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beautiful piece

06 May, 2019
I like this blouse it flows very well and looks great on a shapely woman read more »

softest fabric

14 Sep, 2018
This has the cutest print fabric for a toddler girl and the fabric is soft  read more »

good for kids

14 Sep, 2018
I will say this is good for kids only and make sure they have small hands.  My kids played with it, then I played with them and everything was fine.  When my husband and his big hands tried... read more »


14 Sep, 2018
My husband loves how comfortable these socks are to walk around with alone.  Once he plays any kind of sports he notice he was able to ump higher without pain and just do more foot work with less... read more »

Great Buy

14 Sep, 2018
Nice sturdy sppon that is long enough to keep me away fro the stove so I dont have to get steam in my face.  Gives a great distance between me and my favorite speghetti meal.  read more »

Cute hoop

14 Sep, 2018
This came with litereally everything needed to secure it to the door.  The only thing I needed was a screw driver and less than five minutes and the ball was inflated.  read more »

Stud Earrings set

23 Aug, 2018
This is a huge set of a variety of colored studds that also includes a clear one.  Each of the pairs have a back to the earrings on it but a extra set of backs in case anything gets lost.  T... read more »

Essential Oil bombs

23 Aug, 2018
Indiv idually wrapped to preserve the freshness, Each bomb a fragerance utopia bathing experience. read more »

Loud clear sound

07 Aug, 2018
It gives loudness and clarity of sound read more »

The right size

01 Aug, 2018
This here is the right size for so many things that needed fixing around the house.  My laptop, watch, desktop computer, TV I mean you name it my husband went to fixing everything.  Bes... read more »

quality fabric

01 Aug, 2018
Great quality fabric but I am disappointed that it is too small for me I had to give it to my daughter. read more »

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