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About Me

My name is Brian Adams!
I build "high end" PC gaming computers. And with over 10,000 helpful Amazon reviews...I do electronics (among some other things as well) product reviews for you new client sellers on Amazon.
With electronics, a lot of things can happen. Especially during shipping. With you, as new clients selling on, new electronics companies like yourselves...need to move their products as new sellers on Amazon. It's my job to give them, Amazon (& YOU...the seller) a fair and honest review.

With that said...if I do receive an item from you that I'm to do a review on, and the product has an issue or doesn't work. Or arrives damaged, and possibly unnoticeably damaged in the packaging, with no visible damage to the shipping carton...i'll nspect it, read any/and all instructions, try to turn it on, try to figure out what the problem might be, or what might have caused it. I'll then report this to "YOU" (the seller) to try to resolve the issue "asap" before I give you any sort of review on that item. That makes it fair to the you and/or the manufacturer. Just in case it's a shipping "the seller" can resolve it by producing, or purchasing better packaging materials for shipping.
Or check with the shipping company that ships the product out from you, or your warehouse.
RE: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc...

Any and all Electronics manufacturing companies like...Dell, HP, Samsung, Apple. Or even some lower end or unknown brands that aren't too familiar here in the US. They all have a "bad apple" from mass-production. Like almost any item that...maybe doesn't have anything to do with electronics even.... like appliances, furniture. Even lumber of course can have natural damage. Or other issues like...the shipping companies. The quality control department from the manufacturer may have to investigate their end to find out what they can do about a problem. So it doesn't happen to everything on the production line that comes off of it. This is nothing new to "sellers", manufacturers, shipping companies, or (hopefully) most consumers. But while it's very aggravating, to us as consumers; it's also dangerously costly to the new manufacturers, and/or YOU the "new sellers" to make sale on a "e-commerce" website of these magnitudes!

Such as, Walmart, or even BestBuy. Just to name a few.
What a lot of people don't understand is...the reason why the prices of flat screen LCD, LED TV prices have dropped significantly; is because...once they've been reviewed, and the bad apples have been sorted out. Or there would be shipping issue, a parts problem (from whomever the manufacturing company purchases manufacturing part from for the product you sell). Even a supervisory and/or a quality control human/machine error and/or mistake maybe... so manufacturing costs will come down. As will the SELLERS PRICE. To pass those savings down to ME...THE CONSUMER!

Our first VCR in 1982 cost well over $1,000. In 1982...that was a lot of money! DVD players today...or even Blu-ray players for that matter,, are a lot less expensive than they used to be. When they first came out with them! Want any and all of the component problems are ironed out for the most part, shipping, shipping container, and even employees at the manufacturer, can all play a part in how price significantly drop even for brand-name electronic components like Sony, Panasonic, Etc...

This is where I come in at.

My job is to get this product for minimal cost for myself try, and make sure it works YOU, THE SELLER first. If there's an issue before I give a review, (because it may possibly be just 1 bad apple in the barrel that I've received from the manufacturing production line (where the rest might be good).
And after all of that is taken care of, and taking all information (to and from you "THE SELLER") into consideration. I'll give you "THE SELLER", and the consumer (as well as a review that is fair, & honest to everyone. This way we all win. That's what helped our economy as well as yours and as well as consumer. So they can keep buying. And you "THE SELLER"...and myself, can stay in business. Just remember as a consumer myself oh, and you as well, just remember people are always looking for only 4 and 5 Star reviews and a lot of them. Especially on expensive electronic items that depreciate over time. A short amount of time!

Thank you!
It will be a pleasure doing business with you.

Brian Adams -Viralix- -Amazon Reviewer-
[email protected]
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