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I am a wife, a mother just trying to find deals for my family
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Good buy

04 Nov, 2021
I bought this product for my grandson who absolutely loved this toy he loves taking things apart so to be able to buil his own dinosaurs was a hit. Especially having his own tools like his papa read more »

Screen Door

09 Mar, 2020
Ordered and received as scheduled, perfect fitting and loving it.. read more »

Bikini Set

20 Apr, 2019
Love the color, it fits wonderfully..it’s the perfect size  read more »

Iphone Adapter

13 Nov, 2018
Totally loving how convenient this adapter is. It allows me to listen to the music I love, watch movies without interrupting anyone else. I don't have to worry about losing the charge because it a... read more »

Essential Beauty Product

23 Feb, 2018
I am totally enjoying this product. It leaves my hair sleek and the smell is so invigorating. I also use it for my skin and it leaves it shiny and smooth. read more »

Iphone Adapter

16 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love this accessory for my Iphone 8. At work I work in a call center office which doesn’t allow me to enjoy my type of music when I want to. With that being said I love this product... read more »

Scratch Protection

15 Oct, 2017
I'm loving this screen protector I ordered this not needing it but wanting to have extras just in case. To my surprise this item can in just in time, I bought a previous screen protector from a re... read more »

Wedding Ring

15 Oct, 2017
This item was shipped and received as scheduled. It was perfectly packaged with no damage to the product or packaging. I love the simple sleek look, and a matching to my husband. I recently lost my we... read more »

Phone Safety

15 Oct, 2017
This product was delivered as scheduled and packaged safely with no damage to the packaging or the product. This product fits my son's phone perfectly while giving the support needed to protect hi... read more »


24 Sep, 2017
This item was packaged securely and placed in shipping box. It fit perfectly and it is a great outfit to use for a day at the beach. I have to say I love the way I look in this outfit it even turned m... read more »


24 Sep, 2017
This product was securely packaged and safely delivered directly to my home. We all work full time jobs and this decreases financial stress as we all are able to use the product to pre package our lun... read more »

Happy Halloween

24 Sep, 2017
Promptly received this item carefully and securely packaged.  Just in time for Halloween, my daughter is excited to use this item to create orginal face painting for herself and her friends. ... read more »

Night Wear

24 Sep, 2017
This item was packaged securely and placed in shipping box. I originally got this item for myself but when I tried it on I wasn't satisfied and before I could pass it on to my friend my daughter s... read more »

Charging Cables

24 Sep, 2017
This item was shipped and received and carefully packaged. I love the durability and the fast charging to my apple devices. It makes all my charging needs that much simpler. I am very satisfied with t... read more »

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