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I love to try out new products and write about them on my Facebook review page and blog. I always write descriptive well-written reviews on everything that I try.
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Delicious Tea

09 Jun, 2021
This tea is excellent.  It is a cross between green tea and flowers.  I really enjoy this tea at night.  It is relaxing and soothing.  If you like green tea, give this a try. ... read more »

Soft and Fun Spa Headbands

04 May, 2021
These headbands are awesome.  They are very thick and soft.  I can easily keep my bangs and the rest of my hair off of my face while washing it and applying makeup.  I also like to use... read more »

Cute Cat Earrings

25 Apr, 2021
These earrings are cute, but the head part is a little heavy so they tend to droop once the are on.  The back doesn't push close enough to have a snug fit. read more »

Beautiful Headpiece

18 Apr, 2021
This piece is great for a formal event or if you just want to look special.  It doesn't come with bobby pins so you will need some to secure it to your hair.  Once it is in place, it loo... read more »

Great Flash Drive

07 Jan, 2021
This drive is a great way to store your photos and videos.  It copies files fast so I can also take my files with me wherever I go.  The purple color is a bonus.  It stands out from my... read more »

Liquid Biotin

10 Nov, 2020
This liquid supplement is better absorbed than other forms of biotin.  It has a pleasant flavor with a hint of raspberry.  I have noticed an improvement in skin and hair.  I hope to see... read more »

Dust Mask

08 Nov, 2020
These masks are comfortable and didn't hurt my ears.  I felt like it provided good protection and there are plenty in the pack so it will last for a long time. read more »

Liquid Eyeshadow

11 Sep, 2020
This is a lovely array of liquid eyeshadow shades.  If you like to have a lot of color options for endless possibilities.  They glide on easily and look great.  The only thing I didn... read more »

Hot Club Dress

05 Aug, 2020
This sexy little dress is perfect for a night out dancing.  I love how comfortable it is and it has sheer panels in the right places.  You can go from a dinner out straight to dancing with t... read more »

Sambucus Elderberry Gummies

05 Aug, 2020
These gummies not only taste delicious, but they provide the best form of elderberry, Sambucus.  I like knowing that my immune system is getting the boost that it needs with these yummy gummies.&... read more »

Sexy Dress

30 Jul, 2020
This dress is perfect to spice up the bedroom.  It is tight but has a bit of stretch so it feels very comfortable.  It is a bit short so it is best for the bedroom, but maybe it would as clu... read more »

Hair Mask

20 Jul, 2020
This hair mask is great for dry hair.  My hair has been very dry and damaged lately.  After using this mask, my hair was very soft and healthier looking.  I have been using it twice a w... read more »

Dark Nurse Costume

19 Jan, 2020
  This outfit.is nicely made and high quality.  However, the sizing is a bit odd.  I originally ordered the Small/Medium because I always take a small in this type of costume. ... read more »

Floss Picks

03 Oct, 2019
Thes floss picks are great to get out particles that I miss with brushing and regular floss.  I have a lot of space inbetween my teeth so I have to clean them after every meal. This comes wi... read more »

Sexy Dress

14 Sep, 2019
This lingerie is very comfortable and looks great. Upon opening the package, it looks very small.  However, once you put it on it looks great and it stretches quite a bit. The lace panel in the c... read more »

Natural Whey Protein

28 May, 2019
I have tried a lot of whey protein powders and this is one of my top two favorites.  It is very 'clean'.  It doesn't contain any thickeners like xanthan gum or other gums. ... read more »

Super Inserts

27 May, 2019
These shoe inserts are a big help to my flat feet.  I feel my arch being supported so my flat feet don't get as tired as usual.  They aren't bulky like some other shoe inserts. ... read more »

Hydrating Eye Patches

08 May, 2019
These eye patches really perked up my eyes after using.  My dark circles and fine lines were less noticeable.  They fell really refreshing and moisturizing.  I would recommend using the... read more »

Face Moisture

12 Mar, 2019
This moisturizer really hydrates my skin.  It has a light, pleasant scent and it isn't too thick or to runny.  It made my skin feel very soft and supple after applying it.  I also l... read more »

Unicorn Bluetooth Headband

24 Jan, 2019
This is a very cute way to listen to music.  It paired to my phone immediately and the volume works very well.  The headband is adjustable too so it even fits large adult size heads like min... read more »

Thigh High Glitter Stockings

11 Nov, 2018
These stockings are a nice accessory to add to an all black outfit or any dark colored skirt.  The stockings looked really nice and they seem to be very sturdy.   They fit perfectl... read more »

Facial Serum

10 Nov, 2018
I enjoyed using this serum. After 6 days I have seen some positive changes.  My skin appears brighter and smoother.  I am hoping to see even more improvements as time goes on.  It is ea... read more »

Layered Workout Shorts

30 Oct, 2018
These shorts are very nice quality.  I like the idea of a double layer and I have been thinking of trying this type of style for a while.  Their fit was was a little odd, however.  I go... read more »

Eyebrow Serum

17 Oct, 2018
I used this on my eyebrows to help fill in some sparse areas.  The serum is gentle and does not sting at all.  It is easy to apply with the wand.  I put it on at night before bedtime.&n... read more »

Memory Slippers

04 Oct, 2018
I go through slippers quickly because I step hard with my heels when I walk.  I need a sturdy pair that will support my flat feet.  These slippers felt great right away.  They are cushi... read more »

Sexy School Girl Costume

21 Sep, 2018
This is a cute and comfortable costume for women. This only comes in ONE SIZE fits all. For me, the top was a little too tight and the skirt was a little too big.  Otherwise the quality is g... read more »

Cute Shorts

13 Sep, 2018
These little shorts are great for the beach or pool.  They are perfect for putting on over a bikini. I had to lace up the sides but it didn't take long at all.   I like the drawstri... read more »

Sturdy Fireproof Bag

12 Sep, 2018
This handy bag will keep your irreplaceable documents and objects safe in case of an emergency.  The bag is large enough to hold papers, cash and jewelry.  The velcro closure is very secure... read more »

Long Lasting Tattoos

01 Sep, 2018
This set of cute unicorn tattoos last for several days after applying them.  They come in a wide variety of different designs so you won't get bored with the same one or two.  I thi... read more »

Blue Tooth Headband

04 Aug, 2018
This headband is a great concept.  I like the idea of listening to music while I am exercising without having earbuds in my ears.   This would be better if the blue tooth unit was small... read more »

Shiny Sterling Silver Earrings

30 Jul, 2018
These earrings are stunning.  They look especially great with longer hair because they stand out instead of getting lost like smaller earrings.  I like how they catch the light in the daytim... read more »

Athletic Socks

27 Jul, 2018
These socks are excellent for sports.  I wore them to the gym and I could feel the difference.   The made my flat feet feel cushioned while I ran my 3 miles on the treadmill.  They... read more »

Genuine Leather Wallet

22 Jul, 2018
This is a great wallet for every day use.  I got it in red and I like how bright the color is.  There are a lot of slots inside to hold credit cards and your id.  The wallet itself is v... read more »

Luxury Steering Wheel Cover

15 Jul, 2018
I desperately needed new steering wheel cover. Mine was literally shredded.  This cover feels great while driving.  I have a firm grip on the wheel and my hands don't get burnt from the... read more »

Music Note Scarf

19 Jun, 2018
I am a musician and I love this scarf.  It works with black or white outfits.  It is very light so I can use it in the warm weather.  I like being able to accessorize my outfits with my... read more »

Storage Bags

16 Jun, 2018
These bags are thicker than other storage bags that I have tried.  I like the nice variety of sizes that this package comes with.  There are several large bags and a few small ones.  I... read more »

Soft Wrap Headbands

23 May, 2018
I have long hair and I am always looking for new hair accessories.  These wraps work perfectly with my bangs to push the rest of my hair back.  Since they are separated at the top they stay... read more »

Softest Pillowcase

03 May, 2018
I have been using satin pillowcases for many years.  I wanted to try out a silk one but they are so expensive.  This one is mostly silk with a little bit of satin.  Wow, what a differen... read more »

Instant Cat Eye

15 Mar, 2018
This is the eyeliner product that I have been looking for.  First you draw on the top lid, then you just 'stamp' the winged end onto the outer corner of your eye.  That's it!&nbs... read more »

Electric Toothbrush

03 Feb, 2018
This lightweight electric toothbrush cleans just as well as the more well-known brands. I have owned several different electric brushes and this one is as good or better than some of them. I like havi... read more »

Red Stappy Bikini

30 Dec, 2017
This is a very cute swimsuit.  The bottom is sexy with the string sides.  The only thing that I didn't love was that the top was very small compared to the bottom half.  Otherwise,... read more »


24 Nov, 2017
These pasties are great for dresses where even a strapless bra is too bulky or shows through.  Once I put them on, I didn’t even know they were there.  They were very comfortable becau... read more »

Super Flexible Tripod

24 Nov, 2017
This tripod is perfect for traveling or for home use.  An attachment for your smart phone is included for more versatility.  There is a small level at the top to make sure that the camera is... read more »

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