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i love to shop and try out new products. i been testing products for about 6 months now. even before i was testing, i always left a review because i use reviews when purchasing products. i won't leave a bad review. if there's an issue i will speak with you first and resolve it before a review is written. i can test just about any product. i have myself, husband, four grown children and their spouses (ages 26-42), thirteen grandchildren (ages 2-13) and their are 5 dogs and 2 cats between all us. i'm always get the product tested and reviewed within 1-3 days of receiving it. please check out my amazon profile to verify the type of reviews i leave. i will say that at this point i don't do videos. i will occasionally do pictures, but i'm not that good with the whole picture thing, so i stay away from it. thank you, rebecca (becky) reneer
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08 Feb, 2020
This is in a very nice box that you can use for storage.  The blanket is all natural and very soft.  The design around the outside is so elegant.  The pictures do not do this justice.&n... read more »

Hopping Bunnies

08 Feb, 2020
These came in a big plastic bag and are indiviually wrapped.  These will be perfect to put in Easter Baskets for the grankids.  These are Bunnies instead of chicks.  Like the chicks, yo... read more »

So Much Fun

08 Feb, 2020
This came in a sealed bag.  The material is so soft and it's thin enough that you can breath through it.  My son always wears a cap and this needs to worn with a cap to get the full effe... read more »


08 Feb, 2020
Came in a nice box, sealed in plastic.  Love the variety of colors and that you just have to twist on the bottom to get the liner to come out more.  No more having to use a pencil sharpener.... read more »

Very Thin

08 Feb, 2020
I like the non skid backing.  I had originally bought this for the bathroom, but it wasn't quite as big as I thought it would be.  So I now have it by a bedside as something soft and war... read more »

Wonderful Color

23 Jan, 2020
Was in the normal jewelry package.  The stones are big and the most gorgeous aqua color.  This set looks great on and I like the bigger clasp because I get it off and on myself.  The ea... read more »

Not reviewing

19 Jan, 2020
Not reviewing - just getting off the board. read more »

Not Reviewing

19 Jan, 2020
Not reviewing - just getting off the board. read more »

Smoother Ride

19 Jan, 2020
This gauge is handy to have, very easy to use and the LED light makes it easy to read.  I liked that it came with a battery.  We found that just having one low tire can make a difference in... read more »

In the Shade

15 Jan, 2020
I like that these came in a sealed package.  It's much easier to install than I thought it would be.  Just open the back door and put the Velcro tabs along the frame.  The shade the... read more »

Two for One

15 Jan, 2020
These are great for a GameCube or Wii.  I got them for the Wii we have.  The grandkids play on it when they're here.  These controllers looked like they do so much more than the con... read more »

Matches Hubby's Phone

15 Jan, 2020
Got the black one to match my husbands phone.  He loves using his iPad because the bigger screen is just easier.  He likes the different ways he can stand it up to make it easy to view. ... read more »

Matches My Phone

15 Jan, 2020
Love that this came in a nice box and that I was able to get it in Rose Gold so it matches my phone.  They look like a set.  My iPad fits in this perfectly and I love the backlit keyboard.&n... read more »

Lit the Pathway

15 Jan, 2020
Very easy to put together and since it's all plastic it's light weight and can be hung just about anywhere.  We put it on a pole in the middle of one of our big flowerpots.  It's... read more »


15 Jan, 2020
I could feel the weight of the necklace when I picked it up. I love it.  The chain part is very sturdy sparkles. It has a link design to it.  And then the crescent moon with my astrological... read more »

Very Comfortable

15 Jan, 2020
Just what I was hoping it would be.  Very soft and the striped elephant is so fun and cute.  I like that it's longer and has a higher neckline and the short sleeves.  It fits loosel... read more »

So Soft & Warm

06 Jan, 2020
This finally got here - a day ago.  But it is well worth the wait.  It is so soft and lightweight, but still warm.  It also matches my coat perfeclty.  It looks very high end. &nbs... read more »

Looks Professional

04 Jan, 2020
I got a new iPad mini for Christmas and wanted a nice case for it.  This case was even more than I expected.  Nice, soft leather and it has a slot for my pen.  Looks very professional a... read more »

Hours of Fun

31 Dec, 2019
This came stuffed in a zippered bag.  I say stuffed because there are so many decorations with it and the tree is over 3 feet.  Some of the decorations are 3D and they're all so colorful... read more »

Stars on the Ceiling - What Fun

31 Dec, 2019
This was in a cute little box that was sealed.  When I took it out I was impressed with how nice it looked.  I could see the different sized stars and a moon.  We have a celling clock i... read more »

Looks So Real

31 Dec, 2019
Just want to explain the 4 stars instead of 5.  The tiles I chose are named "Blue".  There is very little blue anywhere on these.  The light blue veins in that dark tiles... read more »

Wonderful Scents

31 Dec, 2019
I've only had a diffuser for a few months and this is the third company I've bought the oils from.  The first one was just one bottle of lavender and for some reason it felt like my mouth... read more »

Easy to Put on

30 Dec, 2019
My husband and I both put these on our phones.  It's not unusual to be out in public doing something on your phone and notice someone looking over.  I don't necessarily think that th... read more »

Stays Vibrant

30 Dec, 2019
It arrived in a pretty pink box that was sealed.  I took the wrapper off and the palette slid out the end.  WOW.  So many bright and vibrant colors.  I've had several opportuni... read more »

Wonderful Product

30 Dec, 2019
I bought the incense holder for my daughter a few months ago and she loved it. And then I got her one of the other incense scents for Christmas. She's been using it everyday and loves the calming... read more »

Hit of the Party

30 Dec, 2019
Even though I knew I was buying 360 blocks, I was quite surprised to see that many domino blocks together.  And the quality was great, no splintery edges and the bright colors grabbed all the kid... read more »

Great Stocking Stuffer

19 Dec, 2019
These got here real quick in a nice jewelry box.  For some reason I was expecting only 3 sets, but there are 4 sets of earrings.    These are very light and will be easy to wear. &... read more »

Have the Holder & Now the Incense

19 Dec, 2019
I bought the incense holder for my daughter a few months ago and she loved it.  She burns incense all the time and is always running out.  Well, the holder was such a quality product that I... read more »

Love It!

04 Dec, 2019
Arrived quickly in a cute little box that is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.  I was so excited to get it.  I traded my iPhone 5 for a 7 a few months ago (I know I'm way behind t... read more »

Using Everywhere

04 Dec, 2019
These arrived just in time to help with Christmas decorating.  They were in a metallic and plastic zip bag.      Began using them right away.  We can't get enough of... read more »

Cute Stocking Stuffer

04 Dec, 2019
Arrived quickly in a cute little box that you could just throw a bow on and give as a gift or it's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. It is a sturdy rubber like case and in the box are cute... read more »

Perfect Sleep

04 Dec, 2019
I got it quickly and it was sealed in a cellophane bag. The mask is so soft and light. You can barely feel it on your face. It's so soothing and blocks out all the light. It's also adjustable... read more »

Perfect Gift

27 Nov, 2019
Arrived the next day in a very nice box suitable for gifting.  And that was great because I bought this for my daughter's birthday.  When she opened it, she was delighted to see tha... read more »

Absolutely Too Cute

22 Nov, 2019
These came the next day in cute little box, sealed in plastic that would be perfect as a gift.  Wouldn't even have to wrap it, just stick a bow on it.  But these are for Me. Yeah! E... read more »

Indoor & Outdoor

22 Nov, 2019
Got here the next day in a sealed bag and they were so cute, that I couldn't wait to try them on.  I wear house slippers all the time because of feet issues.  So, I go through so many th... read more »

Skin So Smooth

22 Nov, 2019
Arrived the next day in a plastic sealed lift top box that is perfect for gift giving.  I've wanted one of these for years and I couldn't wait to try this one out.  I had to charge i... read more »

Flying Saucers

22 Nov, 2019
Came the next day in a sealed box that would be great for gift giving.  Inside the box, the drone was wrapped in plastic.  After taking off the plastic,  the drone was ready to go. &nbs... read more »

Husband Loves This

21 Nov, 2019
Came the next day in a sealed plastic bag.  My husband opened the package and we were both amazed at how soft and lightweight it was.      He wanted me to try it on right away... read more »

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