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Working professional, wife and mother... love trying new, high quality items and sharing my honest opinions on social media platforms. I am active on many social media platforms including Facebook, is twitter and Instagram. I am also a member of many groups on Facebook including mom groups, savings groups and frugal groups with over 11k members that I can share info with! I look forward to testing and reviewing your products!
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Great as a gag gift

12 Nov, 2021
Package took a bit of time to arrive but arrived in great condition. Professional packaging, gif table. Lure is smaller then expected but still has the same funny impact! May actually hook a good fish... read more »

Great for dressup

26 Sep, 2019
This is an amazing set! Very nicely sewn capes. The mash’s are very durable! Great set for children to play dressup. Also included was a great carrying bag!  #RankBoosterReview #Sponso... read more »

Light up your step

05 Jul, 2019
Bought these shoes for my 4 year old. They are ture to size. They are a thinner / narrow made shoe so if your child’s foot is wide I’d recommend going up a size. Velcro closures make it ea... read more »

Great little portable charger

10 Apr, 2019
Very pleased with this 10,000 mA portable charger was smart charge. It’s lightweight, small, easy to carry in your hand with your phone yet small enough to tuck-away in your pocket bag or purse.... read more »

Decent battery back up

10 Apr, 2019
This 5000 mAh portable charger with smart charge is a decent little charger to use as a battery back up for your cell phone. It’s small in size, has a sleek design, easy access to port... read more »

Small cooling mat

03 Feb, 2019
Bought the small mat, would be perfect for small breed dogs like chihuahuas or Yorkshire toy terrier’s. Well-made Cooling mat. Pretty thick, outside material of the mat is very durable and holds... read more »

Better with two

12 Jan, 2019
Everything’s better with two! Both for yourself or for sharing, these eggs have 7 speeds and are made of super soft silicone. Water proof. The eggs are connected with a thin silicone cord.  read more »


11 Jan, 2019
Very quiet, strong vibrations. Different speeds is a nice feature. The silicone is sooo soft. Shaft is very firm. Handel fits perfectly in your hand. Waterproof is an awesome bonus.  read more »


18 Dec, 2018
Very pleased with this slime. Four eggs total: Two come with sparkles and beads within the slime. Two are just slime. The consistency is perfect, not to stickey but definitely slime. You can play with... read more »


04 Dec, 2018
Great IP security camera to ensure your home is protected 24 seven. It’s a solid built unit with all elements taking into consideration with the design. It’s fully waterproof so you can mo... read more »

Excellent camera!

30 Nov, 2018
Do you ever wish you could keep an eye on your house while you’re away? This wifi wireless 1080p has Crisp clear images. Also works great as a baby monitor with two way voice. Micro sd slot for... read more »

awesome gps

30 Nov, 2018
These screen are awesome! They are 7” with multiple capabilities, of course the main purpose if gps but they also have a music and gaming abilities. The gps has the ability to change your vehicl... read more »

Sticky adjustable mount

25 Feb, 2018
Everyone needs on of these!! Super strong suction cup that has a sticky pad that sticks to almost all surfaces in the car. The arm is connected to the base with a ball joint which allows movement in a... read more »

Wonderfully made birdhouse

15 Feb, 2018
Excellent build wooden Bird house. Unfinished exterior which you can leave or finish your self. Great to put out as it or for a fun DIY project. Little door at the back of the house for easy access to... read more »

Aerator bubbles

10 Feb, 2018
Great addition to any tank. Additional bubbles assist getting extra oxygen into the water and promotes fish health. Also keeps the water moving. Produces consistent small bubbles. Comes with four suct... read more »

Realistic aquarium plants

10 Feb, 2018
  Plastic realistic looking plants approximately 10” tall. They move and sway in the water very nicely. The ceramic rock that the plants are attached to is substantially weighted to ho... read more »

Small Aquarium net

10 Feb, 2018
Well build small aquarium net. Handle is made of stainless steel and it extends from approximately  8” to 16.5”. The small size if the net helps to get into hard to reach places and t... read more »

Lion mane for pets

10 Feb, 2018
Lion head dog costume. Fun Fur head costume with fabric ears. Excellent as a Halloween costume for your pet or use as a photo prop. I have a large bread dog (160lbs) and it fit him no problem. He wasn... read more »

Excellent compact action camera

04 Feb, 2018
Boblov Action Camera   This nice compact 4k action camera comes in a very nice black zippered case which has designated separate spaces for accessories and manual which are all included.... read more »

Vintage guitar strap

02 Feb, 2018
Leather like material. Very nice vintage pattern. Sharp colours. Strap is about 2” wide which makes it nice and comfortable on the shoulder. Ends are finished with a black leather for greater du... read more »

Denim guitar strap

02 Feb, 2018
Made of great material, blue denim fabric about 2” wide, very fashionable. End are finished with a nice chocolate brown leather for greater durability. Feels very nice on the shoulder. Adjustabl... read more »

Quality straps

02 Feb, 2018
Solid strap, a great pop of colour. Very nice materials, strap is a red denim fabric with a lined black canvas back about 2” wide. End are finished with a nice brown leather for provided durabil... read more »

Hot chilli distortion

27 Jan, 2018
Metal body, seems durable. Compact size allows it to fit nicely in a peddle board(velcro for attaching includes). You can create a wide variety of tones and distortion effects. The peddle has three... read more »

Excellent bird feeder

22 Jan, 2018
Constructed with high quality transparent plexiglass. Food tray as well as bottom of feeder has very small holes for drainage and to keep the food dry. Would recommend to any bird watcher! Will be ama... read more »

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