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Very Sharp Sissors

25 Apr, 2022
These are some very sharp sissors and they are very stylish as well. They are made of excellent quality and I like the way that they feel in my hands when I am holding them to cut hair. Since I must h... read more »

Excellent Trail Cam with Great Quality Images and Videos

25 Apr, 2022
This trailcam is one of the best that I have ever used. It has excellent quality photos and videos and the night vision is spectacular! It has motion sensoring that is out of this world and is able to... read more »

Handy Ratchet/Screwdriver Set

07 Mar, 2022
I bought this for my boyfriend, who is always riding his bike, so that he would have it in case he ever has an issue with his bike that would call for a mulit-tool such as this one. This one is perfec... read more »

Lighting Up My Life

22 Feb, 2022
This is a super bright light with 3 modes and is so easy to set up! I love that it can be recharged with a rechargeable battery charger or you can opt to use 3 AAA batteries, depending upon your prefe... read more »

Lighting Up My Life

03 Feb, 2022
These little LED lights are absolutely the cutest lights that I've ever seen...I used them for a small desktop Christmas tree that I had in my office and they were the perfect side for that tree a... read more »

Power Light

25 Dec, 2021
This little flashlight is pretty powerful coming from such a small device. It does require batteries but that is not a big deal, as the batteries seem to last so much longer than you would think. ... read more »

Very Powerful

25 Dec, 2021
This little toy was a total shocker to me because I never expected anything so small to have anywhere close to as much power as this little device does! It works great and is a fun way to spice up you... read more »

Excellent Cables

17 Oct, 2021
Very sturdy cables and they really do charge my iPhones super quick! They are from a high quality material with reinforced ends to prevent breakage when plugging up and unplugging my devices... read more »

Awesome Stickers

11 Oct, 2021
Just exactly as the seller described! They are very nicely designed and none of them admire the same! I get compliments on these stickers all the time! I love how I can put them on something but if I... read more »

Great Product

04 Sep, 2021
Excellent product that is made from good, sturdy materials and does exactly what it is supposed to do! I'm very pleased with this product! #RankBoosterReview #Keepfit #Sponsored read more »

Excellent Phone Case

04 Sep, 2021
This phone case went above and beyond my expectations by far! It has been built of great quality and the design is very nice and modern but not too over the top. The color is nice and it's not too... read more »


04 Sep, 2021
These temporary tattoos with stencils and the tattoo pen are made of excellent quality. The stencils are very nice and they adhere to your skin so that you don't have to worry about it sliding aro... read more »

STUCK on These Cute Stickers

04 Sep, 2021
These stickers are so beautiful and the variety is amazing. They are sturdy and waterproof and none of them were the same so that has me hooked! Excellent quality! RankBoosterReview #VikiVi #... read more »

STUCK on These Cute Stickers

04 Sep, 2021
These stickers are so beautiful and the variety is amazing. They are sturdy and waterproof and none of them were the same so that has me hooked! Excellent quality! RankBoosterReview #VSCO #Sp... read more »

I'm STUCK on These Stickers!!!!

04 Sep, 2021
These stickers are so beautiful and the variety is amazing. They are sturdy and waterproof and none of them were the same so that has me hooked! Excellent quality! RankBoosterReview #VikiVi #... read more »

Very Sleek and Durable

04 Sep, 2021
I love the way this item is thin enough that you can't tell that it is there but is able to serve a multitude of purposes. I use mine on my work desk and die to the good quality of the materials t... read more »


04 Sep, 2021
This ring was more than I expected in regards to craftsmanship and design! The ring is very sturdy and withstands the hard knocking that my husband applies to it as he is doing his work each day. It i... read more »

Sleek and Sturdy

16 Aug, 2021
This ring is everything that I would expect for a man's wedding band to be! It's made of excellent craftsmanship and is designed to take the west and tear that my husband puts on it from worki... read more »

Very Stylish and Fits Perfect

09 Aug, 2021
My boyfriend LOVES this ring! It's very nice looking and is made of good quality materials so that it doesn't turn the finger a different color. The sizing was just as the seller described in... read more »

Amazing Stickers

09 Aug, 2021
Fun for all ages, stick them anywhere you like because they make for great conversation pieces or to simply represent what you love! Great adhesive without the mess when you remove them! I can't w... read more »

Awesome Stickers!

09 Aug, 2021
Huge variety, adhere to pretty much anything you want them to, and the thing I liked the most is that they don't leave any sticky residue when you go to remove them! I'll be buying many more s... read more »

Very Secure for Any Size Phone!

09 Aug, 2021
This item is just as it was described. It is very sturdy and had a nice look to it as well. It came with 2 different styles of attatchments, depending on your preference and I love the fact that you c... read more »

This Little Light of Mine

14 Jul, 2021
I have to say that the seller described this flashlight perfectly but I would have never been prepared for the exceptional way that this flashlight actuallly worked. It has 5 different modes and the b... read more »

Wow! An Amazing Kit with a Nice Pouch to Keep all the Parts in their Correct Places to Prevent Losing Them

05 Jul, 2021
This soldering iron kit came with all the bells and whistles! I was suprised at just how much this kit included. It was exactly as the seller had described and the LED screen really helps when you are... read more »

Very Classy Looking Band

05 Jul, 2021
This is a true Tungsten ring that is made of high quality metals. It feels very heavy when you first take it into your hand but my boyfriend LOVES it and says that the ring feels so natural on his fin... read more »

Very Cute

05 Jul, 2021
This is a very cute diamond dot painting that is a 5D full drill painting with very vibrant colors that makes the entire picture pop. I am only getting started on it right now but I can tell that it w... read more »

I Love the Motion Activated Light Feature on these Headlamps

05 Jul, 2021
These headlamps are the best headlamps that I have ever seen. I received 2 headlamps, along with 2 straps, 2 charging cords in the box. These little lights really pack a punch, and I was pleasantly su... read more »

Great Set of Wax Tools

05 Jul, 2021
I was suprised at the good quality that these tools were made of. They are sturdy and get the job done. There are all different sizes and even different colors that make them look nice. I received a t... read more »

Very Nice

05 Jul, 2021
Excellent quality and very small. It is easily concealed and does a great job. The video quality is great! #RankBoosterReview # Sponcered #GABENCUI read more »

Great Views!

13 May, 2021
This sturdy binoculars are absolutely amazing for using outdoors as well as inside large places, such as concert halls. I use mine to watch the wildlife in my backyard and they proved to be so easily... read more »

Comical & Fun Hat

17 Apr, 2021
My husband loves to wear all sorts of silly hats so this one fell right into place with his others! The quality of this hat was actually very impressive, as its made from sturdy materials and is sewn... read more »

Exercise and Entertainment All Balled Up Together( Literally)!!!

21 Nov, 2020
This exercise ball is perfect for me because I work in an office so I have a lot of time to use it while not interrupting my work. It is very sturdy and the " light show" is so nice, and my... read more »

Awesome Lights for Biking at Night

30 Oct, 2020
These lights are extremely bright and come with good, sturdy rubber attachments so that you can place these lights in the perfect position and not have to worry about them moving around as you are rid... read more »


13 Oct, 2020
This light can shine for hours without need out needing to be charged. The beam on this light is so bright that you can see as far as your eyes will allow you to. Youvcsn also dismount it from your bi... read more »

High Quality Rechargeable Batterk

13 Oct, 2020
These were 8 AAA size batteries along with a durable plastic case to keep them from getting damaged or ruined. I use one of mybdevives to rechsrge them and they appear to be some of the best batteries... read more »

Exactly What I Wanted

13 Oct, 2020
This cream has a perfect texture, so as not to dry you up moments after you apply it. It is creamy and only requires a dime size amount. Since I just received it. I'll have to post an update later... read more »

"Shining a Light Unto My Path"

13 Oct, 2020
This is an amazing flash lightwith a rechargeable battery and the battery charger that is powered bt a USB port. Its super easy to operate and will last for hours non stop! Great value for the money.&... read more »

Really Does The Job

01 Oct, 2020
J an amazed at the great job that this brush actually does when exfoliating your skin! It is exactly as seller described and well worth thr money spent orch! #RankBoosterReview #Niki #Sponsor... read more »

I thought this was the light board by mistake

11 Sep, 2020
This will be a great little device to go with my light board once I get one because this thing makes it super easy to turn the painting without having to Ritch it and cause you to lose any of your wax... read more »

Amazing Lashes and Eyeliner!!!

31 Aug, 2020
These lashes are awesome and I just love the magnetic eyeliner! Great value for the money spent! I'll be buying more of these because the seller described them perfectly and I love how they look!... read more »

Great Flashlights!

17 Aug, 2020
These flashlights are super bright and can withstand almost anything! The best thing of all is that they are rechargable! Awesome light for a great price! read more »

Wonderful Item

09 Mar, 2020
I just love this little phpne holder. Its magnets are very powerful and there was 3 pieces of thin metal to adhere to the back of your cellular device or your tablet and then when you put your device... read more »

Works Great!!!

20 Jan, 2020
This tire gauge is very accurate, as my boyfriend used it and then compared it to two other the gauge that he always use to check our tire pressure. Would definitely buy again! #Sponsored # Rank... read more »

Small & Does the Job

14 Jan, 2020
This camera is small enough that it can be hidden easily and it is perfect for what I was needing it for. It came with a little stand that reminded me of a satellite dish, lol, which was a magnetic st... read more »

Huge Assorent of Car Fuses

13 Jan, 2020
This package came with so many fuses, fuse holders and a nice little plastic case to divide all of the different amps of fuses so that they weren't just all thrown in a box for someone to have to... read more »

Exactly We hat I Wanted!!!

17 Dec, 2019
Perfect for all my rechargable batteries! I have  been looking EVERYWHERE for a charger like this so it was just by luck that I found this one! It is exactly as the seller promisedt  Great b... read more »

Awesome Headlamp!!!

14 Dec, 2019
My husband was totally amazed at how bright this headlamp really was! The description doesn't do this product justice because it is so much better than it is actually described!!! You WON'T go... read more »

Excellent Charging Cables

21 Nov, 2019
These cables are exactly what my husband and I needed due to the way that we are so hard on regular charging cables. These have a think braided nylon that protects the cord from being damaged by every... read more »

Best Flashlight Ever!!!

21 Nov, 2019
The Royce Tactical Flashlight is an awesome flashlight! It is 1000 lumen, which is exactly what my husband needed to be able to enjoy his hobby of camping, hiking, and most definitely the bi... read more »

Excellent for Multiple Devices

25 Oct, 2019
This little hub is perfect for someone like myself, who has several devices but not enough electrical outlets. It's also perfect for someone who likes to have all their devices near them when they... read more »

Amazing Assortment

13 Oct, 2019
I was truly surprised by the assortment but what really had my jaw dropping was the fact that there were not any duplicates in the entire package. I thought for sure that I would at least be stuck wit... read more »

Great Buy

13 Oct, 2019
I definitely didn't go wrong when I decided to purchase this charging cable!!! In my family, we all have different phones, and it seems that almost daily someone gets into my car and their phone i... read more »

Absolutely PERFECT!!!!!

13 Oct, 2019
This is probably one of the very finest pet car seats that I have seen as far as the quality goes. It is made of very durable material and although it is durable, it is also very soft and cozy for you... read more »

Very Impressive!!!

03 Oct, 2019
All I can say is WOW!!! The magnet on this device is so strong that when I put my phone near it, the device pulls it onto the mounting pad and I don't have to worry about my phone falling or shaki... read more »

Love It!!!

03 Oct, 2019
This little device is awesome! I'm finally able to listen to the music I have on my phone and make calls as well. It has several different features, such as an equalizer, phone call options, etc.... read more »

Exactly as Described

03 Oct, 2019
This is a great is very therapeutic and relaxing as well as exciting! The device is made out of a sturdy material and is waterproof. It came with a charging cable and instructions in how... read more »

Just as Described

06 Jul, 2019
This is a very sturdy SD/TF card reader thst has worked perfectly with my decide that only has a USB-C charger port. Its usually harder for me to find devices thst are made to adapt to my type of... read more »

Great Mirror

23 Jun, 2019
This mirror is exactly as described and more! I love the fact that it had lights that run so the way down both sides and even has the magnified mirror that comes with it! It's build surely and... read more »

Got Lost During Shipping

13 Jun, 2019
I would have loved to have been able to give a review on this product, as I had my heart set on getting it but sadly enough, it got lost during shipping and so the customer service representative said... read more »

Exactly What Fiance Wanted

13 Jun, 2019
This belt is exactly what I had been searching everywhere for but could not find. My fiance is very particular about certain things, and his belts are one of those things. He prefers the type that has... read more »

Love It!!!

03 Jun, 2019
This phone holder works great for both my husband as well as myself. We have two different sized phones but this phone holder secures both of our phones and we never have to worry about it falling out... read more »

Neat Toy for Couples

06 May, 2019
This item was just as described and I received it very soon after purchase. I was impressed with the quality with which it was made. My boyfriend and I have plans of using this more and more often bec... read more »

Very Handy

06 May, 2019
This item is just as described. It comes in handy for when my husband is riding his bike, as he is very active and loves to do so but also has to have his phone in view because of work and always bein... read more »

Awesome DashCam!!!

04 Apr, 2019
This is an outstanding camera that my husband really loves! What we like the best aside from it being a dual camera is the fact that he never had to take his eyes off the road in order to capture... read more »

Works Great

09 Sep, 2018
This product is built with a very sturdy metal that can withstand rough handling that goes along with the carrying of camping gear and is still capable of preforming just as well as it did when it was... read more »

Excellent Value & Awesome Quality

04 Sep, 2018
This is an awesome display piece and draws the attention for people as soon as they walk in the door! I love the attention that I get from this particular piece! # RankBooeter #Carejoy read more »

Excellent Value & Awesome Quality

21 Aug, 2018
This particular set of scales is very compact and accurate. It came with different tools to help make the measuring and weighing process as easy as possible! This is a must buy for anyone in need of t... read more »

Digital Food Scale

21 Jul, 2018
This scale was exactly what I needed to get those recipes that seemed as if I hadn't used enough of this ingredient or too much of another to where they taste absolutely perfect with this scale to... read more »

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