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I'm a SAHM of a 3.5 year old girl &5 year old boy! I love finding a great bargain & might be a little addicted to shopping bc of that! I've been reviewing for about a year ago now & I'm enjoying the perks that come along with it!
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Assortment of fidget toys!

01 Feb, 2022
This is a great set of fidget toys by the brand #KMV .. I like the variety of toys; clickers, a bubble timer- almost lava lamp like, an infinity cube, a worm thing or 2! A great set, I'd definitel... read more »

Nice desk & shelves!!

30 Jan, 2022
SMAGREHO computer desk with 4 tower agents, reversible writing study table with bookshelves, modern simple compact home of work station in Oak is very nice! I'm pretty impressed: it came with dece... read more »

Nice desk!

27 Jul, 2021
What can I say, I love my foldable desk! It's sturdy, easy to open, no assembly required upon delivery, etc! I couldn't ask for a better product! Good size, study desk, that can be stored away... read more »

Good washing machine tablets!

27 Jul, 2021
This box of washing machine cleaner tablets is convenient& works well on my to loader, Amana washing machine! I put in 1-2 tablets, about 1ce/mo & run my machine with hot (warm) water & ab... read more »

Nice, lightweight, comfy Joggers!

29 Apr, 2021
#Seyorz makes a nice workout legging AND jogger!! I love my new tie dye joggers! They fit nicely, TTS, I ordered my usual size XL and they're not to tight or loose, but just right! I'd order f... read more »

Neat, bigger than I thought, engaging toy!

20 Apr, 2021
#3otters brand 3D puzzle Maze Cube is a cool toy, which says it's for ages 4 + up! It's bigger than I thought it would be, but not too big for traveling/carrying around (in a bag or otherwise)... read more »

Neat pant extenders/replacement buttons!!

30 Mar, 2021
These button expanders or replacements are neat! instead of the tac like ones that I believe were an As Seen On TV product back in the 90s, these have like a spring/coil like circle with a button atta... read more »

Wind pant kind of material/lined pants.

06 Mar, 2021
#JULYER made these nice, lives, warm pants. They do run slightly big, maybe a whole size. I ordered the XL, but they were too big + definitely too long. Short people keep in mind, they are long and wh... read more »

My kids LOVE this lava lamp-looking, neat sensory toy!

21 Feb, 2021
#LIVOND makes a cool, sensory timer/toy that looks similar to a lava lamp! It's approximately 2" wide X 5.5" tall. My son noticed before I even did that it's about 2 m... read more »

Great little table!

10 Feb, 2021
I got this side/accent table with detachable/removable top, which is pretty cool! Makes for easy cleaning. I like the lip around the edge too! I put this together with limited instructions+ thankfully... read more »

Great oil based isn't markers/pens!

20 Jan, 2021
#VHEONET makes a grest set of 12 paint pens/markers that include a good variety of colors! At first, just be sure to Shake each marker + press the tip down until paint appears+ then prep your are... read more »

I LOVE These Leggings!

19 Jan, 2021
These #Seyorz leeggings are thicker than your averaage,  yet just as butter soft as the higher end, brand name leggings are! I eered on the side of caution and ordered an XXL, but I could've... read more »

Nice car charger!

06 Jan, 2021
My new car charger came on time, packaged nicely, it looks great + is brand new, as it should be. I haven't had a chance to plug it in my car yet, but I'm excited to see if it works better tha... read more »

Neat, little RC Stunt Car with LED lights

15 Nov, 2020
UTTORA 2 in 1, double sided, RC Stunt Car with LED lights! It's pretty cool, the tricks, lights + optional music. I charged it for about 1.5 hrs + it was ready to go, although I haven't s... read more »

Awesome star projector + MORE!

26 Oct, 2020
#Aifeiter made a great star protector, which also plays music- through a bluetooth connection OR a SD card! It's not big, nor bulky, it's about 4", maybe 5" wide and shorter tha... read more »

Nice butterfly wings + lacey mask

16 Oct, 2020
#Motiloo made a great pair of butterfly wings + complimentary lacey, black mask! I adore this 'costume'/adult dress up, velcro's around neck (not uncomfortably tight +I'm no twig of a... read more »

Microblading eyebrow marker

10 Oct, 2020
This #PHOEBE 'microblading eyebrow pen with a Micro-Fork Tip Applicator Long Lasting, Waterproof, Smudge Proof For Fuller Natural Looking Brows' takes a little getting used to. At fi... read more »

Cute mermaid pajamas!

10 Oct, 2020
I've bought jammies from Lit Bud brand on Amazon before+ have been satisfied.  This set must've been defective or something bc (and it's not too big of a deal) the shirt'... read more »

XXL 12/14 length wise, 18 widfh wise!

06 Oct, 2020
Unfortunately this tank top didn't fit me right+ I have a short torso, but a big chest to make up for it; 38DD. It was almost as wide as it was long. Beautiful pattern fabric +nice... read more »

Dark spot corrector; skin care

13 Sep, 2020
#LIFUS datk sput correctorfor face, body spots + age spots, helps fade hyperpigmentation, melasma,freckles,age spots,sun spot and post acne marks!    Unfortunately, I haven'... read more »

Perfect size glue sticks for my mini glue gun!

06 Sep, 2020
I love these #Hawkforce mini glue gun sticks. They fit my mini glue gun perfectly and are holding a couple beads I had to glue to my shoe+ are holding very well so far, so I have no complaints! I... read more »

Good straightener/curler f9r 2C/3A cutout hair at most!

27 Aug, 2020
  This #Minidiva hair straightener+ curler, 2-in-1, hot comb/iron is pretty good! I have 2C curly hair+ it definitely straightened my hair with more volume and a little bit of frizz (no... read more »

Great flash drive

22 Jul, 2020
leizhan USB Flash Drive 32GB USB 3.0 Micro Pendrive looks like a fabulous little flash drive! Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet but will update if I have any problems. A great way to save ur p... read more »

A Beautiful Vanity Stool!

09 May, 2020
#CANDIKO did a very niceg making this vanity seat. It has a soft seat, metal legged, vanity stool! It seems like it's quality crafted, nicely upholstery, with 4 sturdy legs + great height! I love... read more »

Nice quality tank top w/ adjustable straps!

23 Apr, 2020
This tank top is beautiful, heavier than I thought it would be, but not too heavy for summer wear! I love the "peplum"/ruffle look, the olive green color,  it's actually pretty cute... read more »

small but cute!

21 Apr, 2020
I don't know what I was expecting, but this is cute, kinda industrial looking. The star at the top doesn't light up, but it's not a deal breaker for me. + I might even add more lights to i... read more »

Great set of 3 false magnetic lashes

27 Mar, 2020
#SKYWEEPROFESSIONALPRODUCTS sell this fabulous set of 3 magnetic lashes! With easy application, 3 different looks/sets of lashes, an applicator, carrying case and great customer service, you oreally c... read more »

Good quality tank top with cute button decoration

12 Mar, 2020
I love my new, cute tank top! Great stitching, quality+ washes up nice! I hung mine to dry. i sized up 1 to XXL bc i wanted to make sure it wasn't too tight,  but I could've gotten a XL +... read more »

Cute, terry cIoth headbands w/ bow!

12 Mar, 2020
I love my 3 pack of headbands to remove my makeup!  I read you can even use the cute bow to take off your make-up (it's removable!) and they're also washable (of course)! Although I air d... read more »

great little 360°rotating hanger organizer!

02 Mar, 2020
I'm impressed with this little organizing mechanism! A regular size hanger with about a 6" diameter circle of little hangers, that rotate 360° do u can look throufh all your ties, scarves... read more »

Great travel/home flossers!

01 Jan, 2020
#ROZOKO made these flossers well in my opinion! They're sturdy, work great + I love the way in which they added the pick to the end of each flosser! The travel cases are an extra, 1 in my purse, 1... read more »

10 year shelf life!

30 Dec, 2019
Seems like #EBL made some pretty great, size D batteries! I got these for my son's new Hot Wheels Track! They have a 10 a year shelf life after purchase+ a $3 off coupon last I saw! They'll be... read more »


26 Dec, 2019
This eyeshadow palette sold by #DiamondBeautyUS is amazing! After tetonf the 8 5* reviews on Amazon, I was like, "Why not!?" and boom, a couple days later it was here! Packaged nicely, no br... read more »

2pk-6ft micro usb charge cords

29 Nov, 2019
#WBQ - from what I can tell so far, from how well they were packaged, to using 1 out of 2 of them, it worked great! Also, having a couple of longer cords around when my phone suddenly has no battery,... read more »

Sharp, new 'kicks'!

29 Nov, 2019
#EightKM made these fabulous, toddler-little kid, white w/ pink speckled sneakers (in other colors too)! Yeah, my daughter is turning 5yo in March, and they fit her feet w/ plenty of room to spare, bu... read more »

Nice case, scissors, thinners, clips and cloth!

21 Nov, 2019
#Genpai did great when they made this haircutting set! From the scissors, thinning shears, comb + clips to the case that zips shut, I love my new scissor set! Great packaging, it got here when it was... read more »

Looks nice + great option for renters!

11 Nov, 2019
 I have yet to muster the motivation to install mine yet, but I did watch the reviews and the one's I watched, they were easy to install and worked great! I think it's a great option for... read more »

Great craft paper/cardstock

11 Nov, 2019
#BigOtters made 20 pieces of "A4 size" glitter cardstock for crafting! I love DIY, especially making my own cards for birthdays and other holidays! I haven't got into it yet, but it feel... read more »

Great kids Christmas Tree/Christmas tree alternative!

29 Oct, 2019
B bangcool made a great, felt, hangable Christmas Tree! Every piece of velcro is sewn to the tree itself, so the ornaments are evenly spaced and you don't have to worry about how they're going... read more »

Wonderful quality! An Excellent PJ set!!

18 Oct, 2019
#LitBud Toddler Boys Pyjamas for Toddler Kids Dinosaur Long Nightwear Sleepwear Pjs Set, you can tell when you take it out of the package, that it's a heavier, quality set of pajamas! They run tru... read more »

ZooYi Kids flip Flops/Shower Shoes are Great!

15 Sep, 2019
ZooYi made a great pair of flip flop/shower shoes when they made these cute things! With the colors spelt right on the shoes, it can even help your little one learn what foot they go on! They're c... read more »

Ekoauer is a great quality Brand!

06 Sep, 2019
I love my longtshirt on dress! It's soft, comfy, easy to wash + I sleep very well in it! The only thing that bugs me just a bit is the buttons, since I'm a bigger busted woman (38DD), they ten... read more »

Great assortment of colorful earrings

04 Aug, 2019
UHIBROS stainless steel, cubic zirconia, colorful stud earrings are perfect for any occasion! Dress up or down and choose the right color or mix n match, to make your outfit that much better! Great pa... read more »

Fluffy, not too soft or firm, awesome, ADJUSTABLE pillow!

26 Jun, 2019
   Jiaao's memory foam, premium *adjustable, hypoallergenic,  queen sized pillow, is better than I ever expected! It came packaged nicely, vacuum packed, rolled ... read more »

Great hot/cold packs!

23 Jun, 2019
I needed some new ice packs for my 4 +5 year old's boo-boo's. When I stumbled upon this 2pk of Hot + Cold packs, I was excited bc who doesn't need the best of both worlds?! They came... read more »

Run 2 sizes small, but very soft + nice, nonetheless

22 Apr, 2019
These Gusbon Fashion 4 Pack Women’s, hipster, midrise underwear are comfy, conttony + soft, but the leg holes, more so than the waist and rise, run small and I'd say abou... read more »

Great over the door organizer!

08 Feb, 2019
I love my new #Houmagic 24 pocket, over-the-door organizer that comes with 4 hooks that fit most standard doors (1.85" max width). I use these type of organizers for anything from bathr... read more »

Great quality, cute, little girls winter boots!

12 Jan, 2019
This #MARITONY little kids winter boots afte made berry Nicely! I got my daughter the size 10, in the purple color with silver snow flakes. They're soft on the inside+ i believe water re... read more »

LOVE this tunic with pockets!

06 Jan, 2019
#Eanklosko did it again! I love this tunic! The Nile blue I believe, is absolutely beautiful! The quality is amazing! I love the added pockets, the lace is the perfect amount, sewn together... read more »

Cute, boho-chic, dreamcatcher

06 Jan, 2019
From the leather/hyde wrapped around the circle, to the ribbon, feathers +lace, tied to the bottom for extra decoration, this dreamcatcher is unique and bigger than I expected! Its definitel... read more »

I love these tunics!

05 Jan, 2019
This is my 2nd tunic from #Eanklosco and I have to say, I absolutely love the fit, feel + quality of these beautiful tunics! I've washed + dried both of my tunics with no problems. Great... read more »

Beautiful, comfortable, feels like jersey knit, tunic!

01 Jan, 2019
#Marbetia made a nice quality, good looking, 'irregular hem' tunic, when they made this! I love the print on the sleeves only, also the cut of the blouse is flattering and most impor... read more »

Great, water resistant, mattress protector (especially having 2 kids, age 5 +3)

30 Dec, 2018
I got the twin size, terry cloth w/ pvc/plastic on reverse, water resistant, mattress protector, for my children's beds, as they're newly potty trained + accidents do happen! #Snuz brand #Rank... read more »

Great quality, tunic/dress, w/ chest pocket + it's a V-neck!

27 Dec, 2018
I love my new #Eanklosco #tunic ! I got my usual size, an XL on the deep green color. It's beautiful looking color wise, +style wise! I am only 5'2" so this... read more »

Nice set of 6 matte lipsticks!

13 Dec, 2018
Niceface #popfeel matte look in a box lipgloss kit, is awesome and comes with 6 lipglosses! Go from au natural to date night with your lip gloss in one purchase! I think this lip gloss... read more »

Good quality slippers, cute too!

05 Dec, 2018
These MARITONY brand, kids slippers, i bought a size 9.5-10.5 for my daughter too grow into.. They kind of gave love a 1/2-3/4" platform, not that it bothers me or my daughter.  Th... read more »

Great package deal!

03 Dec, 2018
This beautiful, water-resistant, stylish shower curtain is not only useful, it would make his a great gift for myself or anyone this Christmas! The bath mat is more of a coral color and the colors on... read more »

Great quality, roomy purse w/ adjustable strap!

25 Nov, 2018
I love my new #TENTXITER cross body purse! It has 2 big compartments that zip close, tons of pockets on the outside as well as pockets on the inside. Plus 2 elastic pockets on each side. I'm... read more »

Nice quality, cute elephant sweatshirt

31 Oct, 2018
This thinner, but not too thin, sweatshirt is very nice quality! True to size - slightly small. I got size 4-5 years old & it fits my son, but he's small for a 5 yo. The elephant is neat,... read more »

Great Halloween pajamas!!

21 Oct, 2018
My little boy loves his "pumpkin pj's" or "jack o lantern" jammies! I got a size bigger, so he could grow into them and they fit like I figured.  A little big,  but t... read more »

Great quality pj's for little girls!

14 Oct, 2018
I bought these for my 3.5 year old daughter, in a size 4t (4-5 years) & they fit baggy, but that was to be expected& they will last her into next year, hopefully beyond! These jammies are... read more »

Camel hiking sneakers are Awesome!!

11 Oct, 2018
I got a pair of these for myself, then I got this pair for my hubby. He's pretty picky about shoes, but he says he loves these! He wears a US size 10 Men's & that's what I or... read more »

Great product!

02 Oct, 2018
Unfortunately,  this didnt fit my Samsung galaxy s7, as I got the phone after I got these. It came packaged nicely, plastic covered, box, with everything needed to apply the tempered gl... read more »

I'm impressed with these comfy, hiking shoes!

28 Sep, 2018
These #Camel hiking shoes are comfortable, great quality made and the purple + blue boots are absolutely beautiful! I love these shoes. The bottoms are not slippery, they have great&nbs... read more »

I love my daughter's new owl jammies/outfit!

21 Sep, 2018
Great quality outfit, cute design, true to size, if anything maybe a bit small & adorable on my little girl! These #SORREL little girls (toddler size) pajamas are on the thinner side (not too... read more »

Great quality, zip up hoodie sweatshirt, with ears & spikes!

16 Sep, 2018
This dinosaur, zip up,  sweatshirt is adorable with the spikes from the head(hood) all the way down the back! And ears in the hood too! Good quality! I already washed and dried my sons&... read more »

Great yoga pants!

16 Sep, 2018
These 'boot cut' yoga pants are great! I love them, as they're true to size, a little long, but no big deal& expected (I'm short, so I'm used to it) &these are no... read more »

Great, over the door, basketball hoop, for kids

13 Sep, 2018
This shatter proof basketball hoop, comes with 2 balls! I have 2 kids, so that was a huge selling point for me! Nip fighting bc they each have a ball! It comes basically assembled. All you h... read more »

Cute, little girls, unicorn, butterfly, galactic-looking dress!

13 Sep, 2018
This is an adorable, unicorn, butterfly, galactic-looking dress!  It's a very cute, little girls' dress! My daughter is 3.5 & average size I'd say.. I bought a size... read more »

Nice, smooth + easy Can Opener

08 Sep, 2018
I really like this can opener! It works well; is easy to turn & goes smoothly around the can. It does what it's supposed to do, so I'm happy! Great can opener, if you're looking for... read more »

Great quality, true to size! Great kids' pajamas

31 Aug, 2018
These #Dhasuie moon& stars Pajama's, shorts & short sleeve t-shirt set. They are comfortable, true to size & fit my son great! They will soon be handed down to my daughter, lol! My son... read more »

Beautiful, Navy and Yellow flowered, Dress

28 Aug, 2018
This beautiful, little girls dress, just so it's known, is not stretchy. It ties in the back, on top, with a shiny, silk like, ribbon. My daughter is 3 ½yo and the size 4-5 fits her, and sh... read more »

Cute, Pink, Giraffe PJ's!

26 Aug, 2018
These pink, giraffe, toddler girls pajamas are adorable! I believe I purchased the side 3-4years& they fit he great, she's 3.5 years old, so ifI say their true to size, if not slightly big, bu... read more »

Quality '925' April birthstone, earring studs

23 Aug, 2018
These earring studs are beautiful! They came in a nice box, which even included an extra set of backings! The original backings say '925' as well. I've been wearing these for 2 days straig... read more »

Great smart/WiFi plug extender!!

20 May, 2018
I love the new smart plug extender, thats controlled through an app! 2 plugs (outta 1) and each plug has its own power button, meaning 2 different items, 2 different options if turning on/off! It'... read more »

Great quality PJ's! Size up one size ;)

19 May, 2018
These Dino jammies are adorable on my 4.5 year old son! He loves them & they seem to be very comfortable looking!! He also hasn't complained about anything comfort wise which is a feat in itse... read more »

Nice quality shower curtain with free plastic hooks!

12 May, 2018
Just in case you needed an extra set of shower curtain hooks, this crisp, white, polyester, 'waterproof' shower curtain comes with a set of 12 I believe! I thought that was a nice touch. I hav... read more »

Great quality & True to size! Beautiful Blouse

06 Apr, 2018
This beautiful short sleeved blouse, is made of great material that hangs just right, is true to size and uniquely stylish! I love this new addition to my wardrobe! For reference, I'm a US L-XL, 3... read more »

Environmentally safe & great quality!

21 Feb, 2018
The new alternative to shoelaces! Neat things! I love that they're environmentally safe for my child. Easy, as he doesn't have to tie his shoes, just skip them on! Where he's in preschool,... read more »

Nice, tall, roomy shoe storage rack!

23 Jan, 2018
I bought this shoe organizer rack, despite a few reviews saying it wasn't that sturdy, I went ahead and got it anyways. I'm happy I did, as my SO put it together & reinforced it with self... read more »

Awesome quality, Winter hat with a Big, Fluffy pom-pom!

22 Jan, 2018
I love my new winter hat! It's great quality, made with think/heavy yarn, very warm & complete with a full pom pom on top! I have an above average head circumference & it still fits me com... read more »

Nice, comfy, adjustable insoles!

18 Jan, 2018
I'm impressed with these shoe insoles! They're good quality, you can feel it when you pick them up! Cut to desired length, insert into desired shoes & voila, your shoes are more comfortabl... read more »

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