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i love to test new products and share my thoughts and experiences with my followers on all my growing social media platforms!
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19 Mar, 2021
I love rolling my serums on with the jade roller! It feels cooling, calming, relaxing and soothing! My only issue is that sometimes it just won't roll, it kind of gets stuck and I have to use my h... read more »

Wow! High class lamp!

16 Apr, 2020
This lamp makes our cozy apartment look like a high class loft! We have been working on decorating it rather nicely during this quarantine, and this is by far my favorite addition! It lights up p... read more »

Gorgeous home decor!

22 Mar, 2020
We have been taking advantage of this quarantine and decided to rearrange and redecorate our home. These shelves were packaged very neatly- with all the needed supplies in separate small bags. Th... read more »

Heavy duty amazing dress!

15 Feb, 2020
I absolutely love the weight of this dress! It is made very well and the turtleneck collar just makes it even prettier! I feel so sculpted and snatched when I'm wearing this dress yet I'm lept... read more »

EYE catching lenses!

15 Feb, 2020
I am constantly getting compliments when I wear these lenses! I love how comfortable they feel and how they don't look pixelated like other ones I have purchased in the past! They are very comfort... read more »

Durable,easy to install!

15 Feb, 2020
We had this up in our old home and it was definitely a conversation starter! Our guests always asked where we purchased the paper and said it looked so real! We unfortunately moved and left it there b... read more »

Fits so perfectly!

15 Feb, 2020
This dress fits me like a glove! I've gotten several compliments on it and feel like a star in it! I wasn't expecting it to be glittery material but I love it! I do have to wear shorts underne... read more »

Decent quality, looks great!

15 Feb, 2020
I really liked the fit of this set and the quality was about a 3/5 for the price. Unfortunately, my dog got a hold of the pants and destroyed them! I still wear the top with other pants and it looks v... read more »

Great top!

15 Feb, 2020
This top is of great quality and perfect for layering with sports bras, bralettes and tank tops. I love keeping this handy when I'm not sure what to wear. It's simple but eyecatching! read more »

Great top!

15 Feb, 2020
This top is of good quality and looks great layered with tank tops, crop tops and even sports bras or bralettes!  A great staple to keep in your closet! read more »

So cute!

15 Feb, 2020
I absolutely love the fit of this bodysuit! It doesn't ride far up like many other bodysuits have done to me. The color was spot on and the material feels long lasting! I love the tie up front, it... read more »

Smaller than anticipated!

15 Feb, 2020
Bag was smaller than anticipated, but still works well! The chain is beautiful and sturdy. This bag would be perfect for a concert or event cause it would only fit a phone and a lip gloss or lipstick... read more »

Not what it looks like...

15 Feb, 2020
I was very sad to see that the marble design on this case did not look anything like the pictures. It is more of a textured paint look and feel. Although this was rather disappointing, the case itself... read more »

Sturdy bags! Worth the $

15 Feb, 2020
These bags have been put to use in all types of weather and environments! I like how durable and easy to clean these are! We are required to use clear bags at my job, so these come in so handy! The ha... read more »

Very cute jeans!

15 Feb, 2020
I get tons of compliments on these jeans, even though I cut off the "sleeves" on the sides because they look kind of weird. I really like the buckle designs going down the pants and the wash... read more »

Best training device!

15 Feb, 2020
We have a stubborn Lab/Pit mix who loves to bark at any sound, especially while we're not home. This collar has definitely stopped him from barking so much, and although we don't always put it... read more »

Very nice piece!

15 Feb, 2020
I love how easy this was to put together! It looks fancy and my guests stare at it when they come over. It looks super heavy duty but doesn't weigh a ton and it helps me keep pans out of the oven... read more »

Gets the job done!

15 Feb, 2020
I've used better extraction tools before. I feel like this set is decent for the price, but have to press way too hard to get it to work! The scissors are my favorite because I use them for eyebro... read more »

A staple in my closet!

04 Feb, 2020
I am so pleased with the fit of these adorable pants! I am constantly searching for basic, yet unique pieces to add to my wardrobe and these pants are beautiful for work and any other occasion. They f... read more »

Not what it looks like...

04 Feb, 2020
I was very disappointed when I opened this set, because the leopard print on it is not the same kind of pattern as the picture, and the color is a burnt orange instead of the standard leopard print co... read more »

Very bright! Great adjustability!

23 Nov, 2019
I originally used these on a vanity mirror, but the adhesive ended up peeling off and the lights slowly began slipping off of it. I tried using 3m and other adhesive to try and put them back on, but n... read more »

Works great, but dog is afraid of it!

23 Nov, 2019
I have recently moved from a home to an apartment and my Lab has extreme separation anxiety, so he likes to dig through the carpet and door frames... I purchased this before moving thinking it would b... read more »

Really stands out in the kitchen!

23 Nov, 2019
I've gotten so many compliments on this dish drying rack! It looks so high end, because of the size and structure of it. I love that each level has its own drip tray, because it makes it easier to... read more »

Not worth full price!

23 Nov, 2019
I was super excited to finally have a ring light, as I work in the beauty industry and am a beauty blogger on the side. Good lighting is a must in both categories, and this ring light was so promising... read more »

Great stocking stuffers!

20 Nov, 2019
I purchased these for my younger siblings, as they love to stick cool stickers on their water bottles, laptops and school items like folders and notebooks! I grew up loving the Garbage Pail Kids, and... read more »

Low quality!

12 Nov, 2019
I really wanted to love this necklace, as I'm constantly reading up on not only my own, but everyone else's horoscope! I am a very proud Gemini, so I jumped on this pretty, dainty piece of jew... read more »

Lingerie sure to make you feel great!

12 Nov, 2019
I absolutely love lingerie but I had never purchased anything as intricate and sexy as this piece! It is essentially a bunch of straps and buckles in a one piece. I was worried that it would not fit,... read more »

Very nice coin!

12 Nov, 2019
My boyfriend is Trump supporter, so I bought him this collectable coin so he can remember the presidency. I received it before he knew about it, to make sure the quality was to par, and it definitely... read more »

Don't bother! Misleading pictures!

01 Oct, 2019
The pictures on the seller's post were misleading! I ordered this thinking that it was the big size as shown in the pictures, but it ended up being 6 inches long and even too small for my 1 year o... read more »

Very attention getting! Cute set!

26 Sep, 2019
I thought this set would be perfect for a mini photo shoot, since I'm a beauty/ style blogger on Instagram and love to share my outfits with my followers. This set made me feel both comfy and styl... read more »

Cute but fits different than the picture shows!

07 Aug, 2019
I was super excited to get this set, because the top looks loose fitting in the picture, but when I received it, it was tight fitting and was more cropped than I expected. I am actually not mad about... read more »

Such a cute set!

23 Jul, 2019
This set is absolutely adorable! I was so excited to take Instagram pictures in it, and when I did, my post did much better than expected lol! This set made me feel like a true fashion blogger! It was... read more »

Versatile and so cute!

23 Jul, 2019
I got so many compliments on this top that I want to order it in other colors! It is something I have never seen in person before- just in high fashion magazines and runways! I got a size Small and it... read more »

Cute and perfect for work!

09 May, 2019
This dress is cute and can be both for work or for a night out.  I got compliments on it but also got told I looked like a naughty schoolteacher or sexy librarian! Lol. It is a super comfortable... read more »

Cute going out dress!

02 May, 2019
I really like how soft and stretchy this dress is! It is a bit short on me, but I'd wear some biker shorts or leggings underneath and call it a day! Love that this can be dressed up or dressed dow... read more »

So cute! Great quality!

27 Apr, 2019
Usually don't go for burgundy anymore since I always thought my hair would clash with it, but I couldn't resist this dress! It's super stretchy and the material is thick/durable! The back... read more »

Works well

10 Apr, 2019
This item was a great idea and concept but unfortunately didn't work out for us. It actually worked as far as charging the phone, but the side buttons were too hard to press while the case was on... read more »

Trendy and great quality!

10 Apr, 2019
I originally purchased these for my younger sister since her favorite artist wears this print all the time! I wanted to surprise her and she lives in another state, so as soon as I got the pants, I se... read more »

Super comfy! Got tons of compliments!

10 Apr, 2019
This 2 piece set is one of the newest additions to my wardrobe (I've been trying to add more "stylish" pieces to my collection and this one is definitely a new fave!) It's stretchy b... read more »

Fits so perfectly!

15 Feb, 2019
I am loving how this crop top fits, feels and looks on me! Usually, crops end up becoming more loose towards the bottom and aren't as fitting anymore, but this one is stretchy yet very fitting and... read more »

Such a cute dog bed!

15 Feb, 2019
I was so excited to receive this bed because we had just rescued our Labrador Retriever puppy and we were slowly getting him more stuff. This bed seemed perfect for him and we set it up as soon as it... read more »

Cute way to keep track of chapstick!

15 Feb, 2019
I originally purchased these to give them to a coworker because she always had multiple chapsticks in her pockets, coat, and purse. I figured these would allow her to hook as many sticks onto her keys... read more »

Best training device!

10 Feb, 2019
We purchased this collar to train our Labrador Retriever and teach it the boundaries of our land (such as where the road begins) since our land isn't fenced up and we don't want him running in... read more »

Not worth the price!

10 Feb, 2019
I was sooo excited to receive these and give them to our 5 month old Labrador Retriever. Our puppy has had a great variety of toys, all ranging from $1 to $9 and none of them have fallen apart as quic... read more »

SUPER comfy and flattering!

06 Dec, 2018
I really like this 2 piece underwear set! It looks and feels like the high fashion trendy sets I see all over Instagram, so I was super excited to take some cute pictures wearing it! My boyfriend real... read more »

Works great!

06 Nov, 2018
We recently moved into a different home, but the water pressure in our shower was extremely low. It was so low, that we would have to stand literally against the shower wall in order for the lonely st... read more »

Amazing quality, fits like a GLOVE!

06 Nov, 2018
I ordered this dress for a company party, but since my dress code for work is all black, I will be wearing it more often! This dress by Goddess Area is a Large (which is a Small in China). I... read more »

Great for on the go trims!

01 Nov, 2018
I was so excited to finally try this little device, as I just started getting more peach fuzz near my jawline and sideburns. I work with makeup and I always have a full face on, but when I have peach... read more »

So soft and look great!

19 Oct, 2018
I was wanting black out curtains for such a long time, so when I saw these, I just HAD to get them! Upon receiving them, I noticed the nice packaging and how soft the material was! It's almost lik... read more »

Not really effective

02 Oct, 2018
I was very excited to try this eye serum out because I'm a very busy person and I lack sleep, so I have dark undereye circles and puffiness as well. I used this serum day and night for a week and... read more »

Neat & functional!

02 Oct, 2018
This safe is a great size for important items and valuables. It is not big enough to hold full sized documents, but I have those in a different place anyway. I really like how easy it was to set up th... read more »

Wow! They work like pro brushes!

24 Sep, 2018
I am SO happy with this set of brushes! They are very soft and feel like high quality brushes-not to mention they are gorgeous and easy to hold/use. I work in the makeup industry and it's so diffi... read more »

Runs small but SO cute!

24 Sep, 2018
I decided to go with what the reviews were suggesting by going with one size up from what I normally would wear. I am usually a size SM as I am 5'5 and around 120 lbs. I went with the Medium and I... read more »

Wonderful product! Bright blue LED looks beautiful at night!

16 Sep, 2018
The Revolt USB car charger has become my new go-to charger! It is white with a metal base and a really nice, bright blue light comes on when it is in use! I was in search of a car charger with two por... read more »

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