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Took forever to show up

15 Mar, 2020
They work, they just took Weeks to show up read more »

Not bad

11 Mar, 2020
They took a really long time to arrive. They work and they seem to be decent. read more »

Looks good

11 Mar, 2020
It is for a friend, so I can't say personally, but it looks good read more »

So far so good

11 Mar, 2020
It seems to be working pretty well read more »

It's rubber

18 Feb, 2020
Yup it is rubber, it is a dog toy. Only time will tell. read more »


18 Feb, 2020
They seem well built, buttons are a little on the stuff side though read more »


11 Feb, 2020
They are exactly what they say they are.  read more »

Not bad

11 Feb, 2020
The buttons are a little close together, wish they were a little further apart from the analog control sticks. Plus the start and option buttons are below the touch pad instead of on either side which... read more »

They are ok

01 Feb, 2020
Took an awful long time to get here, the individual sponges are smaller than I thought they would be but they work and are alright for the price read more »


22 Jan, 2020
It is Handy, not heavy, quick read and pretty accurate read more »

Nice Mat

13 Jan, 2020
Nice Mat, got here quick. I like the quality and it will be nice to help keep parts from rolling away   read more »


11 Jan, 2020
Nice and bright. Just what I was looking for. read more »

Nice, but oily

28 Dec, 2019
They are nice, they have a good range of sizes, but they came soaked in a 3 in 1 oil that was all over the package, inside and out.  read more »


28 Dec, 2019
Quite powerful magnets, but make sure you put them on something with a decent amount of metal or they won't be as effective. Good price. Smaller than I expected but still handy. read more »

Good for small animals

28 Dec, 2019
It is alright, but the amount of available water for a larger pet is fairly small.  The total amount of water in the unit is good but a larger animal will have a difficult time with it. It is qui... read more »

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