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May, 2017







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I am a fun outgoing mom, who loves to go go go. I am always taking my kids out and doing something like a theme park, a hike in the woods, fishing etc. I enjoy learning new things by being hands on.
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Now this is a fidget toy

27 Jul, 2017
I love these! They are so much fun, with all the many ways to twist and turn. My kids all got into them as soon as they arrived. They liked them because it reminded them of MineCraft, so they made the... read more »

Love the double

27 Jul, 2017
I am always going through car chargers but I always buy the cheap ones from Dollar Tree and yeah you get what you pay for. I finally bought one off Amazon and so far it has been a great purchase. I lo... read more »

Very cool one of my favorites

27 Jul, 2017
Although everyone seems to say that spinners are now dead, I still enjoy collecting them because they all have something different to offer. This one is unlike any of my others, it is my first 5 wing.... read more »

Saved me money

18 Jul, 2017
My kids have been wanting one of these forever! Finally found one at a cheap price so figured why not try it. It came just in time for my sons 13 birthday. He was excited to receive it and it took a f... read more »

Extremely great fit

18 Jul, 2017
My husband is always looking for a good headset because he works out on a golf course and its super quiet to the point you can go mad after awhile. I found these and he couldn't be happier. They f... read more »

Hides baby leftovers

12 Jul, 2017
I have had 5 kids and up until my girls I was a lucky one that could bounce back but after the girls and hitting 30 bouncing back was so not happening! I have a few dresses and other shirts I would lo... read more »

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