everything. Such great toys especially for the price! My cats love them!&... read more »

Great value!

03 Sep, 2019
Perfect for important documents, postcards, receipts, etc!  It holds a lot of files and is a good material! I love the little window on the front to maybe put a little decorative note card in the... read more »

Great clips!

03 Sep, 2019
Beautiful hair clips. These are so cute, very durable and stylish. Great price! I really like them.  read more »

Cute & Compact

02 Sep, 2019
Try it right after received it, convenient, portable and good quality. Really cute quality straw! So I don’t have to use the plastic ones. The small carrying case is great, I just toss it i... read more »

I love how easy this garlic press is to use

02 Sep, 2019
Good product. I like it! I am very satisfied with the quality. Easy to clean and use. Best garlic press around. The price is very reasonable for what you get. read more »

Great quality!

01 Sep, 2019
The quality was perfect and the item description was right on point. Did the job and stayed on very well. Fit great! Exactly what I was looking for read more »


01 Sep, 2019
I love this pearl garland roll.  Its super cute and the color is beautiful. Great value for price and durable read more »


31 Aug, 2019
Love these cute cat decals. Stick well easy to apply. They look so real and lifelike my cat tries to play with them. Very cute! read more »


31 Aug, 2019
I bought these heel protectors for my mom. She often complains about her sore, cracked heels. Heel protectors give added cushion and relieve pain. These are great. Very comfortable. Thanks read more »

Great product at great price

12 Aug, 2019
Love these mate lipstick super pigment. It felt smooth as I put it on without drying my lips. The color are amazing, stays all day on lips. Very good quality and formula. read more »

Easy to use, good sound quality, great price

31 Jul, 2019
Pretty simple really. This player is very intuitive and easy to use. Sound quality is good. And it's a great price. This is exactly what I needed. The battery life is a lot better than my last pla... read more »

Great Quality Leather

31 Jul, 2019
Well made & good quality! Exactly what I was looking for. I loved the large size and it’s very nice looking. Formal desk protection. Good surface for writing. I just love... read more »

Good product

10 Jun, 2019
Easy to apply. It is keep my mirror clearly during raining and foggy. It has very good quality. When it is raining I can see the cars behind me clearly. It is not blurry. Very helpful and us... read more »

Perfect fit

09 Jun, 2019
Seems to be high quality material and made well. It's super cute. I absolutely adore the top. Wear this if you want compliments and attention! I absolutely love this swim suit, it is honestly... read more »


03 Jun, 2019
Kept my phone dry at the beach. Easy to latch. It’s very good quality. I swim in the sea with it and went snorkeling for the whole day. Works great! I was skeptical for the value... read more »

Love this purchase

03 Jun, 2019
This is my first robot vacuum cleaner.  It works great with minimal maintenance or fuss. There is pet hair everywhere in our apartment. I love this vacuum because it is effective a... read more »

Nice bags for organizing items

23 May, 2019
These mesh organizers are perfect for holding a lot of little items together so that they can be readily found. I'm enjoying these bags very much, they're well made and the fact that the... read more »

Perfect for a Dino lover

02 May, 2019
These are so cool! My 4 year old nephew loves dinosaurs and these make him so happy. Good quality. They stick well to our textured walls. Awesome product! read more »

Visible improvement after first use!

29 Apr, 2019
Love these eye pads. Use them at least once a week. Usually on Sunday which is my spoil myself afternoon. Recommend to everyone any age. Great product! read more »

Great earbuds

22 Apr, 2019
Very good quality earbuds, they are better than what I thought they would be. Sound is clear and mids seem good and bass is ok. Highly recommended! read more »

Comfortable, great sound quality

16 Apr, 2019
I liked these earbuds. They have good sound and they are also pretty. They fit my ears well and I use them to watch some videos on youtube before I go to sleep as I do not want to annoy my husband wit... read more »

The Best Portable Charger

06 Apr, 2019
This charger is exactly what you're looking for. It can charge 3 times.I liked it because it’s small, easy to carry and you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere. Great price! read more »

Beautiful swimsuit!

10 Mar, 2019
Very cute! Good quality. Fit perfectly. Definitely recommend and will buy more! read more »

Five Stars

27 Feb, 2019
Wonderful product. Towlettes have no unpleasant odor, does not streak or turn orange. Not a dark tan, but just enough to make you look healthy. read more »

Works well!

12 Jan, 2019
My iPhone loses battery power quickly so this product is my savior when I’m traveling. Great for price. I highly recommend this charger. read more »

A great tracker for the price!

29 Dec, 2018
Got this in the mail today. So far, I’m completely satisfied. Easy to set up. Just downloaded the app and bluetoothed the devices. Got my texts synced up and everything seems to be in working or... read more »

Interesting and cute

17 Dec, 2018
Every single time I wear these I get a million compliments. And they’re super lightweight too. Good quality and look just like the picture! Better than expected!  read more »

Great selection

16 Dec, 2018
Worth every penny spent on it. Enough pieces, and large selection. Even in all kind of colors. Great! Always need these. read more »

Works great!

11 Dec, 2018
Have tried many portable chargers and they all get the job done once and then die. This one holds a charge exceptionally well. I can fully charge my phone about 3-4 times with this device before havin... read more »

This is an excellent quality item

09 Dec, 2018
This is an excellent quality item. Edges were clean and the stainless steel was of good quality. Installation was quick and painless. Wall anchors and screws were included. read more »

Five Stars

04 Dec, 2018
This is my favorite body suit. I get so many compliments and questions about where I got it. Fit great and nice material. Love it! Would buy again) read more »

Great massage cushion

02 Dec, 2018
I have back pain all the time. I was gonna get an electric massage chair, but they are so pricey can cost me over a thousand dollars. So I decided to give this product a try. OMG this Massager wo... read more »

Good condition and quality

01 Dec, 2018
These are amazing they stay on all day.I tried blending colors and they look amazing too! I would order again and I recommend to buy. read more »

Love the colors

01 Dec, 2018
Such a great pallet. Love the wearability, colors, and how it feels. Great product and great price! read more »

Five Stars

28 Nov, 2018
These flowers were beautiful! They looked real and quality was amazing! Great product.  read more »

Connect and forget.

27 Nov, 2018
This is a great hub for connecting multiple devices to the TV.  I’m very satisfied and would definitely recommend this product. read more »

Awesome Product!

27 Nov, 2018
Great product. Simple yet extremely effective with regards to ingrown hairs. I would definitely buy again! read more »


25 Nov, 2018
I absolutely loved all the products in this set. The pencils are easy to use and comes on the paper smoothly. Great quality for the price. I couldn't ask for more. Thank You! read more »


25 Nov, 2018
Polycarbonate molds are the best, and these are a very good price. Nice shapes and easy to clean. This mould will not disappoint! read more »

Five Stars

23 Nov, 2018
Was as described works great. Nice forms, and chocolate releases easily. Would recommend. read more »

I got this to help me apply my daughter's eyelashes ...

22 Nov, 2018
I got this to help me apply my daughter's eyelashes at competition. It is so much easier now.  You can beat the price. read more »

Quality, Look and Feel... Amazing!

16 Nov, 2018
Love the quality, feel and look of these Beads, You could honestly feel the quality as you hold them, They're extraordinary and a must have in everyones accessory closet. read more »


13 Nov, 2018
These dots are great for small group teacher table. They define each child's space plus they are fun to write on. They erase easily! read more »

Highly recommended

08 Nov, 2018
This is a great little bag that fits so many options. It's pockets are surprisingly roomy, well made, with easy flow zippers. Wear slung in front of you or in back. read more »

Efficient and versatile tool

08 Nov, 2018
I'm very surprised with how much power this little thing has! I use it for shaping dip powder/acrylic nails and it works really well. Comes with lots of bits and is super easy to use. read more »

Good product

07 Nov, 2018
These are awesome and so cool! Looks amazing!! Super easy to install. read more »

Great results in 1 week!

07 Nov, 2018
I started using this product a week ago and I already can see wonderful results. My eyelashes are growing and looking fuller. It is very easy to apply. read more »

A great purchase

05 Nov, 2018
Wonderful product with solid results. My skin is brighter, smoother, and looks more even toned. Very pleased. I really recommend this product. read more »

This works great.

05 Nov, 2018
Very comforting to my poor, painful thumb. Not too hot and not too bulky - just right. I love that you can adjust it at the thumb and at the wrist. My physical therapist said it was a good choice. read more »

Five Stars

04 Nov, 2018
I love it! This makes it easy to do my eyeliner evenly every day. read more »


04 Nov, 2018
I love this palette it was easy to use and so beautiful I will be ordering more from this company read more »

Five Stars

04 Nov, 2018
Shoes are so awesome and comfortable definitely will keep buying products from this selling. I definitely recommend it to everyone. read more »


03 Nov, 2018
Love this swim suit! I get so many compliments on it. Comfortable,  it’s the perfect one piece. Awesome! Fits great and would definitely recommend! read more »

Good quality bright lights

02 Nov, 2018
Love that these lights are SO bright! Exactly what i needed. I will continue to buy! read more »

Super comfy and soft

02 Nov, 2018
Very comfortable pillow. The size is good, held my head and neck in position. It's firm, not hard. But has enough give to be comfortable. read more »

Five Stars

01 Nov, 2018
Easy and straightforward to use. My husband is a mechanic, it's very useful item for him. Thank you!  read more »

Great Starter Case!

01 Nov, 2018
Great case to show off the color of your phone and feels grippy in your hands. read more »

Cool doorbell

01 Nov, 2018
Instructions were clear and easy. Installed in very little time. Bell sound can be adjusted both by loudness and type. Works great! read more »

This case was exactly what I was looking for

31 Oct, 2018
This case was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a clear case so that it wouldn't hide my rose gold phone, and this case is perfect for that. Plus, it has great protection for the phone with... read more »

Works well

27 Oct, 2018
Works great. Makes it easy to keep both of our phones charged when we are traveling together. read more »

Makes good tea

26 Oct, 2018
Bought this for my daughter and she's enjoying it a lot. She adds herbs and spices as infusions to her teas, and also is able to brew individual cups with loose-leaf tea. Highly recommend! read more »

Nice ring

26 Oct, 2018
Great little ring. It’s held up really well. I have even had to unstick and restick it more than once and it’s still going strong. Definitely recommend! read more »

Helps lashes grow

25 Oct, 2018
I've always been skeptical about purchasing growth serums because of the high number of fake and ineffective ones. The Made in Germany fact struck and I believed this serum would be different. I d... read more »

A eyelash serum that really works

21 Oct, 2018
Lashes are longer and stronger. This product really works, just need to be consistent and use every night. I highly recommend it! read more »

Really cool !

21 Oct, 2018
Amazing! My dog loves to hang out at the fire with us, but being almost all black makes it hard to keep an eye on him. Now I know his every move! Love that it’s rechargeable! Can't believe i... read more »

Very comfortable

20 Oct, 2018
These shoes are fantastic! Very comfortable to work out at the gym and they give great support along with great comfort. They look awesome also!!! read more »

Like wearing nothing at all

18 Oct, 2018
These shorts fit great and are extremely light weight. My husband said it's like you are wearing nothing at all. You get what you pay for. Quality is fine. Good shorts my husband&nb... read more »

Five Stars

18 Oct, 2018
Really nice for the price. Gets lots of compliments. Great quality. read more »

Great quality

17 Oct, 2018
I didn't want to spend a ton of money on Apple earbuds, so I spent a lot of time trying to find a cheaper pair for my iPhone 7. I found these, which I absolutely love. They look exactly like the p... read more »

Great little charger

15 Oct, 2018
Excellent little charger. And little is the key here. In my car there is very little clearance between the cigarette lighter port and my gear shift. When I had my original, much longer, charger plugge... read more »

Very nice and simple product

15 Oct, 2018
Bought it for my mom. I teach her how to use it and it works well. She is satisfied with it so far. read more »


08 Oct, 2018
perfect for my 7 plus! subtle, light, and thin without sacrificing protection! this is the second time i've ordered this case and i would definitely recommend it! read more »

Looks cute

08 Oct, 2018
It fit perfectly. The material was a good quality. I was a little worried about that. But was very pleased with the quality. Super cute. I love it! read more »

Love it

05 Oct, 2018
Loved the lightweight mask and adjustable strap!! Made a huge difference in my sleep hours!! No regrets!! Highly recommend! read more »

It works!

02 Oct, 2018
Saved my screen! My phone fell from the top of my car and on cement. I’ll definitely be buying more. read more »

Simple great case!

30 Sep, 2018
 I highly recommend for someone who wants a simple no fuss case that is still good enough to save your phone from scratches/dings! read more »

Five Stars

29 Sep, 2018
Excellent product at very good price. Fast shipping. Highly recommended. read more »

Super Sharp

27 Sep, 2018
Great value, and super sharp touch up razor. I use them around my eyebrows for clean up every 4-5 days. Easy clean up.Will definitely purchase again) read more »

Best Bottle for the Price

17 Sep, 2018
Having bought many water bottles, this is by far the best value for your money. Bottle really is leak proof--nice rubber gasket in the flip top that keeps things secure and dry. It doesn't le... read more »

Five Stars

10 Sep, 2018
Great product. Perfect size for what's needed.I believe it will protect my cash and  important documents. But hopefully will never test the fireproof aspect of this. read more »


06 Sep, 2018
I have used several different screen protectors and this kit is a great find. Using their install instructions, got a perfect application without a speck of dust anywhere! read more »

this is great!

31 Aug, 2018
I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I have to carry a bunch of keys. I feel very organized and this key holder is very good looking. Great value and quality. Highly recommended! read more »

Great product

20 Aug, 2018
Quality fishing line. It works great and good for the budget. Rainbow fishing! 5 star and will buy again, thanks read more »

Awesome product

20 Aug, 2018
I love this armband! Its comfortable and easy to use. Fits great and I would truly recommend it read more »

Five Stars

04 Aug, 2018
I'm very happy with this all leather steering wheel cover. The color,design - everything fit perfect. I totally recomend. read more »

Such a versatile hub!

04 Aug, 2018
There are a lot of choices for USB C hubs, but this one has all the right connections for my use.  It is small and well made and does not crowd the desk. The device itself works perfect... read more »

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