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Works very well

03 Nov, 2020
This is so simple to set up and use. No wires so thwy can moce freely and play. This fits in their  hands well. The can play the games so much easier with this.  read more »

Works very well

03 Oct, 2020
These are perfect for little chewers. The little shapes are very cute. The silicone it flexible so it doesn't hurt their teeth. The adjustable necklace piece is great for anyone. This can be... read more »

Works and taste great

03 Oct, 2020
This really works. I feel energetic and ready to tackle the day. This is simple to take. Just a few drops and your ready to go. It foes actually tasye good. Like a bunch of berries with no bad after t... read more »

Love it

09 Aug, 2020
This is made very well. The silicone beads are individually tied so they can't slip off. They are the perfect size for baby to teeth on. The little silicone camera is cute and fits in little hands... read more »

Works great

30 Mar, 2020
This is so simple to set up. Takes up very little space. You are able to charge everything at once and keep it all together. You can put in a different roo . So that where ever you are yoy are able to... read more »


30 Mar, 2020
This is too cute for your little ones that like to draw. It keeps everything together in its'  own little case. Comes with reusable tuff paper, and its own set of colored markers. So easy to... read more »

So convenient

30 Mar, 2020
This are so convenient. They have there own sealed case to carry them in. They have a clip so that you can clip them anywhere. They open up and are ready to be use. Can be used over and over again. It... read more »

Love this

29 Mar, 2020
This works great. I can leave it on the stand, or my daughter can take it to bed with her. No batteries needed. Just charge and your ready to go. This can be dimmed down, and it has several different... read more »

Works great

12 Mar, 2020
These are on really cute color. The heavy duty silicone holds up really well. They have a little metal spring to put in them to help hold shape, which is really nice. They come with a carring case tha... read more »


05 Mar, 2020
Tjis is amazing. Super easy to use. Comes witj everything needed. Simple and easy to follow directions. Love the it is usb charging. No need to keep plugging it in to outlets. Very portable, and less... read more »

Too cute

20 Feb, 2020
This come with a variety of stickers. They are brightly colored, and very cute. They are waterproof, and stick very well to the outside of the water bottles. I have washed the water bottles several ti... read more »

Love this

29 Jan, 2020
The colors are bright, and make your eyes pop. It sticks and rubs in well without fall pigments everwhere. It gives you smooth eye color, that blends well. There are 16 beautiful colors to choose from... read more »

Works Amazing!!

11 Jan, 2020
These taste amazing. Simple to chew and an easy way for you to take. No pill taste! These work fast and they sre just what i need to relax. It stops my aches and pains, and i am able to unwind and get... read more »


07 Nov, 2019
This is absolutely the best shower attachment ever. I am able to adjust the the water between 3 great settings, and i am able to turn the water off and on with the push of a button. No more water mess... read more »

Stunning Clover Necklace

04 Sep, 2017
This is a stunning 18K Gold Bali Inspired Celtic Filigree Round Circle Circle Floral locket.The Silver Clover solid sterling silver, and is the perfect add to any outfit. The chain is 18" long, a... read more »

Cute Galaxy S8 Plus Phone Case

04 Sep, 2017
This is a Galaxy S8 Plus case and it is very nice. It has a flexible gray silicone layer covered by a hard pink case. It is very girly with little white diamonds all over it. It has shock absorption,... read more »


27 Aug, 2017
This is a great pick me up for your face. This mist is refreshing and cooling. You just fill and plug it into your phone. This is very relaxing, and calming. It is easy to fill, comes with a small ref... read more »


07 Jul, 2017
This is an excellent way to keep you little antys child oucupied. It fits perfect in there hand, and they have something to focus on so they are not just sitting there moving around. It also helps the... read more »


07 Jul, 2017
This a great toy for anyone who just can't sit still or focus. This gives you something to focus on to let it out without disrupting everyone else, or making a scene. Able to be taken anywhere and... read more »

Stylish Shiet

07 Jul, 2017
This shirt gives an awesome unique look to anything you wear. It can be dressed up or wore casually. It is made well, and very light weight. It is made from breathable materiale. The fabric moves with... read more »

Music is great

07 Jul, 2017
This is made very well, and material feels really nice. It fits your head perfect, not small at all. It is easy to set up and use. The sound is loud and clear. There is speakers on both sides so you c... read more »

Amazing Nails

07 Jul, 2017
This is made well, and is small, but powerful. It is rechargeable, and easy to move around with you. It fits in your purse without taking up lots of space. It sets and dries your nails in one simple s... read more »

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