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Good buy.

08 Oct, 2020
I use to buy new pumpkin craft tools every Halloween because they turn rustic or gets broken after couple of use. This one is a good metal quality and I think this will lasts. read more »

Easy to use

08 Oct, 2020
I do home workout using exercise balls. I no longer have to keep them inflated because of this goody. It is easy to inflate and deflate them using this pump. I like it and worth it. read more »

Nice design for my vases

21 Aug, 2020
I used this to add my flower vases some uniqueness and personality.  They are nice and I'm glad they're not small or tiny. read more »

Small yet many

21 Aug, 2020
cute for kids but i expected them a little bigger but nonetheless they are so cute read more »

Very nice piece

21 Aug, 2020
Its relaxing to hear it as you twist the handle thingy. It produce a nice clear music.  read more »

Low quality rubber

21 Aug, 2020
the rubber was flimsy that it doesn't just stay on nicely.  read more »

I love the quality

21 Aug, 2020
I love this for several reasons, one is the quality,  its not thin nor so thick fabric. So its comfortable low cut or high cut shoes. Next is that it doesn't fall off the foot while its on. N... read more »

Same as pictured

01 May, 2020
I love the design and size is accurate.  The only downside to me is the stitching on the zippers, they are not very well made. It needs reinforcement on the ends. read more »

Too small for me

11 Mar, 2020
I wish it was a little bigger and stiffer to make its purpose of separating the toes for alignment.  The one with holes has a very small whole to get my toes into though you can pull it to stretc... read more »

It's so soft

05 Mar, 2020
Makes every milestones of your child memorable with photo remembrance. I like texture of fabric. read more »

My second buy

23 Jan, 2020
Reasonably priced. Everything is little but i like small stuff read more »

Just as how its pictured

23 Jan, 2020
Very metallic so its going to last i think. Just okay. Not so amazed with it because i cant hang bags with thicker bands read more »

Its bright enough for night lamp on baby crib

23 Jan, 2020
I like how you can adjust light in it. The only downside is the body is not as stable as i wanted it to be. It gets bended easily  read more »

Like it

23 Jan, 2020
Its sturdy material and good fit. I like it. Happy with it read more »

So convenient to bring for travel

03 Jan, 2020
I love how tiny they are but I'm not so happy with its color though. read more »

Love the design

03 Jan, 2020
I like it but not the material of the zipper. It got broken at the end as soon as i tried to put in the pillow for it. But so far I'm happy that it's something that can be fixed read more »

Good size are hold a lot of stuff

22 Dec, 2019
First I like its color and size. Its size can hold  lots of my hoarded perfumes that i want to keep cool and safe rather than displaying. Its color goes with my room vibe. I like it. Would love t... read more »

Turned up the event nicely. Easy to install

27 Nov, 2019
I had a surprised birthday for my partner set up while he was at work and i made it. I did it all by myself in our living room and I was so happy how it turned out. Pretty. He likes gold that's wh... read more »

A sexy lace dress but..

30 Oct, 2019
I love the back lace design of the dress but the sizing is i consistent i think. One arm sleeves is shorter than the other. read more »

I like it

27 Sep, 2019
It's good for fall season. My on the go hoodie because it's stylish and and go well with anything.  read more »

Made well but

27 Sep, 2019
It has a good quality of fabric, not thin. The only reason i didn't give 5 star is the one I got has it's  garter on top has loose strands. But pretty nonetheless.  read more »

It serves it's purpose

27 Sep, 2019
I can't use it on my own feet because its kinda big and im not comfortable having it on because i have a slim foot. I only put it on when applying nail polish and take it out after. read more »

So far so good

12 Sep, 2019
I tried it for a day and so far it's a bit comfortable than wearing barefoot a new shoes where i always get blisters but this helped me not getting one so far. But again my issue is that it either... read more »

Pretty bling bling

12 Sep, 2019
I like the design of the stones on the cap. Its cute but my only issue thats why i only gave 4 stars is that its kinda wide for my head although its not big because you can adjust the fitting for the... read more »

Provides relief and protection

12 Sep, 2019
It gives protection once in placed but the problem is its not that sticky for it to stay in place st the back of the heel part of the shoes. read more »

I don't like the fabric texture

02 Sep, 2019
It's a pretty dress considering its design but i didn't like the texture of it's fabric. It's kinda thin for me and i will be uncomfortable to wear without under shorts. Other than tha... read more »

Comfortable to wear inside the house.

02 Sep, 2019
I have quite a lot of house slippers and lately i had been wearing this more often because you don't have to worry of taking them off when going for a shower. The design might be odd looking but i... read more »

I wish it was a little thicker

02 Sep, 2019
The fabric quality is just okay. Nothing special and i wish it was a little  more thicker. The stitching are just okay too. Came the same as pictured.  I got the medium size because i want i... read more »

A must for home tools

02 Sep, 2019
This is pretty much a good stuff to have at home in case you needed to work on small stuff repairs but really for me not all of it I can use or know what's the use for. A good buy though. read more »

Needs gentle way to work on

30 Aug, 2019
It has a beautiful color which is light pink but it's smaller than i expected.  Although quantity is the same as stated but it needs gentle hands in working on because of its material. I wish... read more »

Perfect for fall

30 Aug, 2019
The fabric is soft and comfortable.  They are not so thin nor thick so this can go in any search but winter. True to size and the color is the same as it is pictured. I am excited to buy them in... read more »

They are beautifully made.

30 Aug, 2019
The rhinestones are beautifully in place. I wear this as my charm since i am not a fan of jewelries.  It goes with any style of my outfit.  read more »

It works

27 Aug, 2019
I take this as a good buy. For its quantity it is very much worth the price. I tested one as soon as i got it to see if it differs in result to the pricey ovulation test kit that I have and it showed... read more »

Cheap and badly made.

25 Aug, 2019
I don't set a high expectations everytime i order something in amazon but expecting that what you are getting will work is fair enough. This one is probably one of the worst, its so cheap and has... read more »

Not worth a single penny

25 Aug, 2019
This is very cheaply made, from its materials and to the voice quality. It produces distorted sound. And very easy to break. read more »

I don't like the way it smells

05 Aug, 2019
When i first opened it in its packaging it made me cough and sneeze so bad. I hate how it smells. read more »

Biodegradable material yet not a cheap quality

05 Aug, 2019
Its made of thick paper material so it does not get floppy when you use it. The design is cute. Better for drink because of its small hole size. Good for kids party read more »


05 Aug, 2019
Its a sturdy type of material though its made of paper. Which makes me more to like it because its biodegradable in nature and the flamingo design is just adorable.  Perfect for occasions.  read more »

Pretty and has lots of compartments

05 Aug, 2019
Its very useful when you want organize your documents.  It has a lot of compartments that you can utilize.  And the color is so nice. I like it. read more »

Very useful.

05 Aug, 2019
I have a chihuahua dog and i had been having problem of looking for a bag where her head will not be caged. This one is perfect because the hole for her head is adjustable. Its size inside is comforta... read more »

I like the colors and sizes

05 Aug, 2019
This holds my make ups for travel purposes.  I am using it as my toiletries kit bag and make up stuff are in it too, because you can see whats inside it so its easier to find stuff. I like the si... read more »

Better than what i expected

05 Aug, 2019
I love it. The tip of the ball pen is amazingly tiny which i love. It's black colored ink. The rubber pen  case and the holder of the pen itself makes it more nicer to hold. read more »

Serves it's purpose very well

22 Jun, 2019
This is a must to every household that has a child at home. I needed this and i am happy i found this in s very cute design. The rubber is a good quality.  read more »

Very soft

12 Jun, 2019
In preparation for my baby I ordered this in advance and im happy with its material. Great baby blanket read more »

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