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great looking bottle

03 Oct, 2019
I have been using this water bottle for a few days now and it works great. I have used the fruit infuser for not only fruit but also for ice and it works great.  I have not eaten a seed yet!... read more »

Guitarist dream

25 Sep, 2019
I bought this for my daughter becuase she is a teen and plays the guitar.  She is very creative, loves to craft and loves music so this is a win!  The thing that caught my eye is that she ca... read more »

naturally beautiful

25 Sep, 2019
The smell when this is brewing is amazing.  I had friends over and brewed some of this tea and as soon as they walked in they were like "what is that smell".  I love tea so much so... read more »

creek here we come

25 Sep, 2019
After putting this out of the box we set it up.  I comes with a USB changer which makes it great on the wallet.  A lot of my sons toys need batteries and with a car like this, the batteries... read more »

light and durable

25 Sep, 2019
I recently bout this Carbon wallet for my husband.  His doctor told him that a lot of men develope back problems due to always carring a wallet in their back pocket.  So I wanted someth... read more »

cozy toes

25 Sep, 2019
This is the only ones that I found two sets on Amazon for the price of one.  All the sets that I found were charging this price for just one set.  So financially they have they have the adva... read more »

flowy and flattering

25 Sep, 2019
This tankini is great because it comes with a flowy tankini top and  atummy control skirt that cover your body.  It is not too tight but just enought to flatter your curves. The bra is... read more »

great for sports

25 Sep, 2019
The fabric is very comfortable and the extra strength fastener straps give you full customized support around your wrist, hand, and palm. This is very important because if you isolate and support... read more »

They smell yummy!

27 Aug, 2019
These are 13 Gallon which is a Standard Kitchen Size.  The 150 Count Value Pack Bundle is great because they will last  along time.  The drawsting is an added bonus because they ca... read more »

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