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I love to shop and I love to get a good deal! I'm always looking for products that will make my life easier and new toys and accessories to make the pets happy!
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Fun stress toy

28 Apr, 2021
This seemed super small at first, but I popped him right out of the box and was surprised at the material. The outside is soft and smooth, but the inside feels like it's filled with magic sand. Yo... read more »

Soft Rug!

20 Feb, 2021
I was a little worried when I first unpacked it from the vacuum-sealed bag, but it fluffed right up. The back is anti-slip but I have it over carpet so it still bunches up a little. I also wasn't... read more »

Beautiful Desk

05 Feb, 2021
Awesome desk. Both ends are the same length and the back corner has a nice curve to it, so I could fit a floor lamp behind it. I was able to assemble it all by myself, but it was a little challenging... read more »

Vibrant colors but very stiff material for a quilt

13 Oct, 2020
This quilt has beautiful colors and excellent stitching, and washed and dried in a machine without shrinking or fading. However, it felt like sandpaper. It was very thin, almost like there's no ba... read more »

Fast, Easy to Use Wifi Adapter

01 Oct, 2020
Tested this on a Windows 10 laptop with a USB 3.0 port. Drivers were installed automatically (shows up as Realtek 8812BU Wireless LAN 802.11ac USB), but a mini CD with drivers is included. Our in... read more »

Super Useful Remote Control Light Bulbs!

29 Aug, 2020
I originally bought the Dimmable version of this same brand back in December. Half the light switches in our house are 2 feet below a standard level (for inconsistent accessbility reasons), and the sw... read more »

Using these for Cleaning

29 Aug, 2020
I'm not using these on my teeth but instead when cleaning small, hard to reach stuff. The brush head itself is flexible, which could be good or bad depending on what you need. All 72 brushes are i... read more »

Makes a Great Gift

18 Aug, 2020
I got this as a gift for my mom. She's excited to use it for her large collection of pool floats and happy that she no longer has to blow them up by mouth! Since it's cordless and rechargeable... read more »

Very small amount of soap

16 Aug, 2020
This soap dispenser is made with sturdy plastic, a huge size, and has a nice green light indicator, BUT the amount of soap dispensed is not nearly enough for anything useful. The amount isn't... read more »

Good color and Good price

14 Aug, 2020
I needed replacement bulbs for string lights that I bought at a big box store. Over half the bulbs died within a few months of installing and it was a pain to climb the ladder to replace them so often... read more »

What a cute trash can!

14 Aug, 2020
 Who knew I'd be so excited about a trash can! It's the perfect size for a desk or a nightstand. I used a dog poop bag as a liner and it fits perfectly. It was shipped sealed in plastic a... read more »

Good so far

06 Aug, 2020
I ordered this Vucatimes 10-inch Android tablet as an upgrade for a five-year-old 7-inch Fire tablet. It was easy to set up and get started right away, and fits in the bedside tablet holder. Volume is... read more »

Lightweight & Portable Electric Air Pump

06 Aug, 2020
The PUMTECK electric air pump is small, lightweight and portable! It's great not being tied to a power outlet or searching for fresh batteries, or even worse, having to manually inflate somet... read more »

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