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High Quality

18 Jul, 2020
I don't have a lot of experience with Macha but I've added it to several things and have yet to be disappointed! read more »

Excellent Pillow

18 Jul, 2020
This pillow is so comfy! It also is great at temperature regulation. It's definitely my favorite pillow now. I highly recommend it. read more »

Really Thin

17 Mar, 2020
These will serve the purpose they were ordered for, but are very very thin so I have to question how long they will last.. read more »

Exactly as described!

23 Feb, 2020
Great variety. Nice size. Cute prints. I got to put them to put on a laptop, so I'm not sure how the quality is on a water bottle, but they look great for what I use them for. Would definitely rec... read more »

Works Great!

08 Feb, 2020
I've had this for a while now, and still works as expected. No issues. read more »

Highly reflective!

10 Nov, 2019
These work excellent for what we needed them for. Highly reflective and easy to see in the dark. Small, but that's what I needed. Sticks great. Excellent product.   read more »

Works Great!

10 Nov, 2019
This works really well, and is easy to setup and use. Great product! read more »

Works Good!

10 Nov, 2019
Though the skin peeled off in tiny pieces, not big sheets, overall I would say these worked well! I think how it peels depends on the size and thickness of the dry patches on the feet, so it would lik... read more »

Great Binder Rings!

10 Nov, 2019
These function as expected. So many uses I am finding for them! They clasp shut well, and seem sturdy and strong. This was a good purchase! read more »

These are bright!

10 Nov, 2019
These are small. They are meant for young, small children. But they are also thick and lined, making them very warm! There are multiple light options from steady, to fade through the colors, to disco... read more »

Great for Sandy areas

03 Oct, 2019
Worked well to keep the sand off. Didn't test waterproof abilities, but I stayed dry while on dry sand. It served it's purpose well. I do highly recommend. Great purchase. read more »

Great Knife!

03 Oct, 2019
Sharp, and exactly as described. Easy open and close. Husband loves it. read more »

Matte and Stays Put

23 Sep, 2019
This lipstick is definitely long lasting and waterproof. It stays put for hours. I don't really care for the texture or feel of my lips once it dries, and usually apply some form of moisturizer af... read more »

Nice ambience!

11 Sep, 2019
These give a great warm light. They lasted longer than the typical bulbs I buy, so that was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend these! read more »


11 Sep, 2019
This set is great! It makes playing racing games, among many others, so much easier and more fun! I wish I had found these sooner. Our youngest would get so frustrated when losing due to his age disad... read more »


03 Sep, 2019
Great bottle! It's the perfect size. It holds a generous amount of fruit so the water gets amazing flavor. Easy to clean. Easy to carry. Excellent product! read more »

Great for the Price!

30 Aug, 2019
Sound was really good considering the price point on these. Fit my ears well, without having that aching feeling that some ill-fitting earbuds leave you with. Great earbuds that I would recommend! read more »

Didn't Stay Put

30 Aug, 2019
I tried these several times before giving up on them. I tried them alone. I tried them over wrinkle serum, wrinkle cream, moistuizing lotion, and no matter how I used them, they only stuck for a littl... read more »

Exactly as described!

16 Aug, 2019
I needed something to cover my head while allowing my hair mask to soak in. I debated on disposable or reusable shower caps, but decided eco-friendly was the route I wanted to go. These are silky on t... read more »

Exactly as described!

16 Aug, 2019
I wanted small spoons to tie to the tops of my "cookie in a jar" gifts I'll be making for the holidays. Wasn't sure if these would be what I needed but decided to try them. They are... read more »

Never received.

29 Jul, 2019
I never received this item and so unfortunately I have no review for it. read more »

Great phone mount!

13 Jun, 2019
I really like this phone holder. It is adjustable to fit practically any cup holder, and locks in so it can't change sizes when bumped. You have to hold the button, and reduce size to remove from... read more »

Excellent, excellent!!

01 May, 2019
This kit literally contains everything you need for a beginner carver or whittler. Pieces are sharp, and feel very well made and durable.. I look forward to creating a lot of art pieces with this, inc... read more »

Great multipurpose hooks!

18 Apr, 2019
These hooks work perfect for anything I've tried so far. They hold my son's tablet, my purse, our road trip goodie bag, you name it! So handy to have everything in reach where I can find it wi... read more »

Slightly too large..

13 Apr, 2019
Though these have decent sound, they are too large for my ears. I wish they came with changeable gel tips, because itsi hard to tell sound quality when you can't get them decently into your ears.... read more »

I love this toaster!!

11 Apr, 2019
I love this toaster!! I adore the beautiful retro look, with the chrome against red and crimped seams. It is very light, and easy to pull out for use and put away afterwards, though I hate hiding it i... read more »

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