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broke 1

09 Jun, 2021
the first one broke very easily so i had to advise the kids to go easy with them. I wasnt expecting them to listen but after a good afternoon in the garden with them I can say none of the others broke read more »

very bright

09 Jun, 2021
better than the last one i have used. solid feel. rechargeable and very bright. read more »

saves washing up

09 Jun, 2021
Very handy, have treid 2 of the designs. nice structure and saves washing up read more »

very useful

03 Jun, 2021
I found these very usefull, they are quite robust and assemble easy enough. I fold the parts over all the way before locking the slots into place. I find it makes them more rigid and uniform read more »

Surprisingly strong

03 Jun, 2021
for the price it wont be as good as a dyson but it is so portable and does the job for cleaning up in the car. Its also handy for the computer keyboard aswell read more »

very handy

03 Jun, 2021
I was surprised to see my sister using a pump down manual verion of one of these. and mentioned i had an electric one, i gave her this one to test and she was a little too excited at how much better i... read more »

great except

18 Mar, 2021
I swapped a rail that we would use to air dry clothes for this. It is a really good idea and means its only extended when needed. However I had to fit it to plasterboard and the screws would have p... read more »

not much to say

18 Mar, 2021
other than it does what its meant to do. not ideal for top heavy items though read more »

as responsive as the official

18 Mar, 2021
This doesnt have the same feel for me as the original but it is responsive and holds a charge decent so far. The price cant be moaned at so happy with this purchase read more »

Tidy compact unit

18 Mar, 2021
Charges in good time, very compact and tidy. Nice to see the controllers glowing on the stand as they charge. snug fit on the usb connection aswell read more »


18 Mar, 2021
these gloves are great, a little stiff at first but thats the same with most gloves,the it is fine aswell read more »

Very bright

18 Mar, 2021
Very bright and sturdy, it loses a star because it does not have rechargable batteries. But for the price its good read more »

does the job

18 Mar, 2021
This does the job its intended for. easy to unfold and then put away tidy read more »


23 Oct, 2020
Work as described, Only used as a regular pair of scissors but they are now the sharpest that I have a dont need to use any others read more »

Good Quality

23 Oct, 2020
Good quality and well packaged. Would have preferred a wifi app controlled option read more »

very sturdy

23 Oct, 2020
These are really handy, just make sure you clean the surface first and they will last for ages read more »

Works a treat

23 Oct, 2020
This was purchased as a gift for my daughter and it didnt take long before she got the hang of it. It could do with being a bit bigger but its good for her to practise, the build quality is fine.... read more »

Nice design

19 Aug, 2020
Nice design, The material is different from wht i am used too but not in an uncomfortable way. Overall I am happy with this purchase, perhaps I am getting a little old to wear such design :-) read more »

Amazingly bright

19 Aug, 2020
This is so bright its a good idea not too look straight at it when its on. The moveable individual panels are a smart option. Very impressed read more »

Purchased 3 of these now

02 Jun, 2020
I was that impressed with my initial purchase and having given my dyson a new lease of life I decided to get 2 more. One for my grandmother and the other for my sister who both had been complaining ab... read more »

Great Torch

02 Jun, 2020
Long lasting battery. Solid build. Like the added charger. Havent tried the charger as I have another already that has a display on it. However the torch is bright read more »

Very smart

02 Jun, 2020
I am happy with this item, very large water capacity and sturdy. Remote is handy too just worried about losing it read more »

Time saver

17 Mar, 2020
before purchasing this Reglarly did the wife say that the tyres look low and i would have to manually check the pressure. a very annoying task when I knew they were fine but still had to do it. Now I... read more »

work just like leading brand

17 Mar, 2020
These dont feel cheap considering the price and they seem to last as long a other leading brands i have used read more »

Handly little kit

17 Mar, 2020
I am impressed with this kit of lights. Espescially the directional torch. Build quality is good aswell read more »

Seems accurate so far

16 Jan, 2020
Its gonna take some getting use to with the app. Never had an app connected to a bathroom scale before. Seems sturdy and well made. The extra measurements are nice to have read more »

Does the job

16 Jan, 2020
A bit tricky to set up but got there in the end. Very bright for the wattage and more transportable than my 18inch ring light that cost twice the price read more »

very handy

16 Jan, 2020
I was caught out by the new tri type screw in the iphone 7 when i needed to change a screen. This set was very handy to have at the time. If i didnt have this then i would have had to wait. Build qual... read more »


26 Nov, 2019
Got this for my wife to try, she has suffered from fibromyalgia for the last 5 years and we have tried anything and everything to reduce the pain. It is early days yet but either this, massaging it i... read more »

all good, very impressed

14 Nov, 2019
The best one so far, worth the price and the features are excellent read more »


19 Sep, 2019
I really like these cameras. great picture, battery lasts a good amount of time and the accessories are great too read more »

The best of 5

11 Aug, 2019
I have 5 of these, all with little niggles. Battery life, poor brightness, image quality and pixelation. Except this one. No problems at all. Very smartly packaged aswell. The batteries seem to hold... read more »

Solid and sturdy

26 Feb, 2018
I was surprised with this, wasn't expecting to have to assembly the storage box but i understand that it needed to be done to minimize transport cost. Assembly took about 10 minute. The box feels ver... read more »

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