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Should've gotten one sooner!

19 Jan, 2021
I love that this helps keep my dog in her seat and works as a leash for her, as well. She's really curious and likes to investigate everything, so the bungee comes in handy! The reflective threads... read more »

Powerful and quiet ????

19 Jan, 2021
This is my #2 because it's almost a little too strong and I like to take things a little slower, if you know what I mean ???? But if you're in a hurry, this will never disappoint! Convenient s... read more »

Impressively beautiful and easy to use, you'll love it!

16 Oct, 2020
It's even prettier than the listing shows. The opaque white marbling is lovely and the whole thing is overlaid with an iridescent glaze. The replacement bulbs are easy to find and inexpensive. The... read more »

Extremely convenient!

25 Sep, 2020
I have 2 straightening brushes, but my hair is waist length and they often tangle part way down, and it's really hard to get close to my scalp because of the width.   My hair is natural... read more »

So beautiful, looks absolutely real...

02 Dec, 2019
... but not for everyday wear.  It took quite a long time to arrive but it was worth the wait! I fell in love immediately and so I wore it everyday. Nearly every time I went out someone w... read more »

So convenient, better than cotton pads

31 Aug, 2019
I LOVE these! I keep them in a little box by my bed with a travel size bottle of waterproof makeup remover and a bottle of micellar water so when I'm too tired to properly wash my face before bed... read more »

Even more beautiful than I thought it could be!

11 Aug, 2019
This pendant is absolutely gorgeous and would make a lovely gift for almost any occasion. The little dandelion seed is even tipped in gold. So pretty! There's a tiny silver tag that says "Wis... read more »

I actually got the pink one ...

11 Aug, 2019
... to match my office decor, and it's perfect for charging my phone, bluetooth speaker and other misc items like my iPad or my headphones.  It took quite a while to arrive, but it's g... read more »

I wanted to love them

11 Aug, 2019
Like the title says, I really wanted to love these, while they were difficult to get working in sync and are just a tiny bit static-y,  I could've dealt with that easily, but the biggest... read more »

Elegant and functional!

20 Jul, 2019
I love these these rose gold beauties! They work perfectly with my pink, white, rose gold  and grey marble theme in my home office. I can never get enough rose gold, and i'm  so glad I a... read more »

Incredible value, and they really work!

18 Jul, 2019
I get blemishes just before my cycle, like clock work, it's so frustrating! But put these little guys on as soon as I feel one coming and it'll just disappear. If I can't get it right away... read more »

Like art for my office

18 Jul, 2019
I swear this little rose gold orb is as much art as tool. It works great but also looks extremely pretty on my desk, which is carefully organized to showcase all the gorgeous rose gold office accessor... read more »

My home office feels so elegant now!

18 Jul, 2019
I just started working from home, and my office has started out kinda blah and dreary, but I saw these and had an immediate inspiration to decorate my space in an elegant way with marble and rose gold... read more »

Soooo pretty!

18 Jul, 2019
I just started working from home, and my office has started out kinda blah and dreary, but I saw these and had an immediate inspiration to decorate my space in an elegant way with marble and rose gold... read more »

With minor changes, this could be perfect!

04 Jul, 2019
I was surprised to find that the heating option actually felt really good! The vibration could stand to be a little stronger, but it would still do the job, except that the "rabbit ears" wer... read more »

Hubby loved this gift!

04 Jul, 2019
Here's what he had to say :) - Super large, high def screen. Android System gives multiple options. Expandable storage slot (Micro SD).  Headphone jack.   Battery life i... read more »

Great value

19 Jun, 2019
Our pupper (mentioned in the treat toy review) has been learning house training but isn't always successful. This light is really helpful in finding any accident spots we may have missed. It works... read more »

Puppy Love

19 Jun, 2019
Our new pitbull pupper (16 weeks) love, love, LOVES this! She pushes it allllll around the house with her nose and gets super excited whenever a treat falls out.  It's a little noisy for a... read more »

Super useful!

18 Jun, 2019
I LOVE this bonnet! I can set my damp or wet hair in rollers, attach this to my blow dryer and sit and chill while it works, just like in a salon.  It also came with a super cute bonus hair to... read more »

Great for traveling and touch ups!

29 May, 2019
This straightener is a little smaller than I'd realized, just about as long as my hand from the tip of my little finger to my wrist, so it's not one you'd want to use for your whole head o... read more »

Even better than I'd hoped!

22 May, 2019
My hair is naturally wavy and a little frizzy, so I usually blow dry it and then flat iron it just to get it under control. It's so much work I've been thinking of cutting my hair off! Instead... read more »

EXACTLY what I needed!

21 May, 2019
I'm a really, really light sleeper and my husband snores like a lumberjack, and it takes forever for me to fall asleep! I've tried SO MANY different headphones, facemasks, ear buds, white nois... read more »

So helpful!

14 Mar, 2019
I love this mirror! I have a similar tri-fold one, but it's just too big and unwieldy, and it doesn't have Bluetooth. I seriously love that this one does so I can do my makeup while listening... read more »

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