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About Me

Hi there

I'm Vicki 30 ur old mother of 3 from Bristol.
I'm a light bubbly person, I'd rather smile then frown.
My children are aged 14 , 6 and 2
Between us we have been trying and reviewing product for about 2 years.
We all enjoy doing this especially me as I suffer aniexty and depression , so writing my opinion make me feel like someone wants to hear my views.
I am grateful to all.the sellers who have chosen me for them I hope to review many more in for future
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Not the most hi tech looking but works great

06 Jan, 2018
Very basic and simple  to use  simply connect via Bluetooth and it good to go.. Fits snug in the ear without having to keep adjusting.  Come in a lovely Litlle platter zip pouch for... read more »

Pretty good

06 Jan, 2018
Bought this as a gift for my nan as she can' ever get her vacuum out to clean her car  so I bought her one of these. She is very pleased with it as she has a Jack Russel so hairs get everywhe... read more »

Nice colours

06 Jan, 2018
Bought these for my partner I love the blue and white colour looks to be well made. About thigh length, not too short, not been tested in water as these are for when we are die to go away in March. read more »

Not yet put to use

06 Jan, 2018
I bought these for my partner ready for our holiday in March. Simple black shorts about thigh length so not too short. Not been tested in water yet , but they fit well but I would advise ch... read more »

Small but effective

06 Jan, 2018
This mirror is rather small  but it' great for when plucking eyebrows or precisin makeup. The button is touch screen and lights up all the way around the centre mirror. The side panels are... read more »

Very festive

06 Jan, 2018
I love these Santa hat chair covers very festive and fun. I didn' get chance to use this year as I recived them after Xmas 2017 so I have put them away ready for this year.  They look very... read more »

Not bad quality

06 Jan, 2018
Very nice , good bright colour pretty  decrotive  snowflakes,  look to be made well no lose stitching that I can see and fit my dining chairs perfect, my chairs are standard long back l... read more »

Perfect for little girls

06 Jan, 2018
I bought these for my 6 year old daughter she' very much fallen in love with these cat earphones , I would assume it cancels alot of noise as she can never hear me call her,  she' been us... read more »

Great effects

06 Jan, 2018
Great colours , from blues greens yellow pinks and reds , easy to attached to the back of the tv . Was a lovely added extra at Xmas aswell. Good quality, easy  to use all round good product. read more »

Cool little cars

28 Nov, 2017
My Son is car mad and thought these looked pretty cool and there pull back and go friction and I remember as a kid I loved those types and would race them . Iv not actually got them out to try but... read more »

Fantastic idea

28 Nov, 2017
If bought this  for my 2 year old son for Xmas as he is a typical boy love all things related to vehicles and taking things apart and 're building so this is amazing . there is a... read more »

Magically soft and cosy

28 Nov, 2017
I bought not one ..but two of these beauties. These are goin to be Xmas presents for my two  nieces (8 & 5) who have been wanting a mermaid blanket for over a year , iv been looking around... read more »

Great sound , but fit is not comfy

25 Oct, 2017
Bought these as I lost my original Samsung earphones , I likes the look , colour and style . These are brill for sound cancelling and the bass ect is   second to none from all the earphon... read more »

Good qaulity

25 Oct, 2017
I Bought this for my youngest daughter who is Disney mad. She is absolutely in love with it and uses it when ever she can. The print is very good iv bot noticed any smears or smudges or any loose stit... read more »

Pretty and stylish

25 Oct, 2017
I love these his and hers matching bracelets.  They look exactly as pic shows if not better. They are made very well and both fit myself and my partner nicely . I loves that they came in a gif... read more »

Perfect for what I need

29 Sep, 2017
This smartvwatch is pretty good, it's not a fitbit but it does what want and that's to purely track how much I walk in a day.  It does also track heart rate and can track cycling. ... read more »

Looks great

29 Sep, 2017
So iv given  4 stars atm only because this is a Xmas gift to my partner so if not had the pleasure of actually using this bad boy. I have however taken it out of the box and inspected it and i... read more »

Just in time now schools back

29 Sep, 2017
Had to buy the dreaded not combs as we all know those bloggers are bound to make an appearance at some point of the year. Of seen these at a decent price like the fact it came with two combs. One w... read more »

Who doesn't love a JoJo

29 Sep, 2017
Gorgeous oversize massive bows. Great price  for 2 genuine large JoJo bows iv seen the big ones priced at 12 for just the one  and 7.99 for the size smaller so I'm very happy with thi... read more »

Bought for the boys

29 Sep, 2017
I Bought two of these in hope they would be somewhat like the kidizoom watch that my daughter has. If not actually had chance to test it yet but I have looked at it.  It's seemed well made... read more »

Good but messy

29 Sep, 2017
If given 4 stars purely on how messy I got whilst using this product. I looked a right tit! But that being said I did feel as though alot of dirtvwas lifted from my pore and my face felt fresh and... read more »

Surprisingly good

29 Sep, 2017
If heard loads of people say that this stuff is ment to be great, I wasn't so convinced but I saw an opportunity at a good price so I tried it .... I must say I'm sold . It's not the most... read more »

Lightweight and durable

15 Sep, 2017
Iv only had mine approx one week but I'm very pleased  with the laundry bag. If got a monochrome decor in my home and this matching in lovely . It's quite big iv 2 adults and 3child... read more »

Not bad, does the job

15 Sep, 2017
Bought this for myself as I love watching or listening to film and music but I do find being an active person having conventional earphones  are nothing but a pain, they get wrapped around ur han... read more »

Excellent speaker great for builders

15 Sep, 2017
Got this for my partner as he lives listening to music on site  and this works great as it's water proof.. well as long as it's not submerged  if it get splashed or rains it's fi... read more »

Great little thing for kids and adults

15 Sep, 2017
If bought a fair few of these due to the mount of children and big kids I'm my family. They all seem to love using them some time they even challenge  eachother on who can forgot longest... read more »

Great little gadget

04 Sep, 2017
Fab little toy I know this was originally for aniexty sufferers ect but I think these ate great for anyone tbh. Especially if you do figiet about and it's quite fun and relaxing read more »

Bought the wrong case

04 Sep, 2017
So iv given r stars purely because I  bought the wrong case for my phone, this is for the s7 edge and I have just a simple s7 lol.. I am gutted as it's a gorgeous case and would have com... read more »

Father and daughter matching cases

02 Sep, 2017
If wrote a few reviews on these cases but I'm even more impressed that they do these cases for other less popular Samsung phones so if now purchases one for my father who is in his late 60s and so... read more »

Every drain is fab

02 Sep, 2017
If got a good collection on these building up as I just love that the cases are hardwearing and can take a bit of a battering , I know this as I'm a clumsy oaf and drop my phine daily. So if ur&nb... read more »

A case that can take a shock

02 Sep, 2017
If bought many of these style cases and I'm impressed by each and every one. all very easy to put on and remove, reasonably priced, so I can afford to change up my phone style when ever the mood t... read more »

Cool desk/table top bin

02 Sep, 2017
Handy little dustbin, these are small hence why they are useful for office/ school work or as a kitchen counter top bin. I have actually bought two of these because I love the smart clean look of t... read more »

Very pretty

02 Sep, 2017
I love this case ! I have bought a few of these in different designs but this is my favourite, the colour is gorgeous and the illustration  is so pretty. The case it's self comes in two pa... read more »

Great case

02 Sep, 2017
Stylish , practical and does what it says, I always drop my phone and these defo absorb the shock  and I don't has to fork out for a new phone . read more »

Slick speaker

25 Aug, 2017
Fab little speaker,  doesn't come with instruction? Unless the Chinese writing inside of the box is the instructions? It's no big problem though as I took it out to quickly test as it'... read more »

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