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Brilliant for younger kids

14 May, 2021
These are amazing!! love having water fights but I get so bored having to refill water guns! With these I just fill the paddling pool up or a few buckets and the kids all do it themselve... read more »

Great fun

14 May, 2021
Got this for the kids to use in the garden, they love it bit so does the dog!! He has so much fun trying to bite the water. Well made and very easy to set up and use read more »

Perfect present

24 Apr, 2021
My kids love this.  They have been in the garden looking for bugs and this has really helped my 4 yr old who was scared of creepy crawlies but now loves trying to find them with all the tools and... read more »

Bright and easy to use

24 Apr, 2021
Great torch. Very bright , easy to hold, easy to charge. Not too heavy  read more »

Really quick and great quality

24 Apr, 2021
So impressed with this. Came the next day and the quality was superb, fits perfectly would definitely recommend  read more »

Easy to use

24 Apr, 2021
Great item and versatile, I use these fornice cubes but also for making small layered desserts and for hot chocolate bombs and stirrers . The size is really good especially when making things for gift... read more »

Out of stock

22 Apr, 2021
Coupon worked but just had an email from amazon saying its out of stock and I will be refunded! read more »

Works well

15 Mar, 2021
Kids can't wait to have fun with this gun in the summer. We had a quick go to try it out and it's easy to fill and use and has a good firing range  read more »

Sturdy and nice to hold

14 Mar, 2021
Good cane ,does as it says folds up nice and small and comes with a nice small bag to hold it in ,fits in my handbag and is very easy to put up or down read more »

One of my best buys!

14 Mar, 2021
I love listening to music as I fall asleep but my husband hates it and whenever I use headphones I worry about getting caught up in the wires or pulling them out of phone so this is amazing. I can fal... read more »

Better than I expected

14 Mar, 2021
Great quality, easy to fold up ,has a nice deep space for coals also big enough to put a disposable bbq into. Haven't used it yet as not the right weather but looks really good read more »

Nice quality

14 Mar, 2021
Really nice t shirt, had the picture printed on front and back it's a nice breathable material. Would make a great present for a teen (my 16 Yr old loves it) read more »

Bright and easy to use

14 Mar, 2021
Great ,bright bike light . Easy to use and attach gives a long clear view, really impressed with it read more »

Perdect for the kitchen

02 Mar, 2021
Works really well,  I have mine in the kitchen, I find it brilliant when I have been preparing raw meat as I don't have to touch anything to get soap on my hands. The kids also love it and... read more »

Bright and easy to use

02 Mar, 2021
Brilliant torch! Very bright and I love the easy way of zooming in or out to concentrate the light on one spot, my husband works early mornings and rides to work, he has to ride through a large par... read more »

Such a great set

17 Feb, 2021
I bought this for my son who is just starting to get into drawing more seriously, The set has everything a young budding artist could need, he was over the moon with it Would make a great presen... read more »

Bright and easy to use

14 Feb, 2021
Great light, very bright , easy to attach highly recommend read more »

Sturdy and nice to hold

04 Feb, 2021
Really impressed with this phone case, feels nice to hold, it's sturdy , all the buttons work really well when in the case and it looks really nice read more »

Lovely set

22 Jan, 2021
Great value set,  really nice looking and easy to use read more »

Great value

13 Dec, 2020
Brilliant!  Great value! Easy to use ,charged quickly,battery has a long life and the light beam is really bright and really far read more »

Great to keep in bag, use instead of paper straws

30 Nov, 2020
As described, comes in a bag so very handy to keep in your bag. My kids love them and we use these instead of the horrible paper straws you now get from take aways read more »

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