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Very good sunshade

17 Sep, 2021
Easy to put up if you have a frame or pergola or high fence posts or similar. Blocks direct light but still filters through some light. Doesn't fill or sag in the rain. read more »

Smells good

17 Sep, 2021
Decent price, seems like a good quality oil. Good used either cold or warmed. read more »

Great for small amounts

17 Sep, 2021
Very good little chopper, ideal for making hummus or tapenade or healthy dips, enough for a meal for four. Easy to use, easy to wash. read more »

Fine single layer face covering

13 Apr, 2021
Ideal for keeping a warm face when cycling, and for complying with UK government regs on face coverings in shops although of course not a real facemask. read more »

Good for younger kids

13 Apr, 2021
These are quite good fun. They are not traditional water pistols. The trigger does nothing and is there for show only. They shoot when you use the pump action. They do not work like other premium b... read more »

Decent for younger kids

13 Apr, 2021
These are quite good fun. They are not traditional water pistols. The trigger does nothing and is there for show only. They shoot when you use the pump action. They do not work like other premium b... read more »

Decent for younger kids

13 Apr, 2021
These are quite good fun. They are not traditional water pistols. The trigger does nothing and is there for show only. They shoot when you use the pump action. They do not work like other premium b... read more »

Very bright

11 Mar, 2021
Front - very bright and easy to attach/detach to avoid being stolen. Comes with a charger. Rear - takes (non-rechargeable) coin cell style batteries but comes with 4. Easy to attach/detach from sea... read more »

Quick and easy assembly

05 Mar, 2021
Takes just a couple of minutes to assemble. The cover is quick thick so unlikely to tear as quickly as the clear ones you can buy. You will need something to either peg it down, or bricks to weigh it... read more »

Good for 2 adults plus 2 kids

05 Mar, 2021
Nice little BBQ. Folds up to like a small briefcase, and easily big enough for two adults plus two kids. Quick and easy to fold out and assemble the racks. Better than using disposable BBQs if you do... read more »

Great for pruning berberis (firethorn)

08 Feb, 2021
I have a berberis bush along a fence and it is awful to have to prune it, as the thorns are incredibly long and sharp and I end up with many cuts and scrapes. Wearing these gloves makes it much less d... read more »

Incredibly bright

13 Jan, 2021
This torch takes 4x AA batteries, not supplied. It is incredibly bright. INCREDIBLY. Don't look into it! You can zoom it, so have wide angle if required or zoom in and light up objects a couple of... read more »

good little fake gopro

18 Nov, 2020
Decent action cam, the underwater casing works great and doesn't leak. Ideal for doing riskier activities when you don't care if it breaks or you lose it. read more »

fun toy

16 Nov, 2020
Fun toy for kids, they can chase it around and it doesn't really matter if it hits a wall or ceiling, it keeps on going. The toy looks a bit flimsy but the shell/cage is quite flexible so it bounc... read more »

good fun for kids

10 Nov, 2020
Nice fun toy for kids. They can chase it about and it doesn't matter if it crashes as it has a flexible cage structure around it. read more »

good quality

10 Nov, 2020
Nice quality shirt. Quite a heavy fabric, so reasonably warm. Good print quality. read more »

Good performance

10 Nov, 2020
I've used this with an android tablet, setting up screen sharing is easy. The projector is very bright, ideal for even a 6m long living room. There are settings where you can change the size of th... read more »


03 Nov, 2020
Easy to use for a kid. Looks great flying in a dark room. read more »

nice print

03 Nov, 2020
The material is quite thin, but not a problem over a white cushion. The print is good quality, btu note that it does not go all the way to the edges, there is about 1.5 cm border all the way around. read more »

Great for crafts

03 Nov, 2020
These are quite big - about 1cm across. Ideal for gluing and sticking onto stuff, that's what my daughter is doing with them. read more »

Very bright

03 Nov, 2020
Easy to attach to handle bars / seat stem and very bright. The rear light needs batteries but front is USB rechargable.  read more »

Decent, strong mini greenhouses

03 Nov, 2020
4x black bases and clear plastic tops. These are quite strong, and should last for a few years of use. read more »

good selection

20 Oct, 2020
This kit has a good selection of pencils, ranging across a range of hardnesses. Ideal for anyone into sketching in B+W. There are also some charcoals and paper scrubber type erasers. I don't find... read more »

Decent batteries

19 Oct, 2020
Great. They seem to work as well as branded ones but a decent saving. Not much else to say - they are rechargeable batteries!     read more »

Decent strong kitchen scissors

09 Oct, 2020
These cut through chicken and pork easily, ideal for getting meat of the bone. Also come with a safety sleeve so the blades are covered when stored in a drawer. read more »

Nice quality

02 Oct, 2020
This is a decent quality tee-shirt, lycra-like. The print is very good quality. The fabric is quite stretchy but pings bang to the right size, so the print is not badly stretched in places. The print... read more »

Easy to use

28 Sep, 2020
My 8 year old daughter used the silicone (reusable) bag and managed to pipe some decent looking cupcake icing all by herself, including assembling the nozzle. I had to do the washing up, which was qui... read more »

Takes a little setting up but works well

15 Sep, 2020
This does take a little while to set up. I had to download drivers for it to work properly. But once done it works OK. It is a little bit strange to use, as you cannot see what you are writing / drawi... read more »

Well sized.

08 Sep, 2020
I bought 11-14 size for an 11 year old, and it is a good fit, slightly big now but with obvious growth room. It is a poly / cotton mix and feels quite thin, but child said it was nice and warm to wear... read more »

Nice and bright

08 Sep, 2020
These are good lights. They stick easily on to a mirror (or any smooth surface such as a window or side of a wardrobe). The light is a decent brightness, but not too bright that you cannot see if you... read more »


03 Aug, 2020
Works fine as advertised with a nintendo switch. Comfortable to hold, in an old-school style handheld controller. read more »


23 Jul, 2020
OK quality skickers for kids to decorate things. read more »

Good pump.

23 Jul, 2020
Easy to charge via a standard micro USB cable. It took about four minutes to inflate a single deep (about 12") mattress. Comes with a range of 3 hard nozzles and a flexible one. A bit noisy... read more »


07 Jul, 2020
Good tripod. Had it for two years, still works as well as when new.   read more »

Decent speaker / light combo

07 Jul, 2020
Works well with bluetooth devices, speaker is loud enough for a kid, but doesn't go too loud. Similarly light is good as a night light for reading in bed. The design is nice too (we got the p... read more »

Very good range

07 Jul, 2020
Very good range of subjects, although a few are a bit too adult rather than suitable for kids, so check through them first! They stick well to bike frames. So far they have been soaked in the rai... read more »

Good for TV remotes, reading glasses, etc

23 Jun, 2020
Thsi is a decent size pouch for attaching to the sofa (or bed) to put glasses, phone, TV remotes, etc in. It can fit magazine too. Lots of pockets for different items. read more »

Quick kill, no blood

18 Jun, 2020
These mousetraps are very effective. You just put a tiny amount of peanut butter in the little pot, insert from underneath and pull back to set.  I heard one go, with some scrambling legs on the... read more »

Charger works fine, but plug is dodgy

04 Jun, 2020
PRO - the charging unit is good build quality and works fine. Charges loads of devices at once. CON - the plug is not fused, probably not even UK legal. I use a lead off an old PC instead. read more »

Good clingfilm alternative

12 May, 2020
These are easy to use. So far I've only used them for wrapping cheese, fruit and covering jugs in the fridge. They seem to work well, are easy to wash and re-use and look liek a good alternative t... read more »

Decent quality spandex like shirt

17 Apr, 2020
The print is nice quality. The shirt is spandex type stretchy materials, so if you have decent muscles, you can probably order a size down and wear it tight. Or if you are a bit flabby, go a size larg... read more »

Nice loud sound

16 Apr, 2020
This doorbell is very easy to fit - the supplied battery in the press unit and just plug in the receiver. The sound is nice and loud and can be heard clearly from most places in an average house. You... read more »

Good for grinding coffee

16 Apr, 2020
I have only used this for coffee beans and it does a fine job. I use it for a espresso machine and need fine ground. This does the job well. A few pulses gives a range of larger lumps and finer grains... read more »

Good quality light strip

16 Apr, 2020
Bought for daughter's room. Easy to install and a nice long length to light up the ceiling. It can be cut and wires re-soldered if you need to increase the length / space out on wall. Nice quality... read more »

Good quality light strip

16 Apr, 2020
Bought for my son's bedroom. It's 10m so can light up a long length of wall(s) / ceiling. We placed above a picture rail and it looks great. With a bit of modification, you can also plug into... read more »

Good for 3D pens

16 Apr, 2020
We bought this for my kids' 3D pens, and it works fine. Presumably it is also just as good for a 3D printer. Nice range of colours and it keeps the kids busy making their models for a reasonable p... read more »

OK for cupboards, not great for bathrooms

11 Mar, 2020
These are fine if you want to use them in a cupboard or similar. However, I bought them to use in a bathroom so the lights come on if a kid goes in at night. The light is quite gentle, so they are not... read more »

Good UV torch

11 Mar, 2020
Works very well. It is near UV, so purple light plus some UV. Very good for showing up dog wee, and also for testing for a clean kitchen (fat splats on walls glow very bright under UV). Solidly built. read more »

excellent lights

11 Mar, 2020
A very decent set of 2x front and 2x back lights. The front lights in particular are very bright, light up cycle paths for a good distance, and shine off signs 100m away. read more »

Good trimmer

26 Feb, 2020
Thsi is a decent trimmer for the price. One side folds in / out, so it is reasonably compact for storage. You can cut up to about 8 sheets of paper at once, or one piece of thin card. There are guidel... read more »

Fantastic little game

20 Feb, 2020
Very nostalgic game. It is build like a Nintendo Game boy, nice to hold in the hand. It contains 400 games (or versions of games, as there are many similar ersions of Donkey Kong, Mario etc) and these... read more »

Nice toy robot

17 Feb, 2020
Good little toy. It is posable, and copies / repeats what you say to it. The kids find it fun. read more »

Does what it is meant to

17 Feb, 2020
I don't really have much to say about it. It does exactly what it is meant to, it supplies 5V via two USB connections. read more »

Nice set for a younger kid

04 Feb, 2020
This is good for a young kid. The binoculars are ot really very powerful (maybe x2) but younger kids will enjoy playing with them. The compass is fine for both younger and older kids, and the torch is... read more »

Good little light / speaker combination

11 Dec, 2019
The light is nice, you can have it white or cycle through colours depending on room. The speaker is fine, it is not that loud, the loudness is similar to many clock radios - loud enough for a bedroom... read more »

Decent spacer beads

05 Dec, 2019
Nice little package of silver coloured metal spacer beads for jewellery making. My daughter uses them to make her own bracelets, putting these between coloured beads. They are pretty much as pictured.... read more »

OK, but lining not so good

25 Nov, 2019
On th eplus side, these are nice warm gloves. They are quite thick, composed of a number of layers. But the problem I have with them is that if your hands are even very slightly damp, then they are re... read more »

Good powerbank

22 Nov, 2019
Easy to charge up via the supplied USB cable. Decent capacity for charging tablets or other high capacity devices on the move. read more »

Very good glue gun

22 Nov, 2019
I bought this to replace a Stanley one in which the trigger had broken, making it very hard to use. Like most other similar glue guns, it is a plastic body (it has to be, so it doesn't get hot) bu... read more »

excellent for crafty kids

21 Nov, 2019
This is a decent bake-hardening modelling clay. It is very hard to start with, you really have to work it to get it going. But once softened, you (or your kids) can make quite detailed models. It is s... read more »

Decent range

21 Nov, 2019
I bought these for using with the kids when we go on bike rides. One always ends up a long way ahead of the other, so now we take these with us. They are easy to use and pair, and we have not had any... read more »

Easy to use with google home

20 Nov, 2019
This is a simple to use multicolour smart bulb. It is easy to use with google home. You have to download their app to install it, but once done it is easy to turn on and off and change colours etc wit... read more »

Good UV torch

20 Nov, 2019
This is a dual use torch - white light and UV. You need 3x AAA batteries or you can use a single 18650 battery instead. It is solidly built and will survive drops. As a (white light) torch, it is f... read more »

excellent for PC/console repair, lots of good screw head shapes for unusual "secure" screws

12 Nov, 2019
I bought this more for PC / games console repair rather than for mobile phone repair. The range of bits is suprerb - there are 98 including many formats that cost you £1-£2 each if you buy... read more »

good oven hardening clay

11 Nov, 2019
My daughter (age 7) loves this clay. It is easy to form into models like plasticene but then hardens in the oven to preserve the models. It is a bit hard to get going and she needs adult help at start... read more »

Good threads

05 Nov, 2019
Bought for my daughter to make bracelets, they seem very good. Much cheaper than similar ones from The Works. You get loads of them too. There are three of each colour, and a very good selection of co... read more »

Good fabric, washes well

23 Oct, 2019
Great man's apron. It is a nice fabric, and looks like an old style butcher's or baker's apron and it washes well without shrinking or loss of colour. The fabric is a decent thickness, so... read more »

Decent projector at this price

23 Oct, 2019
This is a good projector for the price. It is great for indoors or outdoors, excellent for a teen wanting to play games on a large screen or white bedroom wall at a reasonable price. We've had it... read more »

Nice bed spread

23 Oct, 2019
This bed spread fits a kingsize bed very well, and is useful for winter nights. It is synthetic but feels quite soft. It washes well, I've washed it on cool twice and it has kept its size and shap... read more »

Excellent charger

23 Oct, 2019
This is an excellent charger. You can charge all cylinder type batteries (I use mainly AA and 18650s), and if you don't mind using some croc clips you can also do camera batteries or other rectang... read more »

Nice and bright

18 Oct, 2019
Bought for a little girl to wear while riding her bike in winter. Nice and bright lights and lots of patterns. read more »

easy to drive / do tricks

18 Oct, 2019
It is a fun car to drive and do tricks. It is very simple to use, the two joysticks are only forward/backward. Both forwards = forwards, both back = backwards, one of each or one = spin / turn. It... read more »

Decent enough

18 Oct, 2019
Pack contains two rechargeable caera batteries and a charger with USB lead. Does what it is meant to do for a reasonable price. read more »

Decent bike light set with minor niggles UPDATE - white one leaks in th erain

17 Oct, 2019
I'm giving this four stars. It is a great set but there are a couple of minor points. The front (white) light. The good: this thing is bright, very bright! It is metal construction so heavie... read more »

Fits perfectly with NERF

17 Oct, 2019
Bought mainly for the bullets, they work perfectly well with branded NERF guns. The jacket / vest is ideal if you want to carry around a load of bullets too, although is a bit gimmicky as it takes a w... read more »

Very good range of bits

17 Oct, 2019
I bought this more for PC / games console repair rather than for mobile phone repair. The range of bits is suprerb - there are 98 including many formats that cost you £1-£2 each if you buy... read more »

Excellent large poncho

05 Oct, 2017
This is a very big poncho style hooded cape. It has a square design so can be worn as a cape, or draped over a string as a shelter or used to sit on. It folds up quite small into a package about 26cm... read more »

Great brush set

01 Aug, 2017
Very good set of brushes. Lots of styles, ideal for water colour painting. Good for adults, cheap enough to be used by kids. read more »

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