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i have been reviewing for about a year now and i love it. whenever i make an online purchase i always read the reviews to help with my decision so be prepared for an honest review! i call it like i see it. my husband and i have 7 children and i have a full time job so i dont have quite as much time as i would like to research things. therefore, i find reviews invaluable and love being that for someone else.
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Well built and shoot a long ways

23 Apr, 2021
Kids have a blast and so do we!! These are sturdy enough for the whole family read more »

Extremely Bright! They come precharged and ready to go!!

23 Apr, 2021
These flashlights come precharged and ready to go. They are extremely Bright. It comes with a charger for two batteries, 4 batteries, and 2 flashlights. Great product!! read more »

Very sturdy

28 May, 2019
This is a great gadget for any project that you need to figure angles.  read more »

Does not quick charge

28 May, 2019
I was very disappointed that i can not get this go quick charge! I have tired several blocks and cords.  read more »

Charges quickly

28 May, 2019
Charges quickly and packs a punch! Great for all sorts of massage! The only drawback is that it is not super quiet. read more »

Rabbit ears are out of this world

28 May, 2019
Very powerful and super quiet. The ears push this over the top! Has several modes. The loop is great! No slipping at just the wrong moment!! It comes charged and ready to go! Love it... except th... read more »

Quiet and powerful

28 May, 2019
Very powerful and super quiet. Has several modes. The loop is what makes it amazing! No slipping at just the wrong moment!! It comes charged and ready to go! Love it... except the battery goes de... read more »

Protects even when she has an accident

28 May, 2019
These fit my 3 year old perfectly and are very protective  read more »

Sssoooo powerful

28 May, 2019
Amazingly powerful and quiet! I have 3 of them  read more »

Very comfortable

28 May, 2019
Fits children size 2 to womens size 9. We all share these comfortable socks. read more »

Works great if you know how to use it properly

14 Apr, 2019
I didnt have much luck with this but i gave it to my daughter and she loves it. It makes her eye make up show better and it lasts forever!! read more »

Beautiful set

14 Apr, 2019
Love these reusable straws! They wont ever retain smell or taste of your drink. They do not tarnish.  read more »

Vibrant colors

14 Apr, 2019
Great set. The colors turn out very close to what the pencil shows. Colors stay vibrant.  read more »

Recommend for anyone

14 Apr, 2019
This is a great charger! We use it for anything that has a usb. It charges quickly even with all 4 spots being used.  read more »


29 Mar, 2019
Powerful and quiet!! But it doesn't fit my body right read more »

Precharged and redy to go

29 Mar, 2019
Charges  quickly and holds charge for a long time. read more »

Light and easy to cary

29 Mar, 2019
Love that the kids can easily grab this and go! One child uses it fir bird watching, one for stargazing,  read more »

Not very durable

29 Mar, 2019
Very pretty set. It is compact and easy to cary but it isn't very durable  read more »

Very Bright

29 Mar, 2019
These are very bright, light weight, and durable. The lights are fairly easy to install but are not waterproof  read more »

Great multi purpose lantern

30 Jan, 2019
This is a great lantern. The kids love to watch the colors change. It is good for indoor and outdoor use. My only problem with this product is that it didnt come with the 18650 battery that the descri... read more »

Amazing colora

30 Jan, 2019
This is a great set!! The colors are rich and vibrant! It comes with pastel, glitter, neon, flourescent, and metallic. The ink comes out smooth and steady. I would recommend this set for anyone!! read more »

All 4 are very bright

30 Jan, 2019
All 4 are super bright! The bug ones are UV and the little ones are super bright LED. They come with batteries and ready to go. The only fallback is that the UV flashlights both glitched after 1st use... read more »

Decent tool

30 Jan, 2019
Drill bits dull easily. Once sharpened before use they drill much better. read more »


30 Jan, 2019
This heat shrink works great but after shrinking it still lets moisture in. It would help if it had some sort of inner coating. read more »

Easy to use

04 Jan, 2019
We got these as gifts for our 9-12 yr olds and they love it. Very easy to use. read more »

Poor quality

04 Jan, 2019
This only works to listen to music. Tried several times and the other person couldn't hear on phone  read more »


04 Jan, 2019
Love that this is lightweight and easy to handle but the battery doesnt last long read more »

Deserves 10 stars

04 Jan, 2019
My husband was always looking for a toothpick.. now he simply carries this with his pocket knife every day. So convenient! Easily sterilized. read more »

Great for any project

04 Jan, 2019
We use this for the kids to play on. Useful for leaving notes for family, making lists, or reminders  read more »

Easy to install

04 Jan, 2019
Easy to install and very bright  read more »

Last 24 hrs

04 Jan, 2019
This is truly a great product. It doesnt smudge or smear once dry. Provided you dont eat anything greasy itll stay on all day! read more »

Stays on forever

30 Oct, 2018
These lipsticks look darker when you put them on but they stay on forever  read more »

High quality

30 Oct, 2018
Was pleasantly surprised with the crisp clear image read more »

Amazing charger!!

30 Sep, 2018
Love love love this charger.  It supports rapid charging for several ports. Super convenient to charge both our phones rapidly at once time read more »

Very bright

30 Sep, 2018
Great kit. Super bright and easy to install  read more »

Everything you need

30 Sep, 2018
This is an amazing set. It has everything you need for any small repair job.  read more »

Works amazing

22 Sep, 2018
This is a handy set. Good quality. Has everything you need for any electronics  read more »

Supports quick charge

22 Sep, 2018
Good quality. Supports quick charge on android and iphone. read more »

Feel great

22 Sep, 2018
Very comfortable. Good fit. Just wish they came a little longer read more »

Never snap your fingers again

15 Sep, 2018
These are so much easier than the old wood and metal ones read more »

Went on easy

13 Sep, 2018
Easy to install and fits perfectly  read more »

Love these

13 Sep, 2018
I have an extremely sensitive palette so I love these stainless steel straws. With reusable plastic it absorbs smells and tastes, but it these! They come with a cleaner too. read more »

Couldn't make it stick

13 Sep, 2018
I'm not sure if I did it incorrectly but I couldn't get the protector to stick to my phone. It is a perfect fit though and it doesnt affect the touch pad read more »

Everyone watches in amazement

07 Sep, 2018
This is amazing to watch. It entertains our toddler for hours!! The only problem is that she gets excited and it only work when you go slow and steady. read more »

Not sticky!!!

07 Sep, 2018
My kids love slime. We make slimme.. order slime.. and play with slime. I will definitely order this product again. The colors are very bright and best of all it isnt at all sticky!!! read more »

Good quality sound

01 Sep, 2018
Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of sound coming from these. They are small and portable. They'll make great stocking stuffers! read more »

Extremely bright and easy to hook up

01 Sep, 2018
Arrived on time. Packaging was where it wouldn't be damaged during shipping. Hook up is easy. Will connect to usual auxiliary lights as well. These lights are extremely bright. read more »

Not only extremely comfortable, but they have a pocket!!!

29 Aug, 2018
These sorts are very food quality. They are thicker than spanks and dobnt ride up your legs too bad while jogging. They're very comfortable and I absolutely love that they gave a pocket... ANDmy c... read more »


29 Aug, 2018
Padockage arrived on time and was exactly as described! My son said these are his new night set. They're loose and comfortable. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored LaLaMa read more »

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