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blogger & reviewer. parent, moto & makeup enthusiast! part time educator, makeup artist and chef/caterer.
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Super Soft

08 Dec, 2017
The fabric is super soft and washes well in cold water witth medium heat on the dryer. The length and size are a bit off. This runs larger and the tunic fits almost like a mini dress. I think this is... read more »

Could be brighter

08 Dec, 2017
This is fun, easy to use and came ready to use! The light gives you an option to switch it up and display in different modes. There is also other celophanes you can replace the backgroupnd with the ch... read more »

Nice & Creamy

08 Dec, 2017
This paint set is wonderful! The paint have a nice and creamy consistency and glide onto surfaces very well.  The pigment to the color is also very brilliant. The paints mix well and dry nicel... read more »

This is such a wonderful water bottle!

08 Dec, 2017
This is such a wonderful water bottle! It keeps Coldwater cool for a long time and it keeps warm beverages like hot cocoa warm for a long time as well. It is easy to fill and clean with a bottle br... read more »

Hello Sexy

08 Dec, 2017
I gave this for Stars because I feel like it runs a bit small and is not really meant for a curvy individual like myself. The fabric is nice, it washes well and it feels soft. This garment is proba... read more »

So Cute

08 Dec, 2017
I got these for my friend for her birthday and mail them out to her in a retro themed gift basket I did open them up to take a look at them and I thought they were super cute! They look like they a... read more »


08 Dec, 2017
This is quite interesting, it was a little bit difficult to get used to using it initially but I was excited to report that it works pretty well. I like that it has cut my cleaning time for my brus... read more »

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