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Butterfly nail decal

06 Nov, 2020
Easy to apply to nails and has vibrant colors with many options to choose from. They also last awhile. read more »

Gas detector

10 Dec, 2018
Our families gas detector quit working therefore I got us a new one to replace it. In order to keep us safe from any potential gas leaks. read more »

Slap bracelets

03 Dec, 2018
The slap bracelets come with 24 in the pack and have two different sides due to the sequence. It makes a perfect fidget and the part that is against your wrist is extremely soft. read more »

Release Your Charm

29 Nov, 2018
The Release Your Charm pallet has 42 differnt shade. Every single one of the shades are highly pigmented and stunning. They blend extremly easily and caan create hundreds of looks. One of the shades t... read more »

Magic Castle Eyeshadow

29 Nov, 2018
The magic castle eye shadow pallet has 18 different colors: nine of which are shimmers and the other nine are matt shades. The eyeshadows are extremly pigmented, have a velvet feel to it and blen... read more »

Screw Extractor

28 Nov, 2018
The screw extractor set includes four different sizes; 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. This allows to remove stripped screw and broken bolts easier. It is at a good price for coming with all four pieces and the... read more »

Matt Lipstick 6 Pack

18 Nov, 2018
The colors were extremely pigmented and apply smoothly. Applied with only one layer but either they take a while to dry down or they just are not smudging proof.  read more »

Matte Lipsticks 4 Pack

18 Nov, 2018
The lipsticks dry down to a smudge-proof matt lipstick. The colors are stunning and perfect for any look. They apply smoothly and do not take more than one layer for the perfect pigment. read more »

Chocolate Mold

18 Nov, 2018
Gives the chocolates a design that makes them looks expensive. The mold is also perfect for if you want large gummy bites or shaped ice.  read more »

Flea Comb

18 Nov, 2018
The comb is just the right size to hold and the teeth are the perfect width apart in order to collect the fleas. It does not snag my cat's fur and they enjoy being brushed by them. read more »

Off the Shoulder Two Piece Swimsuit

18 Nov, 2018
The swimsuit fit me perfectly and even with my low self-esteem I felt extremely beautiful wearing this swimsuit. The fabric feels amazing and just hugs my curves in the correct way.  read more »

Scrapbook Album

14 Nov, 2018
I purchased this product in order to give my aunt for Christmas. It comes with twenty four color pen refills, four pages of stickers, three cutout paintings and five poastcards. The book itself is har... read more »

Eyelash growth serum

14 Nov, 2018
It is easy to apply due to the brush you apply as if it is a eyeliner for the eyelashes.I didnt apply to eyebrows because I belive I do not need to. However, when I applied to lash line I woke up with... read more »

Cordless glue gun

14 Nov, 2018
Heats up within seconds which is faster then most glue guns. It is convenient when it comes to making crafts due to it having no cord connected to it. It came with six glue sticks.  read more »

screwdriver bits

08 Nov, 2018
This set has a huge variety of bits for any use needed. It is perfect to gift for anyone that either is into mechanics, constuction or just building/fixing stuff. Also perfect for anyone who just move... read more »

Fineline pens

08 Nov, 2018
The package came in perfect condition. The pens draw very thine line as expected due to the size of the point on the pen. The colors are very pigmented. The pens are perfect for coloring small parts o... read more »

Polymer Clay

05 Nov, 2018
The polymer clay set came with 24 colors that came slightly smaller then I expected but that is okay. The storage countainer is this adorable little box that says happy oven bake clay. When you open i... read more »

Pevor eyeshadow palette

02 Nov, 2018
This eyeshadow palette comes with 12 color pigments. I purchased the first eyeshadow palette which contains more of the pinks and a few nude shades. The pigmentation of the pinks especially were shock... read more »

12V cordless drill

02 Nov, 2018
The Werktough 12V cordless drill is 24.7cm by 23cm by 8.6cm. It is battery operated and the battery is included with the purchase of the product. The drill arrived in perfect condition and shippe... read more »

18V cordless drill

02 Nov, 2018
The Werktough 18V cordless drill is 24.7cm by 23cm by 8.6cm. It is battery operated and the battery is included with the purchase of the product. The drill arrived in perfect condition and shippe... read more »

Arthritis Glove

28 Oct, 2018
I purchased this product for my mom as a Christmas gift. She has psoriatic arthritis therefor it can be difficult for her to use her computer at long periods of time but that happens to be her job. Th... read more »

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