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Small but fits right in shoes

21 Oct, 2020
It holds in place in my shoes and I don't have to worry about my feet sliding down on the shoe. It is smaller than the picture shows but it is actually a good size as it doesn't show or take u... read more »

Nice size flakes on windows

21 Oct, 2020
I love the different sizes of the snow flakes. The scraper that comes with makes it much easier to get the air bubbles out. So far it has not fallen off the window but it is not freezing cold. I hope... read more »

Lightweight but durable

21 Oct, 2020
Have it setup and used it on fruits, vegetables and meat. The grooves come in handy when cutting meat as I don't worry about it dripping on the counter. read more »

Small but handy

23 Aug, 2020
I used this for my queen size air mattress as well as some beach balls and it inflated it fast. I live thay it can deflate as well. It was hard trying to take out the air in beach balls because the in... read more »

Works good

28 Jul, 2020
Makes it easy to solder my circuit board. It heats up in seconds and the base to hold it makes it good to use and not worry having to put the solder tool on something that it can damage or burn.&... read more »

Easier to do shape ups

21 Jul, 2020
It is light weight and easier to do shape ups with. I haven't tried the clips that came with it as i only been doing shape ups and beards line ups with it. I wished the power button was on top of... read more »

Just the same

13 Jan, 2020
Looks and feels just like the oem controller. Love the glacier white color. read more »


08 Oct, 2019
These pillow covers are nice and smooth feeling. Kind of feels like silk. I love the gray color as it goes with my decor. read more »

Love it

20 Aug, 2019
I used it to fix my playstation 4 controller and it helped me open it quickly with not stripping the screws. It has plenty of different size bits to use for multiple purposes. It also has tools to use... read more »

Not bad

09 Aug, 2019
This comb is not bad. It heats up fast and does a ok job of straightening my beard. Tried it for my wife's hair as well and she said its works but needs to run it thru her hair multiple times to g... read more »

Holds up

09 Aug, 2019
Love the lemon scent. Good for this time of year when it is hot and the garbage you put in makes the bin smell. But with these it gives it a hint of lemon. Holds up well. read more »

Son loves it

04 Aug, 2019
I got this for my son and he loves it. We havent tried it outside yet. But in the house we had no issues and he was having fun moving it around the whole house. read more »

So many tips

04 Aug, 2019
I love that it has so many tips to choose from so that i can do different designs. I like the cake stand it is sturdy to slide as i put icing on it. read more »

Make up off quickly

04 Aug, 2019
My wife likes this. Takes off her make up quickly and a plus that it is reusable. read more »

Power floss

04 Aug, 2019
The pressure is good on here. Good to have to use to flush out food particles. I like that I can use this when I dont want to use regular floss and still be able to get the food stuck quickly. read more »

Floss is good

04 Aug, 2019
The floss is good. Doesn't break easily while getting food in hard places out. Wished the bonus travel box actually had floss in them, it's just a box to put the floss in. read more »

Not bad

24 Jul, 2019
Good size swim cap. The bonus nose and ear plug is good. I like the silicone cap better than the latex as it is not really tight feeling on my head. read more »

Bigger than i thought

22 Jul, 2019
This cases are actually bigger than i thought they would be. No issues putting my in the case and sealing it up right. Not heavy feeling either. read more »


16 Jul, 2019
Works good. At times i feel like even though it states it is fast charging, it takes longer than my regular charger i plug in with the same fast charge feature. Other than that, it is good as i am abl... read more »

Patch is good

27 Jun, 2019
The patch does a good job of clearing up my pimples. Also used at night and the next morning the pimple formed and was able to pop the pimple with no problem. read more »


17 Jun, 2019
It works great. Fully charged and it is powerful. Havent seen how long it last but so far it last pretty long. read more »

Nice colors

09 Jun, 2019
Good shower caps. Love the colors. read more »

Nice colors

02 Jan, 2019
Good led strip. So far no complaints about it not sticking and falling off the wall i have it on. I like the options to change colors and the remote controller with the power cord is a plus. read more »

Not bad

26 Dec, 2018
Not bad. It feels tight and makes me sweat. Hopefully i see progress over time. read more »

Kind of thin

26 Dec, 2018
It is thinner than the pictures. But i got it as a gift and no complaints about it. read more »


13 Dec, 2018
It is not bad for a rechargable cleansing brush. Just hipe the brush heads last and not wear out sooner than it is suppose to. read more »

Warmer than i thought

30 Nov, 2018
Its a good sweater to wear for christmas. It was thicker than i thought it would be. Colors look the same as picture which is good. I was hoping the color would not be different. read more »

2 pk good

21 Nov, 2018
The price is good for these 2 pack of headphones. Sounds good. I got them for my kids and no complaints from them about the sound so that is good for me. read more »

Nice mat

19 Nov, 2018
I like these mats to go with my copper cookie sheets i have. But its not as shiny looking like the picture. It is ok though since it still blends in with the color of the cookie sheet. read more »

Nice led strip

11 Aug, 2018
I loke this led strip. I havent tested it for the waterproof part since im using it for a mirror. Just wish it came with corner clips so i can make the corners of the mirror on it look nice. read more »

Ok kegel balls

16 May, 2018
I got it to try since it's something new with doing kegel exercises. I used it for a couple days haven't noticed a difference yet but overall it's ok.  read more »

Taste good

05 May, 2018
It taste good and makes my smoothies better. Sometimes I take it will bone broth protein and it makes it taste better than without it. One thing I wish it was better than I thought and came more... read more »

Good tobacco grinder

04 May, 2018
It is bigger than i thought it would be, which is not bad. The grinder works good for me with mo complaints. read more »

Good shades

24 Apr, 2018
I like these shades. Hasn't been really sunny to see if it works good but overall it's good for the time I used it when it was partly sunny read more »

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