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greetings! i’m brittney and i am 27 years young. mother of 3 and married to a wonderful man. i love reviewing products and showing off deals! i have a passion for business and am currently in college for business administration.
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Well made

19 Dec, 2018
Made well and unbreakable read more »

Small and little variety but fun

26 Nov, 2018
The variety is slim... all four packs are identical.  The items are small but well made.  Kiddos love them and would buy again.   read more »

Adorable and entertaining

19 Nov, 2018
Bought as a Christmas gift and I know she will love this! I love the rainbow colors and the pen attachment.  This is a great product if you want to use a magnetic board that is a bit non traditio... read more »

Love this! Amazing product

12 Nov, 2018
I’ve always had a hard time finding a product like this that won’t irritate my skin. I love this little facial hair remover!  It’s compact, feminine and doesn’t make me fe... read more »

Amazing packaging, pretty and high quality

11 Nov, 2018
i was skeptical about this item because of the price.  I didn’t expect the best quality to be honest. When I noticed it came with a gift bag and then string to replace/mend the bracelet I w... read more »

So pretty and unique!

11 Nov, 2018
I love this! It’s so pretty and unique! The material is soft as well.  It is more shaped like a bodycon dress, which is awesome! I’m very happy with my purchase read more »

Not good fit for newborn

11 Nov, 2018
These are more sized for a 1 year old baby. We have a newborn and although they should fit, these are huge on her. read more »

Soft and comfortable

11 Nov, 2018
Our little boy fell asleep fast with these.  He has a hard time relaxing during car trips and this did the trick.  read more »

My son is always showing it off

11 Nov, 2018
Purchased for our 6 year old and he is always showing it off now! It’s comfortable and easy to read. I’m glad he loves it and am confident it will last a long time. read more »

Adorable and warm

07 Nov, 2018
Couldn’t say anything better about this scarf.  It’s soft, warm and large enough to cover up your shoulders as well!  read more »

Not comfortable for pregnant women

07 Nov, 2018
i bought these because of pregnancy because I’ve had good luck with compression socks in the past.  I felt like I was losing circulation around my ankle.  I do wear them but at the end... read more »

Very Pleased

06 Nov, 2018
My son has so many legos it is ridiculous. This is a life saver for me because it will allow him to be organized.  He can be pretty rough on things and I am confident that this will stay in good... read more »

Perfect toys for kids

05 Nov, 2018
My little boy loves music and wanted some musical instruments to use. I wanted something that was well made but not expensive and this is what he needed! Perfect selection of items for a small party o... read more »

Smell amazing and perfect packaging

05 Nov, 2018
Bought these as a gift for my sister and am debating on using them myself or buying more. They smell amazing and they are packaged perfectly for gifting.  The box is beautiful and the information... read more »

Strong, well built and lightweight

05 Nov, 2018
Really happy with this product. The only downside is that there is literally no length to the handle.  If you wanted to use this to clear off your drive it would break your back. This is perfect... read more »

Small and compact

03 Nov, 2018
i was thrown off a bit by how small the packaging was.  It looks professional and trustworthy.  I anticipate using it and look forward to the opportunity.  Well made and offers everythi... read more »

Can’t say enough about this!

03 Nov, 2018
The people behind this product take pride in what they offer to customers. The packaging was professional and it came with much more than you’d expect for the price.  Everything you need to... read more »

Lovely product and feels great

03 Nov, 2018
Soft, stays on for a while and not sticky. Perfect product and the price is right. Going to tell my girlfriends about this one! read more »

Instructions aren’t English. Good quality and compact

02 Nov, 2018
Beautiful packaging and good quality makeup.  The downside is that I cannot read what the back of the box says because it’s all in Chinese.  I feel that if you are marketing to a mainl... read more »

High Quality and Comfortable

31 Oct, 2018
I am 100% satisfied with these slippers! Very comfortable and well made.  I look forward to wearing these and will be buying some for other family as well.  I would have appreciated them com... read more »

My husband LOVES it!

31 Oct, 2018
Wow! This water bottle is awesome!  My husband has been using a Coleman bottle for work but it is all stained from working because of its white color and it doesn’t wash off well.  Thi... read more »

Great product but questionable packaging

31 Oct, 2018
I am impressed with the quality of this mask.  I am giving it to my father for Christmas.  The only downfall is that it comes in a package that is not written in English.  I feel that i... read more »

Works well, affordable price but cheaply made

28 Oct, 2018
My husband and I are buying a PS4 for his father for Christmas this year and wanted to get him a dual charger.  We purchased this item and were impressed with its compact size, price and ability... read more »

Functional, adorable and affordable

28 Oct, 2018
My husband encouraged me to start carrying a purse a while ago because I am always losing my cards and cash.  He actually had to put my keys on my purse in order to help me make carrying a purse... read more »

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