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Hair styling practice head

01 Jan, 2022
Perfect price. Came with handle to attach to  a  chair or table ao you can style the hair. The hair length is great ....lower back length.  read more »

Pet carrier

08 Nov, 2021
This cat carrying bag is great. Its sturdy and also has a furry pad on the bottom that my sphynx loves.  read more »

Nice set of lights

23 Jul, 2020
These were an affordable  price and work great. They have a remote and different  modes. read more »

I have Ehlers Danlos

13 May, 2020
I have a horrible condition the makes my joints sublaxate/dislocate so I use this brace and it helps it not to happen. Good product. Saves me from alot of pain. read more »

4 level Ring cat toy

21 Mar, 2019
This is a cat toy that my cats actually play with. All 4 levels have balls and the 2nd level from the bottoms ball lights up. There is also a mpuse on a spring on the top they play with and is of good... read more »

Gag Gift

24 Nov, 2018
I bought this as a gag gift and it did the trick.  As far as use I can't comment on that but it feels genuine and is the size of a woman small hand. read more »

Magic doodle slate

05 Aug, 2018
Great quality affordable magic erase doodle pad. I like that it has multicolors underneath the slate. read more »

Miss advertising

02 Aug, 2018
This headset dosnt connect to my PS4 as description states. read more »

Wine caddy

25 Jul, 2018
This is convenient and handy. Fits standard sized wine stemware. The "feet" on bottom should be more permanent read more »

Shower curtain

23 Feb, 2018
Thos shower curtain is nice thickness and quality and the image is just like the one shown.  The product is short for a standard size American tub/Shower but still is just ling enough to wor... read more »


20 Jan, 2018
Good quality read more »

Power strip

12 Jan, 2018
Surge protector with 3 regular outlets and 3 usb outlets. Has on off swith and works great. read more »

Full sized Violin

12 Jan, 2018
This Violin comes ready to put the strings and bridge on. Comes 2ith the bow, rosin, strings, and soft but solid case. It is is wepo constructed and a great Violin to buy for a beginner instead.of spe... read more »

Ruined im shipmemt

06 Jan, 2018
This magnemet Calander may have been wonderful but mine came bent up. read more »

Unicorn bracelets

22 Dec, 2017
Super cute. 24 in a pack. No snaps or clasps just insert one end of the bracelet on the other and the heart holds it closed. Great for a party. read more »


21 Dec, 2017
This powsrstrip is a surger protector with 4 USB plugins and 6 regular outlets. It also has a nice six foot cord for acess to the outlets that arent near where you need them to be.  read more »


21 Dec, 2017
This adapter was on my daughters Christmas list. So before I put it in her stocking I tried it out. So with the iphone 7's if you wanna use your headphones you cant charge it at the same time unle... read more »


17 Dec, 2017
This is a lighweight down puffer Jacket. It is Simple with two pockets. It rund very small. I got am XL and it was too small. I suggest ordering 1 size up.  read more »

Car seat cover

15 Dec, 2017
This is a carseat pet cover. I use it under babys carseat and it works well as to not leave indents in the new cars seat fabric. Also it keeps it clean and free of food and deberis. Easy to put on amd... read more »

5se case

15 Dec, 2017
The silver paint getsscratched up easily. The phone case  dont protect the phone.too well. read more »

Iphone case

15 Dec, 2017
This case is plastic that dosnt protect ypur phone very well and the gold paint scratches off the pkastic easily. It does look nice at first tho. read more »

Shower curtain liner

15 Dec, 2017
This is a polyester curtain liner so it can be put in the washer to be sleaner and dried on delicate (thats what I do) and not stick or get ruined like vinyl liners. It is durable and nore sanitary. I... read more »

Grill mat

15 Dec, 2017
This works great in  the stove when its not grilling season. Either use it to cook items such as a pizza on or put ut at the botorm of the stove to catch any messes. read more »

Screen protector

13 Dec, 2017
This is easy to appy. Its glass and it has little to no touch lag. read more »

Student driver bumper stickers

12 Dec, 2017
These are standard sized bumper stickers. Easy to apply but I have decided Id rather turn mone into magnets. I do not want these permanently stuck to my car.  read more »

Mom baby float

10 Dec, 2017
Blew this puppy up to check it out. My baby is 8 months and fits in it well. The part for mommys or daddy fits averaged sized people well.  read more »

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