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My whole world is my family. My husband and I have beentogether for 20+ years and have two.wonderful.grown children. My joy is my grandson. At 3 yrs old, he's perfect. I also have several nieces and nephews, even some great nieces and nephews. I spoil my family and friends with surprise gifts weekly!! I habe a huge extened family and I love to give them gifts that they would never expect. I am disabled, therefore I am always home or visiting my grandson!
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I don't use anything else

03 Nov, 2021
I have long hair that easily breaks with most other hair ties I've tried. These are smooth and pull out if the hair easily. I even wash them and they retain their stretchablity. Definitely recomme... read more »

Great neighbor gift.

27 Dec, 2019
Our neighbors have been in their home less than a year, but already they are great friends. They have a lot of family in and out all the time, and I knew coasters were an important thing to her. So, s... read more »

Great for diamond painting

01 Nov, 2019
I love diamond painting. It's neay an obsession, and I am always looking for things to make it easier. This light board does that. I am able to keep the resin "diamonds" straighter and c... read more »

So regular

01 Nov, 2019
I have an issue about never being regular. This probiotic has changed that. Almost like clockwork now. Definitely recommend  these over nay others I've tried. read more »

Perfect gift

01 Nov, 2019
I beleieve3no baby can ever have enough blankets. These blankets are so incredibly soft and have the cutest pictures on them. My neighbor (due any day) loved these blankets. Inwill be buying more. read more »

Long trip, great comfort

01 Nov, 2019
My huband and just took a 4000 mile raod trip and I knew I would need a neck  pillow to be comfortable. This was so much better than the one my husband bought at a big box store. If you need to g... read more »

So soft and cool

19 Jun, 2019
I live for light weight cool clothing. I also happen to love color blocking. read more »

Great for potty training

19 Jun, 2019
My grandson has learned he doesn't like wel underwear. These have  been great. He loves the different dinos on them. read more »

Perfect in blue!

20 Apr, 2019
My grandson is 3,  and loves to help. Especially in the kitchen, so I knew I just had to buy the blue one!! He is a bugger kid, so it should fit up to most 5 yr olds. read more »

So cute!

26 Feb, 2019
I ga e this to my husband for Valentine's day, and he didn't at first realize it was a card. I showed him, and he was even more impressed. It now has a place of honor on my shelf. Well made an... read more »

Perfect size

26 Feb, 2019
My husband is a wood craftsman. He is always buying new router bits and never has enough storage to put them up. These storage drawers are perfect for all his bits. They staxk nicely together.  read more »

For my brothers grandchildren's pics.

10 Feb, 2019
My brother gas 6bgrandkids and is always looking for oicture frames for the many oics that are printed of them. This was a great setbfor my brother. Him and his wife already have it up, since Christma... read more »

I love diamond painting.

10 Feb, 2019
So easy to do and such a time consuming project, which is what i really love about it. Also it is very tedious. But again, I like that. It keeps me busy and not really think about any pains or pr... read more »

Bought for grandson for long raod trips.

10 Feb, 2019
My grandson loves getting into this box. We take it everywhere. He is learning so much. He loves the chalkboard side and loves the feel of the chalk. Using the magnets is fun too. He likes to put ever... read more »

Great toy for tub time.

04 Feb, 2019
My grandson loves his bath as long as he can play. This game keeps him occupied and I can guve him a bath without him getting upset. Cute too.   read more »

Awesome size

11 Jan, 2019
Perfect size for all the lenses and the digital camera. I wanted one that was bigger than the one that came with our new Canon Rebel ts. We bought all the accessories and extra batteries, and this cer... read more »

Perfect for fulll size bed in grandsons room

01 Jan, 2019
We are potty training and I knew we needed a matress protector for the new matress for my grandsons bed. This works exactly how you want a mattress pad to work. After a few accidents, this pretector h... read more »

Just what my tree needed.

01 Jan, 2019
I have not put up a big tree since my children moved out about 7 yrs ago. Since I felt this would be the first Christmas my 2 1/2 yr old grandson would remember, we decided to buy a new tree. All... read more »

I love this purse

01 Jan, 2019
I am a person who usually carries a huge purse to be able to fit anything I might need. This one osxso perfect for short little trips to the dr or the store. I have a license to carry and this holds m... read more »

Love the colors.

01 Jan, 2019
Bought specifically for posters in my grandsons roo3at my hiuse. The colors are just right and went with the superhero posters I put up in his room as a surprise before Christmas. And the fact that th... read more »

Great sticking stuffer

01 Jan, 2019
These were exactly what I needed.for grandsons stocking on Christmas. They come in a nice box, but really didn't need it. He loves cars that he can pull back and watch go. These are pretty fa... read more »

Perfect for a long boring raid trip

01 Jan, 2019
Like most kidsntoday, my grandson has his own tablet full of (sometimes annoying sounding) games and shows. These made a 5 hour trip much more pleasant. He really loves these. The very first pair... read more »

A gift for my daughter.

01 Jan, 2019
My daughter is a full time student and works full time. Having this planner is a lot like when she was in high school where it was mandatory. She can now really plan her dasy and weeks in advance. She... read more »

Like a crayon instead of marker

01 Jan, 2019
I am so happy that this more a crayon than a marker. Color is light and bright. My grandson loves them. They can be screwed up to give more color for longer coloring. They also wipe away fro... read more »

Works great for a babies room.

03 Dec, 2018
This is perfect for a babies room. My newest great nephew has it I  his room. His mom changes the water frequently and keeps it running most of the day. He has a little breathing issue, so using... read more »

I love diamond painting

25 Nov, 2018
I decided when I started diamond painting, that I needed some extra accessories. This was just the package I needed. Has everything you could need to diamond paint. read more »

I love this shirt...

23 Nov, 2018
This short is soft and lightweight, but warm. I never buy shirts like this with the elbow patches, but this time I did. I would have given 5 stars, except the elbow patches do no sit on the elbow. Oth... read more »

My grandson thinks they're magic.

15 Nov, 2018
My grandson has sensitive skin, so using anything with his bath is a cautionary tale. But these bath bombs are awesome! He thinks they are magic and I love the scents. His skin is so soft after h... read more »

So useful for doing crafts.

09 Nov, 2018
I love diamond painting, but you need a really good light to do it. This is the light. It clips to the table I use and moves to where I need it. You can see in the picture, it really lights thing... read more »

So pretty and soft.

06 Nov, 2018
I am looking forward to next spring and summer. I got to wear this dress once since I bought it, and I received so many compliments. The fabric is so soft and airy. The colors actually compliment my r... read more »

Kinda works

02 Nov, 2018
My grandson is a magnet for mosquitoes, so I am always looking for a chemical free way to prevent the bites. This works somewhat. He didnt get bit on his arm or that side of his body, but did on the o... read more »


25 Oct, 2018
Bought for my grandsons room, because he gets dry nasal passages when he sleeps. This has helped immensely. He wakes up feeling better than he used to.  read more »

Needed these

25 Oct, 2018
I ha e a two and half year old grandson who is, of course, curious about everything. I bought these even though he has never bothered an outlet. Precaution. I also have my great nieces and nephews ove... read more »

My mom loves this cream.

25 Oct, 2018
My mom has been having an issue (definitely age related) with skin that is loose and crepy. I bought this in hope it would help her self esteem. It has. In just a few days of use, mainly on her arms,... read more »

Not worth the money.

21 Oct, 2018
I bought it because my grandson loves firetrucks. This truck did not work from the start. The back wheels are turned in and very loose. It never followed any line. I am returning to sender. read more »

Exactly what we wanted.

09 Oct, 2018
Bought for our Grandsons room in our house and it's perfect. The colors were exactly as pictured and being able to reverse it makes it feel like a new room. read more »

My grandsons favorite.

14 Sep, 2018
He loves this shirt. The graphics are awesome. This is one i will pass down to his younger cousins. It will last. It's just a little smaller than I had hoped. A size 3-4t and he wears a... read more »

My mom loves this

05 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my mom because she has thin hair and loves to curl it with out over curling it. And the fact she can also straighten it is fabulous. She uses it everytime she leaves the house, she m... read more »


01 Aug, 2018
I ordered these for our camping trip 2 weeks ago. They are bright. Even if you only open to the first set of LEDS. Great for camping, as you won't be tripping over things you normally won't... read more »

Love these

01 Aug, 2018
My 2 yr old grandson loves dinosaurs just like his daddy did. These however are  nothing like what I could find for my son  back in the day. My grandson loves pulling  these ba... read more »

My son love this.

01 Aug, 2018
My son and a string tied to his guitar and I couldn't stand it. He play gigs and needed something more than a simple string holding it. This strap is really nice and works well with the color... read more »

Great for sore wrist.

30 Jun, 2018
I have a ganglion cyst that keeps coming back and some days it hurts  I got this wrist brace for the lightweightness..its perfect. read more »

Not the best

01 Jun, 2018
Large cavities. Large overall. The issue is with the  cavities themselves. They are hard to close, without one or two popping open on the same row.  read more »

Wear while working in the yard.

11 May, 2018
I'm a redhead. I burn easily, but really dislike hats. The real reason for.this is my grandfather passed recently from skin cancer, and my mother has had to have spots removed. Scary. So I wear th... read more »

Husband was skeptical

11 May, 2018
I knww he would love the material, but not sure about how he'd feel about the shortness. He loves them. They fit well and dont ride up. Love the colors.  read more »

Great for a baker

17 Apr, 2018
I low e to bake. I broke my last lazy Susan when I moved. I make a lot of decorated cookies and cakes and this is my best tool. read more »

Good thing I'm losing weight

17 Apr, 2018
I have bought several of these types of shirts a d all are true to size except this one one. Its really more a medium than XL.  And there is a make-up stain on the front of it.  Nice s... read more »

Love Love Love

13 Mar, 2018
I love this shirt. I have several pieces from the same company, and love the material they use. It's nice and flowy and a beautiful color. read more »

Perfect size

13 Mar, 2018
My husband and I just finished our family picture wall and needed a frame for a pic of our grandson. This frame and matte were just the right size read more »

Perfect size

13 Mar, 2018
My husband and I just finished our family picture wall. This frame and matte were the exact size I needed for my sister-in-law's familys picture.  read more »


25 Jan, 2018
My nieces loved these a d gave one to each of their friends. They are easy on and off, but don't fall off. read more »

Perfect for my dogs

10 Jan, 2018
My husband and I love to take our dogs on trips. In fact we take them everywhere. Having this seat protector has been very nice. No more dog hair all over the seat. It also keeps them from falling int... read more »

Love these type of frames.

18 Dec, 2017
I live the seamlessness of these frames. They are not bulky or big. I had too borrow a picture from my sister in a frame to hang, and this was be a Christmas gift for her. She loves it mor... read more »

A little hard to use on thick hair.

07 Dec, 2017
Gave this to my sister who has the thickest hair of anyone I know. We had a hard time using it on her hair, but finally got the job done. Works better on thinner hair. read more »

Great for 3 year old and 20 month old boys

07 Dec, 2017
This was a gift for my nephews. They are easy to pu 'll back and watch go. They are sturdy and oh so cute! I love the colors and different truck shapes. The boys love these trucks! read more »

Good for a beginner

07 Dec, 2017
I am just beginning to use this everyday. I used to do yoga many yrs ago, but am totally out of shape after an accident. I want to be more flexible and this is definitely helping. Easy to use pic... read more »

Perfect fit for chunky 20 month old

07 Dec, 2017
I bought these to go with a three wheel scooter I bought my grandson. Well, they fit perfect with a little room to grow. I love teaching him too use the scooter and being safe with these knee and... read more »

Great for veggies.

16 Nov, 2017
My husband uses this for veggies. Works perfectly and cooks my veggies just right read more »

My daughter loves these for running

19 Oct, 2017
My daughter runs. She's a marathon runner and also for fun. She lives these leggings. The "vents" are her favorite part. She lives how much cooler it feels running in these. She totally... read more »

Helps a lot. Worth the investment.

19 Oct, 2017
My mother-in-law has two of these in her house that she keeps running 24/7, and has sworn by them for years. I have had this one for a week and can already tell a difference. It's the air, the aro... read more »

Smell wonderful

23 Sep, 2017
I tried one out for this review. I'm giving this among with a burner for Christmas to my mom. The scents are nice and smell wonderful. read more »


23 Sep, 2017
Kinda small but absolutely adorable. I plan on giving it as a Christmas present to my mom. She will love it. The size is about right for a coffee table. And the cones fit perfectly and it works as adv... read more »

Beautiful, but the top is very small

15 Sep, 2017
The fabric is gorgeous. And the gorgeous. My issue is the top. It is tight, and the shorts are a perfrct fit. I would love it if you could choose the size per piece. Overall, it's beautif... read more »

Perfect mold

04 Sep, 2017
I didn't try a fancy shape or anything, but the mold didn't leak or anything. Love this. It's going to make an awesome birthday cake for my grandson. I can't wait to get there. I would... read more »

Nice looking, but not very protective.

28 Aug, 2017
It's a pretty case. Lobe the elephants, rhinestones, and the color. My issue, I have a galaxy s8 plus , and this isn't high enough on the sides for me to use all the time. I'd be afraid of... read more »

Nice frame

28 Aug, 2017
I bought this for my family wall of photos. It fits in nicely, as i have used many different types of frames.  It's black with no detail on the frame, but does come with a nice, sturdy white... read more »

So cute and soft!

28 Aug, 2017
This is my favorite color. My husband just thinks it's so cute. Wore it out shopping with my daughter and got so many compliments. I will wear this a lot. Totally recommend to any woman for her wa... read more »

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