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so many issues with the app and bad power options

27 Sep, 2020
I love the clarity of the camera, the only problem is the app that they have you download to run it. The app sucks - also the option to power it constantly with electricity and keep the battery charge... read more »

Brushes that are well made and high quality

07 Dec, 2018
These brushes are truly high quality and well made.  I ordered these to use in my ceramics class and I was very impressed at how well they held up to the grueling tasks of smoothing clay, applyin... read more »

Convenient car phone charger It will charge new and old type phones.. C and micro USB

07 Dec, 2018
This car has the bonus of being able to charge more than one type of phone.  As the micro usb is phasing out as the popular charging port and the C is replacing it this charger gives you the oppo... read more »

A High quality amazing assortment of colors in a case that is durable

07 Dec, 2018
This set of Artist oil based  colored pencils is amazing.  The colors are so vibrant and go on so smooth. The ability to mix gradients of color when drawing makes you feel like a&n... read more »


26 Nov, 2018
This is a great little tool, I am taking welding classes at the college and for my fabrication class, I needed an angle finder that was easy to carry, compact and accurate.  This little tool is a... read more »

Worked great with Xbox One, Just as advertised.

15 Sep, 2018
This MFEEL gaming headset worked great on Xbox One. I bought this for my friend's son (s)(actually twins) gave this one to one and another YCCTEAM headsets set to the other twin.magine my emb... read more »

They look great but do not work on Xbox one !!!!!! Dont know if they work at all

15 Sep, 2018
When you take these headphones out of the box, they look very impressive, as a matter of fact, they look awesome.  The child I bought them for was super excited, as his dog had eat... read more »

love this one piece

16 Aug, 2018
This is the perfect swimsuit/rashguard for the woman who is 30+  It fits perfectly,  can go under shorts or a skirt/coverup and i absolutely love it.  the stitching is very strong, the... read more »

This is the perfect flag

13 Aug, 2018
The flag is large, the colors are bright and vivid,  The material is synthetic so I am not sure if it can hold up under exposure to the elements.  I love it .. it is huge.  AS an a... read more »

This is such a cool item!!!

12 May, 2018
This is perfect for those times that you want to rock out and shred.. but you do not want to disturb anyone around you! Music straight to your ears and it is sounding raw and good!  you can... read more »

THis is the most beautiful Guitar Strap EVER

12 May, 2018
I just love my new starry night themed Guitar Strap. I pretty much have had a good experience with every single item that I have purchased on Amazon through rank booster.  I am sure it is not any... read more »

The case will not stay closed and all the parts are getting lost

10 May, 2018
This is not the best set in the world, but it does the job.  The only problem is the case will not stay closed,  I will probably have to purchase a different set because I am losing all the... read more »

When your 22 year old tries to misappropriate it .. you know it is good.

03 Apr, 2018
I truly don't have a lot of savvy when it comes to speakers and things like that.  However, every young person today knows what is good and what they want.  (They want the BEST) I r... read more »

The only thing that could make these lights better is 2 have more of them

31 Mar, 2018
I bought one of these tiki torches and was amazed at how great it was.  The light truly looks like there is a flame dancing inside!! so when I saw that there was a two pack which gave y... read more »

This outlet solved problems i had and ones i didn't realize i had

29 Mar, 2018
This works great!!  I was having a problem with finding enough outlets to use for my modem, security cameras (usb) power and this outlet solved my problem and also acts as a nightlight. Now... read more »

The only way to make SOLARMKS' solar string lights better is to get two at once!!

29 Mar, 2018
I have been loving these solar string lights, but getting two at once, and getting a great deal on them makes it that much better!! Honestly, I did not know how much I would love these solar... read more »


29 Mar, 2018
Honestly, I did not know how much I would love these solar outdoor string lights. I just keep buying them and now it looks like Christmas all year long at my house.  I have decorated my fenc... read more »

great little flash drive

20 Mar, 2018
good flash drive at a great price Perfect for a reinstall or back up drive for your system.  #RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored   #Sampino   read more »

Now i will always have the right size socket

04 Mar, 2018
  This tool is a GODSEND  I was always in the  position of not having the correct size socket for the job.  No longer.  This actually works like a charm  It mold... read more »

Beautiful Pens for detail work and durable pen roll make me HAPPY

04 Mar, 2018
  what a great purchase i made when i decided to purchase this brush pen set.  I love doing artwork and this is a great brush pen set with a wonderful assortment of colors.  The carr... read more »


04 Mar, 2018
I purchased these screen protector for my son's Iphone.  However while I was ordering .. he broke his screen.  He now has had it fixed and NOW HE IS USING THE SCREEN PROTECTOR.  A l... read more »


04 Mar, 2018
 Another stellar product from MUGIG.  I have purchased  several different items from this product line and I am hooked.  This effect pedal makes it sound like you are plugged in... read more »

They are too thick for my steel toe work boots.

04 Mar, 2018
I bought these to put in my new steel toe work boots.  However, when i place them into the boot,  it makes my boot not fit  right.  I wore them and by lunch time I had awful bliste... read more »

It is so Soft, Warm and very cozy

04 Mar, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised when i recieved Mermaid tail blanket.  The quality of the blanket was far better than I had expected at this low price.  I of course had to immediately curl up on... read more »

A very handy compact Guitar effect box.

22 Feb, 2018
This is a great little guitar effect box.  The only thing i can slight about it is that you can not use battery power on it. It only plugs in .. and this information was not in the description.&n... read more »

Looks great in my garden

22 Feb, 2018
Very cool set of stake lights that accent my raised planter perfectly.  I love these little lights they are the perfect addition to any garden/yard. They give off a nice cheery glow. They do not... read more »


19 Feb, 2018
I got these earplugs to help with the noise in my welding class.  I love the little carry case that fits on your keychain, The earpugs were comfortable and I liked them. Problem is that i lost on... read more »

So Handy!!

19 Feb, 2018
This surge supressor is a life saver.  I am currently in a welding class, I use a grinder and a drop light and charge my phone while at school.  I did not have enough outlets to do this effe... read more »

This torch is amazing!!

19 Feb, 2018
I bought one of these tiki torches to see if it worked and looked like a real torch.  I was amazed.. I was blown away..  Not only does the torch emit light, it actually looks like a real fla... read more »

This takes Rustic Lighting to a whole new level

19 Feb, 2018
This is such a cool idea !! and it is one that works great in reality.  With these cute Mason Jar lids, you can  truly make some exquisite outdoor rustic creative decorative lamps.  All... read more »

very small but AWESOME!!

12 Jan, 2018
These patches were smaller than I expected, however they are good quality, nicely made and exactly like any other "branded" patches you would  want to purchase at a concert . Perfect to... read more »


26 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #BreaDeep I have received a ticket before for talking on my phone.  My son just started driving and I got him this for Christmas.  This litttl... read more »

Super FUN ... COZY...and WARM too!!

26 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #QvQ Day   Okay, so these gloves are different, it's true.  However they are the perfect Halloween or "costume" gloves ever!  The... read more »

I am sold!!

26 Dec, 2017
Having recently tried and loved many solar outdoor llights, this has got to be one of my favorites. I was looking for the perfect light to illuminate the barbeque in the evenings.  Everything I t... read more »

Hmmm Looks good and fits well does what it is supposed to

19 Dec, 2017
I really like the fabric and the 3 pieces that make up this support girdle.  My fear is that after reading other reviews it will stop working and the velcro will give out.  I am going to be... read more »


19 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored # MUGIG   i HAVE YET TO SEE A PRODUCT FROM MUGIG THAT I DO NOT ABSOLUTELY LOVE !  I bought this strap for my acoustic electric guitar and I lov... read more »


19 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #TORUBIA I am so impressed with this stocking!! I expected it to be a cheap knock off made of flimsy material with less than expert sewing .. Boy... read more »

Comes nicely packed in a padded reusable box and the key chain light is awesome

14 Dec, 2017
This is a nice flashlight... but i wish it came with the battery.  The "extra" keychain battery is very useful and convenient.. (it does come with batteries)  I love the box that t... read more »

So far... so good.. but time will tell

13 Dec, 2017
I am starting this review out with a good rating.  The Hose seems sturdy, well built, light weight and convenient. The sprayer nozzle works nicely there are no leaks and I have no complaints at a... read more »

Super Bright and Very beautiful

13 Dec, 2017
       #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #Hippih Although not the longest solarlight string I have bought, it is definitely among prettiest.  So... read more »

So Unique! So Adorable ! very convenient and recognizable ! but one tiny issue... It is a little tricky...

13 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Phoenixnet Really cute collectible usb "flashdrive" in a gun shape, The exterior is made of soft molded rubber.  and you pull on t... read more »

Loving this Amp

10 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #Mugig    Every purchase I make from this product line is better than the last.  This cute little AMP has a decent so... read more »

These lights are the best thing i have bought in a long time

10 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #LDesign   I always wanted to make my house more festive.  So I bought Solar lights for the Christmas Season decorating!  These l... read more »

Pretty and very heavy

06 Dec, 2017
These combs are pretty, each iwth its own unique design and decoration Some are rhinestone, others have pearls.  They are extremely heavy and that is the only flaw i can find with them.  You... read more »

Now all you need is a guitar

04 Dec, 2017
Pretty much all the tools you need  if you are just starting out with paying a stringed instrunt. Guitar, Ukulele  Bass, even violin.  The picks are not going to be helpful with violin... read more »

Nice guitar for the Price

02 Dec, 2017
I purchased this guitar on a Black Friday deal and I only paid $30.  I was a little disappointed in the strings that came with the guitar.  The strings are garbage!!  Do not let that de... read more »

a little short but good quality

02 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Mugig   This could only be better if it had gold plated plugs.  It is a sturdy cord, with a nice clotrh covering which will allow for bending a... read more »

Just the perfect portable set of tools

02 Dec, 2017
This great set of  screw drivers, prying tools and star drivers comes in a very nice "roll" up canvas carrying case and is the perfect thing to keep in your backpack, glovebox and/ or t... read more »

Small , Portable, and perfect pitch

02 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #Mugig Just clip it on your guitar and get in tune ~!! I recieved my tuner the other day, along with the  new guitar I ordered. I never w... read more »

Compact, Lightweight and AWESOME

02 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview   This is a truly great guitar stand.  It takes up very little room , you can even put it in the zip pocket of your guitar bag.  This folds out and be... read more »

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