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Very good quality

09 Oct, 2020
The quality of these toys are very good! The sound they  make when being sliced is crispy. My daughter enjoyed playing with it for a good few hours. With the money x read more »

Solid straws

03 Sep, 2020
Beautiful colours and very solid. My daughter loves them! It came with a beautiful pouch. This is very good if you want to save the planet from plastic suffocation!  read more »

Durable and handy

27 Aug, 2020
I love the big capacity x very durable looking too x read more »

Perfect gift set

27 Aug, 2020
Beautifully packaged for gifts!  read more »

Very good quality

15 Jul, 2020
Beautiful toy and very good quality too read more »

Very good quality

15 Jul, 2020
The quality is very good  read more »

Beautiful colours

13 Jul, 2020
This is very good when creating cards. I love the colour combinations.   read more »


29 Mar, 2020
Very cute studs. Quality is good too. Good value for money.  read more »

Good quality

29 Mar, 2020
Good quality and the remote control is a good use. It's very long which is very useful for me.  read more »

Good quality

29 Mar, 2020
Good quality. Does the job it's supposed to.  read more »

Good quality

29 Mar, 2020
The quality is good. I don't have to worry about mis-sized and mis- shaped cuts anymore.  read more »

Amazing toy!

29 Mar, 2020
I actually enjoyed playing this too! Very entertaining. The different positions of the car are cool. The quality is excellent. Wonderful gift.  read more »

Does the job

26 Feb, 2020
It's quite small but it does the job. It's bright enough to use in my cupboard.  read more »

Light and comfy

23 Feb, 2020
The glasses are light and very comfy. The case it came with is beautiful. I like the style. It suits me well.  read more »

It's small!

23 Feb, 2020
In the photo, the bag looks normal in size, but it's actually too small  and the quality is bad. Don't buy.  read more »

It's thick

23 Feb, 2020
The mascara is very thick and it is waterproof. It didn't come off till the following day. I slept on it and it's still perfect when I woke up.  read more »

Fits nicely

23 Feb, 2020
Just the right size for me. The cloth is a bit thinner than my previous one. It's good to use  during workouts.  read more »

Durable design and beautiful sound from Bluetooth

31 Dec, 2019
The sound is of good quality and the lights are beautiful. You can use alternating lights or just white light. There are 3 settings for brightness too. Easy to use even for my 4 year old.  read more »


31 Dec, 2019
I love the durability of these bags. The different sizes is just useful for bigger items.  read more »

I'm happy with my purchase

31 Dec, 2019
With 144 skeins, I don't have to worry about missing a strand when doing my projects.  read more »

Small but powerful

31 Dec, 2019
This is smaller than I expected but works Ok. I use this for the back garden.  read more »

Accessory projects

31 Dec, 2019
I love creating Pandora style bracelets so this is a good buy for me  read more »

Useful item for children in cars

31 Dec, 2019
This keeps them occupied while driving for hours. Useful for little books and toys  read more »

Useful little tools

31 Dec, 2019
This is useful for repairs of small items like watches, remotes, etc. Lovely as a gift too read more »

Tangle free

29 Dec, 2019
Beautiful colours and durable hair bands. I like the velvety feel. They can easily be removed without pain. Tangle free.  read more »

Feels durable

29 Dec, 2019
The boxes are sturdy. The design is beautiful and quite bigger than I thought (which is better for me). I am using this to organise my kid's toys. They look neat all together.  read more »

Very good quality in perfect size

23 Nov, 2019
The bag looks beautiful. I like the size of it, just right for what I need it for. The USB connector is very useful for me. The laptop compartment looks secure. Overall, the bag looks durable and high... read more »

Solid and durable

14 Nov, 2019
The power bank is solid and heavy, it feels very durable. I used it on  my Huawei to fully recharge it 3x (@4000 mh). The packaging was good. It included a charging cable and cloth cover. This ma... read more »

Easy to use

01 Nov, 2019
This was a gift. My brother was very pleased that it was easy to use.   read more »

Very comfortable

01 May, 2019
I use this during my gym training and amazingly, it's very comfortable. Easy to wear and is always in place. Obviously, the strap is very helpful.  Fastens nicely in front. Wearing this makes... read more »

Easy to use

31 Mar, 2019
I used this at first to help relieve my  tight shoulder. The massage action is very good. I used it on my tummy for fat burning. It's early to say about this yet as I just started but I can f... read more »

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