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Fast Fun

08 Oct, 2021
This toy boat provided many hours of fun all summer! The full charge lasts about ten minutes or so. It goes fast in the water and can spin around, and the operator can even do a few stuntsv with it. T... read more »

Fun Tubes

29 Apr, 2021
I remember these from the 90s. They are so much fun for kids. They are not a toy to give young children and walk away.... BUT they do offer learning and fun if used under supervision. Children love to... read more »

Not Naked

28 Apr, 2021
Our Naked Fashion Dolls Thank You for this affordable pack of variety of doll clothes. I like that it includes a lot of cute clothes that the children can mix and match. read more »

Stellar Sketching Set

28 Apr, 2021
I love to draw. I find it relaxing. I like to keep a large supply of sketching pencils in a variety of degrees of hardness on hand. This set not only offers all of that at an affordable price, it incl... read more »

Nice Water Blasters

28 Apr, 2021
This set of two water blasters are a good value and lots of fun. They are easy to fill with water on the top, and close with a snap on lid. The two pack means that a game of water blasting is ready to... read more »

Nice Water Blasters

28 Apr, 2021
This set of two water blasters are a good value and lots of fun. They are easy to fill with water on the top, and close with a snap on lid. The two pack means that a game of water blasting is ready to... read more »

Perfect For the Pool

25 Apr, 2021
I got these to challenge our little ones and add some fun to swimming time. We like to invent different games and relay races using this set of pool toys. They are better and colorful and hold up well... read more »

Corn Hole At Night

25 Apr, 2021
These are perfect for our Corn Hole game. We like to play in the evening and these lights are very cool. They add extra excitement and a party atmosphere. They were easy to mount and use. I definitely... read more »

Doll Entertainment

21 Mar, 2021
It's a nice plastic toy that fits our doll house. It seems sturdy and it blends in with other still furniture.  read more »

Cute and Affordable

21 Mar, 2021
These outfits are super cute and fit fashion dolls well. They are an affordable way to add to fashion dolls clothing.  read more »


26 Sep, 2020
This is a nice hand held rolling device for sore muscles. The roller ball is stainless steel and is the perfect size to get hard to reach areas.  read more »

Creative Craft Set

14 Aug, 2020
This is a very nice craft set. It comes with the unfinished ceramic pieces, doubled sided Adhesive strips, brushes, and a set of acrylic paint pots. My children spent navy happy hours creating with th... read more »

Great Craft Project

10 Aug, 2020
The Motiloo Create Your Own Vase and Felt Flower Set is a fun kids craft activity. DIY projects are so much fun and keep kids engaged. It was fun decorating the base with Snowflake Mud. It created a t... read more »

Great Little Grow Bags

30 Jul, 2020
  These are nice one gallon grow bags. They come in a pack of 5. I like to use this smaller size to get my house and garden plants established. They are also easy to move.  read more »

Fun Novelty Opener

27 Jul, 2020
I bought this for hubby's man cave. We like to host parties for family and friends, and this is a fun novelty bottle opener to have on hand. It opens bottles easily and provides an extra bit of fu... read more »

Beautiful Doll Set

27 Jul, 2020
These are very well made. The clothes are adorable too. The  six inch size fits perfectly into our doll house. The hair is full, and face details are great. The arms and legs are jointed so they... read more »

Mighty Magnets

24 Jun, 2020
Very strong. They are small. I use them on my magnetic door .Theo hold a small child's jacket, notes, banners, signs, etc.  read more »

Power Massager

07 Dec, 2019
This massager has some real power behind it , yet it's pleasant and not painful to use. The rounded applicator top is large enough to cover a wider area of the body and is cushiony soft. It charge... read more »

Airbrush Art

07 Dec, 2019
I love this compact ready to use airbrush. I am trained in airbrush work with a compressor and this is so compact and portable and simple for small projects. My next goal is to learn to use it to appl... read more »

Great fit for my phone

20 Nov, 2019
I like to travel light and also protect my phone. This case does both jobs well. It holds my ID and credit cards and fits my phone well. It's not too thick or bulky and fits nicely in my hand.&nbs... read more »

Great value

20 Nov, 2019
Very bright. These bulbs work great and create a nice atmosphere in my room. I've been using them for a while now, and am still pleased with the quality.  read more »

Extra Eyes

01 Mar, 2019
I tell my kids that I see everything and that I have "eyes in the back of my head". Now that I have this camera, I can watch what they are doing in the playroom of I need to step away for a... read more »


24 Jul, 2018
Affordable nice quality noise canceling headphones. They are comfortable to wear with decent performance and 6.5 foot cord .I had to buy an adapter to use it with our Xbox One. We're pleased overa... read more »

Fun For Little Fingers

24 Jul, 2018
My preschoolers love these and they are fun to put on their fingers. The colors are bright and vibrant too. Unfortunately  something happened while shipping because only half of a package arrived... read more »

Sing Along

05 Jul, 2018
This little karaoke mic is perfect for evening sing along time around the camp fire. It's compact size makes it easy to toss into a bag and tote it along to your next party. Simple to use, nice so... read more »

Whiskey Glasses With A Twist

23 Feb, 2018
I love unique quality barware. These glasses look as if someone grasped the base of them and gave them a twist. So artsy yet classic. Whiskey Glasses, Old Fashioned Glasses are by Mivim 10.25oz Set of... read more »

Mivim Whiskey Glasses

21 Feb, 2018
Whiskey Glasses By Mivim  I love unique quality barware. Whiskey Glasses, Old Fashioned Glasses By Mivim 10.25oz Set of 2 are gorgeous and arrive in a lovely gift box. They are made of lead-free... read more »

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