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i'm a single mom trying to stay on budget. i often review thing's on my facebook pinterest and instagram. my favorite things to review include beauty products like make-up hair products and tools like clips and hair ties or straighteners electronics and home goods usually for my kitchen. any small kitchen appliance or anything that's useful in the kitchen. i also love jewelry my favorites are earrings necklace and bracelets.
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Cute rustic clock

25 Apr, 2021
This a very cute rustic clock. I bought it to go in my living room and it works perfectly. Reminds me of something you would see in an old farmhouse. I definitely recommend it. read more »

Cute flash drive

11 Feb, 2021
I love anything that looks like a skeleton key. So this flash drive is cute. I know it's 16GB but I'm not sure how well it works. I bought it to use to pause and rewind live but unfortunately... read more »

Nice sharp cookie cutters

11 Feb, 2021
I bought these LoveinUsa Christmas Cookie cutters to try out. I love that they are metal and they are sharp unlike plastic ones. The reason I only gave them four stars is because of two things. First... read more »

Perfect size

11 Feb, 2021
Ok I bought these Christmas stockings thinking they were burlap. They aren't but they look close enough I used them. They are cute stockings and large enough to hold quite a bit. They are also stu... read more »

Cute stockings

11 Feb, 2021
These Christmas stockings are so cute. They are large enough to put plenty of things in. I overstuff the stockings every year. I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. They are sturdy a... read more »

Bright shiny colors

17 Oct, 2020
These liquid eyeliners come packaged great. They have plastic around the box and the box itself is nice and sturdy. When you first get them you need to dip them in and out a few times otherwise they w... read more »

Beautiful little bracelet

03 Aug, 2020
This is a beautiful little charm bracelet. It would make a perfect gift it comes packaged well in a nice little box. My biggest problem with this bracelet is that there is an inscription on it. I wasn... read more »

Works but the instructions are a little weird

15 Jun, 2020
So I finally did a friends nails and tried this out. First let me say this was the first time I ever used Gel polish and this UV light thing. It seemed to work fine. I will say the instructions were s... read more »

Work well

24 Mar, 2020
These work well. I wish more came in them because I feel like the gaps are to far apart but they seem to work great in the shower. I'm a fall risk and the bath mat kept coming up causing a trip ha... read more »

Nice but not true to size

20 Feb, 2020
It's nice and very feminine but it's not true to size. I ordered mine at my normal size and couldn't even get it to come down past my collar bone so if you order it go up a couple of sizes... read more »

Doesn't work with TV's

30 Jan, 2020
Unfortunately I bought this to use with my living room TV but it doesn't work. We tried with all 4 of our TV but still the same result it wouldn't work. I even got a replacement to try. My son... read more »

Love these so much better than paper.

30 Jan, 2020
So I love these Weagood reusable silicon baking cups. Our cupcakes popped right out with ease and the kids loved using them. Definitely worth buying. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Weagood read more »

So soft on the inside.

12 Dec, 2019
I can't share a picture but the inside of this hat is so soft and fuzzy feeling. Perfect on cold winter days when you want to listen to music. I like it for when I walk our dog. Keeps my head and... read more »

Perfect for teens

12 Dec, 2019
This is perfect for teens. Most teens don't want to wear their winter hats so they can listen to music on their head phones. This eliminates that problem with bluetooth speakers inside and they ha... read more »

Perfect at keeping my sheets on my bed

23 Nov, 2019
I forgot I bought these then found them this week. Just what I needed to keep my sheets on my bed. My mattress seems to be big and it's hard to keep some of the sheets on. Perfect solution ... read more »

Nice little lipstick

23 Nov, 2019
They are not kidding they do look like cigarettes when capped. They feel smooth and glide right on. My problem was that the caps are black with no writing on them. The tubes are white. To find out wha... read more »

Awesome and so much easier

08 Nov, 2019
This wax warmer is awesome. No need for wax strips. Just use the stick applicator let cool and pull off. So much easier to use than regular waxing. If you wax then you need to try this out.  ... read more »

Replacing my old storage bags

08 Nov, 2019
I love these. They are made well with thick materials. Easy to use and close. Great for freezing things and better yet they are reusable. Comes in different sizes. I definitely recommend them. read more »

Cute ghost light

29 Oct, 2019
These ghost lights are so cute and best of all they are solar powered so no need for batteries or pesky wires to trip over. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Yostyle   read more »

My daughter loves it.

25 Oct, 2019
I bought this for my daughter since she got a new apartment.  It holds more than a regular dish drainer and is taller so the dishes actually air dry great. Since It's tall it works perfe... read more »

Love these patches

25 Oct, 2019
I bought these to make  a Christmas present for someone very special in my life. They were easy to apply but they did take s bit longer than others. If you like the older hard rock and metal band... read more »

Nice lipstick and liner

24 Oct, 2019
For some my phone won't let upload the photos but I gave these to my daughter. They definitely are nudes it looks so natural that it enhances without being very obvious your wearing makeup. We did... read more »

Great coverage

26 Sep, 2019
I got this for my daughter and was worried about how well it would cover. It work ad great my daughters skin looked flawless and the color matched her skin tone perfectly. I definitely recommend using... read more »

Works well on my daughters kinky hair.

20 Sep, 2019
I got this straightener for my special needs daughter. It works well on her kinky hair if you section it off into small sections. However if your looking for that you just brush through your hair we w... read more »

Works on my daughters kinky hair.

19 Sep, 2019
Works on my daughters kinky hair. She can somewhat use it. You still have to portion sections off so that makes it hard on her. I was looking for one she wouldn't have to section off her hair but... read more »

Produce stayed fresher longer

12 Sep, 2019
I wanted to try these because we end up with a lot of produce fruit mostly going bad. I put plouts in one of these bags 2 to 3 weeks ago and they are still good. I love them and definitely recommend t... read more »

Nice little stand

02 Sep, 2019
I use this as a charging stand. I haven't tried it with my tablet yet but I have with my phone. My only complaint is the little hooks to rest you electronic on needs to come out a bit further. It... read more »

Absolutely beautiful sound

28 Aug, 2019
I originally bought these wind chimes as a gift. I loved the sound and how beautiful they were so much I ended up keeping them. The metal tubes are sturdy and the design is just so well put toget... read more »

Surprised me that it worked so well

28 Aug, 2019
I honestly didn't know how well this was going work out but it really surprised me how well it did work. I plugged it in and found an open station on the radio got it paired with my phone and was... read more »

Kills me to leave a bad review

23 Aug, 2019
I honestly hate leaving bad reviews but I'm going to here. Because I'm honest to a fault. First when I received the eyeshadow a few of them were broken. I contacted Amazon and I am getting a r... read more »

Cute little mug

24 Jul, 2019
This is a cute mug. I bought it for my 14 year old and he loves it. Nobody else is allowed to drink out of it. I recommend it. It would make a cute little gift.   #RankBoosterReview  #... read more »

Love the colors and dimmer.

09 Jul, 2019
I will admit I'm afraid of the dark and usually buy a blue or green bulb for my lamp in my room. This light is perfect I can choose the color from several, I'm using a purple right now, and I... read more »

LED light comes in handy.

29 Jun, 2019
I really like and the led light comes in handy to light up the hard to see area's. Great Drill set. I would recommend this to anyone. read more »

Great when we take her on a walk.

27 Jun, 2019
These work great. I was worried about them being sturdy enough but they are. Comes in a bag and we can clip the bowles on our belt loop. There is a seperator inside so we can put food on one side and... read more »

Works great

22 Jun, 2019
It works great. The controllers charge overnight plugged up to the power strip so the PlayStation gets to cool down. Even better since it's a charging station the controllers aren't laying aro... read more »

Love the colors

22 Jun, 2019
I love this set. It comes with 12 liquid lipsticks in great colors. Easy to apply and is lightweight it doesn't feel heavy. You get 12 for $21.99 that's a great deal, what's not love. Happ... read more »

Works great

16 Jun, 2019
What can I say it works great and is actually pretty quiet. I was surprised about that. It's powerful and heightens the pleasure beyond what I could have imagined. I recommend it for anyone lookin... read more »

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