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did not receave this

21 Jan, 2018
never got these please dont charge me   read more »

long sleeve tunic

11 Jan, 2018
This tubic is great it has long sleeves and is so soft.it is long and covers you ,I just love it it looks greaton . you can ware it with tited or your jens. If you didn=t get yours do it it is of very... read more »

The double face mask

11 Jan, 2018
                              the mask is very scary when you put it on my son put it on and scared the dogs.Yjr problem with... read more »

water brush pens and coloring pens

06 Jan, 2018
My granddaughters just fell in love with these pens . They said it makes it so nice to color with . they love to color and draw and they are very good at it .these pends are sovery helpful at it. We f... read more »

waistband holds gun and belly in

06 Jan, 2018
This is the best gun holster I have ever had, most let the gun fall forward slitely and it showes. I just love it thank you forthe chance to get such a nice belt . IT IS hard for a wman to carry with... read more »

wig for women

27 Nov, 2017
This wiig is too full it doesn't lay doy down like the picture , I would not buy it again .  read more »

beautiful led battery operated fairy tring lights

27 Nov, 2017
we got not one but two fary lights so far we are more than happy with the lights remote control they are 14.4ft waterproof led. they have8 modes remote control  and are cool white   read more »

Blackheads remover

27 Nov, 2017
You don't have to use your fingers to pop a zit now ,just open your case and take out your tools and go to work on them.It is ideal for pimples zits white heads and blackheads . just keep your fac... read more »

gamepad controller

27 Nov, 2017
the kids say it works fine . it seams like they just pluged it into their cody player and it worked . you can't ask for anything better than that. Aslong as they are happy with it so m I.  ... read more »

dishwasher magnet

27 Nov, 2017
Dishwasher mgnet that says clean or dirty. this has this ever saved us extra work . we are forever putting a dirty dish into clean dishes or trying to put them away and find out they are dirty.I used... read more »

reuseable mats for grill or in the oven

04 Oct, 2017
I am so happy with the matts .They are non stick the size is 16x13 inch ideal for the gas grill and  they are reuseable  grilling mats .you can also use them in the oven if you like .Great g... read more »

cute pumpkins head

04 Oct, 2017
           this string of lights are batteryoperated waterprof  so cute . we are going to hang them in the window . they will look nice their . they are plastic and... read more »

beautiful tunic if you wear ma small size

03 Oct, 2017
The tunic is so very very pretty . but for a large size it is small i can not get it on and i feal bad about it because it is a beautiful lace tassel tunic beachware bikini cover up . I f you were a s... read more »

this is just right for photes

29 Sep, 2017
I am going to paint a tree one of these days on the hall wall. so instead of frames I will use the lights with little clips now how cute is that going to be .   now i need to get up and go . but... read more »

cover your face with powder to try and look younger

29 Sep, 2017
this is a really nice brush to put on your make up . It does a real good job . You can use it with blush makeup it is a top quality make up brush professional qualitymade nice and large . if you need... read more »

hot melt glue gun for me

29 Sep, 2017
I like my hot glue gun it will come in handy for a lot of projects.I like to do crafts. it is good to use around the house small repairs .I had an old glue gun but the man of the house used it and it... read more »

twinkle twinkle oh so bright

29 Sep, 2017
    I like my starry lights I am going to decorate some bottles with them . They are so perfect to put around your plants or in bottles.you can make such beautiful decorations. you can turn... read more »

Wrist bracelet

28 Sep, 2017
I was so supprised when I got this brcelet it is so very pretty . It is way prettier than the picture The size is a little to tite it is made for a smaller woman but I can ware it .it has little charm... read more »

This foot can do some walking.

27 Sep, 2017
I tried on the wrap to see how it works and I believe it is going to be great. It was comfortable when I had it on my foot I think it will be better than the other wrape kind. my husband has a lot of... read more »

lucky moon stone chocker

27 Sep, 2017
The moon stone neckless looks very nice on. I am not sure about the luck but when I put it on I felt like it was just a little lucky because I got it . I think I will gift this to my daughter in law s... read more »

Ayliss Maxi dress

27 Sep, 2017
I am very happy with this purchase.  I love the Bohemien style dress I love the100% viscose material.  I love the thin lightweight and cool material.  It also be out to a party or you c... read more »

This old woman can not ever find her shoes

25 Sep, 2017
I am very happy with the over the door shoe organizer. This is a great help i am forever loseing one shoe .I get ready for Church and I have  lost a shoe, or put it nthe wrong shoe box. This is a... read more »

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