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About Me

I'm gainfully part-time employed and a house wife. And have a 4-legged fury child that is our service dog. There are many many interested and hobbies that has me keeps me involved. When ever possible,I volunteer. Very tech savvy and always seeking out new things to try. I'm also a solitary wiccan. My favorite holidays are Holloween and Christmas.
Most of my likes....
Coffee,camping/fishing,gaming(X-box 360 & Wii),foodie/cook/bake,makeup artist,creative art(painting-all mediums/ceramic/drawing-all mediums/etc...,and music...just a way to long of a,etc...etc...lmao!
My most dislikes...
I cannot stand the color PINK...any shades! Tho' I am female don't assume all females admire that color pink.,decafe coffee,any anything diet,that's all I can think off at this moment.

I mostly shop on amazon...find little treasures that I usually can't find anywhere else.
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Keep my stuff dry....

24 Jul, 2018
These are always be in stand by mode!!  Great quility pouches!! I know soon enough the velcro will wear out but,what’s important to me that the zip lock seal what really matter. After... read more »

Little bright!

24 Jul, 2018
Seemly these bulbs are between bright and dim. They fit nicely into a standard household light socket. Theses are practically the size to use for vanity areas,like around a mirror in the bathroom. Whe... read more »

Outlet covers

11 Jul, 2018
They seem durable enough to do the purpose. I live in an old 1900 house that outlets were added on later in years(those were considered standard size at the time),Most are the three prongs outlets. Th... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
Meh.....I'm a indifferent really.  I was expecting a little higher quality. They were a little tad step up from what you get at the dollar stores.  They are brilliant and nicely ma... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
In general I like these makers pens set. Mostly cause of the markers has the tips being a similarity to a paint brush. And the very fine tips on the other end.  And the fine point on the other... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
There is a noticeable difference between my phone's mic and this lapel mic. It's play-back sounds are clarity,crisper,and live. This was tested on my iphone 5S because apparently apple forg... read more »


11 Jul, 2018
I've had this mirror almost two weeks now,I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it...I tried but,nothing.  The lights are a beam,thanks because I don't have to deal blinding littl... read more »

Full blown peppermint aroma

11 Jul, 2018
Oh-my...Just wow!!! Once I opened the bubble wrap,very intense smell aroma of peppermint permeated throughout my home.  After day one,I haven't even opened the bottle yet and I still sm... read more »

Comfy mouse pad.....

21 May, 2018
Comfy mouse pad..... I currently use it with my laptop and the wireless mouse and it functions quite well. Even my wired mouse, neither has no hesitations response. I like the memory wrist rest... read more »

Nice durable injection roller!

21 May, 2018
Over many many years and trying so many injections rolling machines,we always end up buying another Gambler. The only flaw is the plastic part when the nozzle cracks and it's nearly impossible... read more »


21 May, 2018
I wasn't quite for sure if I was getting a three pack or six. The below description mentions six? They are light weight and seem to work for my expectations. I needed to add a slight more resis... read more »

Pocket magnifier

21 May, 2018
I like my pocket magnifier. It's been sooo handy and helpful plenty of times! Even tho' I don't need to change the batteries just yet,but the cover to remove it is annoying. Tried nail,... read more »

I Believe in! ;)

09 Feb, 2018
This is so adorable. It incredibly soft and huggable. I don't care what anybody says...I believe in! I'm  The fur is white as snow. The eyes are purple as a grape ski... read more »

My first violin!! But not my first string instrument.

30 Jan, 2018
To me,this is a great beginners violin. I like that It came with everything to get me started. At first,I thought this would be more leaning towards a child's toy,I was!  After... read more »


15 Nov, 2017
The quality is about fair to most of other construction stuff toys for dogs.  My dog really doesn't have full blown aggressiveness,so apparently this toy lasted about two months until he w... read more »

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