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Work perfect!

16 Nov, 2020
I bought this Ps4 controller and is more than I expected. The quality, design and weigth are perfect the joysticks move very well. Oh! and I loved the lights in the buttons!! I played for hours w... read more »

Best item on my survival kit

24 Sep, 2018
This is one of the best things on my survival kit. From previous experiences (Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico) I have been  without electry power for more than 25 days and it was very difficult at... read more »

Pillow covers review

21 Aug, 2018
I bought these pillow covers, I liked texture and quality of the fabric, the color was as it appears in the photo, the size was perfect as I expected but when I put one of the cover on the pillow... read more »

Learn Italian playing

21 Apr, 2018
Excellent letters to start learning the Italian language. It has phrases, questions and short sentences, very necessary for anyone who is traveling or wants to learn Italian. It has the phrase in Engl... read more »

Learn French playing

21 Apr, 2018
Excellent letters to start learning the French language. It has phrases, questions and short sentences, very necessary for anyone who is traveling or wants to learn french. It has the phrase in E... read more »

Soft and feel really nice when I wear it

24 Mar, 2018
This jacket is very comfortable, the fabric is really soft and feels very nice when I use it. I am pettie and thin so I ordered small size and fits me perfect. The hoodie can be adjusted wit... read more »

Kalimba Review

12 Feb, 2018
This Kalimba thumb piano instrument is very well constructed, the wood and metal parts are of good quality and durable. It is very easy to use and lightweight for the hand. The sound it produces is ni... read more »

Explore new and different musical instrument

25 Jan, 2018
I bought this melodica for my daughter, she likes to explore new and different musical instruments and this was a perfect alternative for her. Since she received it, she began to play and get music im... read more »

Easy instalation

04 Jan, 2018
I bought these screen protectors for my Galaxy S8+. Includes 2 in the package and comes with everything I need to clean and make a perfect installation. It was very easy to place without bubbles or ai... read more »

Works excellent killing fly and mosquitoes

06 Dec, 2017
I am using this Insect kiler zapper daily and I can say it's works excellent killing the mosquitoes and fly if it is properly used. It has a light to be able to see the insects in the dark. This r... read more »

Good to place guitars, violins, ukulele and more

25 Nov, 2017
This stand is not only good for guitars, it can hold for violins, ukulele, electric guitars and more. It is excellent since it can be easily adjusted and adapted to the instrument that is going to be... read more »

Is not made of good quality

24 Nov, 2017
This moon necklace, although it has a nice design, is not of good quality. I used for a few hours and when I took it off was already getting rusty. Obviously I will not be able to use this necklace ag... read more »

We never know when will need one inverter

16 Nov, 2017
I bought this 300W inverter to use since Hurricane Maria has left most of Puerto Ricans without electrical power. I can use this inverter in the car lighter or with a battery. This inverter can be use... read more »

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