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I am a father of a two year old who is the love of my testing new products to give my.honest feedback on them. Its a awesome hobby of mine. I admire the hard work involved in making quality products and the men and woman who take there time and skill to manufacture all the products we love and bring into our homes and lives.I love product testing.
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Feels great..

11 Apr, 2018
realistic design with soft material and real feel. Very discreet and easy to clean. Item was as expected and would recommend.Very well built.  read more »

Heavy duty flood light...

11 Apr, 2018
this light is great .I love that there are 16 different colors to choose from and it's very bright and vibrant. Great to use inside or outside since it's waterproof.  I would recommend th... read more »

High quality water proof speaker

25 Mar, 2018
This Blue tooth speaker is an awesome buy! durable and tough. Waterproof and rugged. Has a long battery life and built in emergency power. Great sounding speaker would highly recommend.built really we... read more »

Great battery life

22 Mar, 2018
Sports neckband: very satisfied with the headphones,  easy to use and the sound quality is exceptional.  Light weight and very convenient. I  highly recommend this product .very long la... read more »

Very comfortable

22 Mar, 2018
Ecandy headphones: these headphones are very comfortable and feel light on. Work great and have exceptional sound quality. I would highly recommend this product.battery last very long and charges fast... read more »

Looks great

12 Mar, 2018
Sunglasses great for driving and outdoor activities. Very light on your face and you can adjust the nose piece for a perfect fit. I would highly recommend these! read more »

Helps daily

12 Mar, 2018
Pill box is convenient with two alarms , I don't forget to take my medication, durable quality and secure so my medication doesn't spill. Seals well and easy to open. I would highly recommend... read more »

Quality microphone cable

12 Mar, 2018
 thick heavy gauge cables that work great with my microphones,  mixers, speaker system and more! Great quality would recommend.very well made. read more »

Perfect product and gift

07 Mar, 2018
this is great for natural and acrylic nails, the 5 different interchangeable attachments allow for precision shaping and buffing. The led light makes it easy to see and it's very quiet when being... read more »

Sounds and looks amazing

07 Mar, 2018
  this is the most advanced light bulb I've ever owned. I love that I can use my phone or tablet to control the many different light settings through bluetooth and it will reach anywhere in t... read more »

Wow packs a punch for its size

07 Mar, 2018
 this comes in handy so much in the car! It was always such a hassle to use certain items because of not having a 110 power outlet now I'm able to use any items in the car that I can use in t... read more »

I'm in love with this

07 Mar, 2018
  I'm very happy with the quality of the curling iron and I love that I don't have to use three different products to get the desired look I want. It's easy to use and very self expla... read more »

Perfect design

07 Mar, 2018
 I really like the slim and sleek design of the stand, it can fit my phone and other devices as well and saves me from having to have different stands for everything.  Would definitely recom... read more »

My favorite testing

16 Feb, 2018
This tens machine is quality grade professional,built extremely well and very easy to use.I suffer from lyme,and because of that nerves and muscle pain come with it.this tens machine offers a ton of r... read more »


16 Feb, 2018
This product is amazing!! I have never used one of these facial cleansing brush before,and I must say I dont know how I lived this many years without one.its extremely quiet and works really well easy... read more »


17 Jan, 2018
The name speaks for itself.powerbeast!! These headphones are not only bluetooth they have a mic built in and comes in very handy daily.these headphones hold charge along time and thats always a plus w... read more »

Awesome guitar tuner

17 Jan, 2018
This is an awesome guitar tuner. built extremely well. Very easy to read and all mugig products this one will not let you down and or disappoint you.the l.e.d screen is extremely easy to re... read more »

Everyone should own a set of these

17 Jan, 2018
My review of the ewarmer powerbank is as follows.I personally love this product.I love that it is a 2 pack.having 2 comes in very handy durning day to day life. Comes in a box with 2 charging cables.t... read more »

Heavy duty guitar cables

15 Jan, 2018
Wow!! I am very impressed on the quality of these can touch and feel how well this set is made. I have used many times and not once had any kind of issue. The length of cables come in extre... read more »

Really nice charging plugs

15 Jan, 2018
These are quality c type charging cables. Charges phone pretty fast and the quality of the actual plugs are made extremely well. I have used many times without a single issue. Product came in nice pac... read more »

Quality set of bluetooth headphones

11 Jan, 2018
I am very impressed with the quailty of this set of Bluetooth headphones.sound sounds amazing coming from the speakers.bass sounds extremely good.very easy to use and the part I really like the most i... read more »

Really nice concept

29 Dec, 2017
This flower pot is really cool. Product came package well with complete instructions. I love it. Its a awesome concept to incorporate a flower pot with a speaker and touch sensor that will change the... read more »

Easy to use tuner

25 Dec, 2017
This is a awesome product that I feel every musician should own.extremely easy to use and built to last.color screen makes it very easy to read.this is a highly accurate professional guitar tuner. Eli... read more »

Quality foot pedal

23 Dec, 2017
This is a quality made  foot pedal for keyboard piano built really well. Very simple and easy to use.mugig is a brand I love and trust.product is packaged really well and shipped to my door extre... read more »

Quality guitar stand

22 Dec, 2017
 this is an awesome quality guitar stand very easy to use built really well and very durable. Comes in different colors and shipped really fast packaged really well. This product is so simple the... read more »

Comfortable fun blanket

22 Dec, 2017
It's an adult size knit blanket shaped like a mermaid tail with fins extremely comfortable and extremely fun way to be comfy on the couch. Well knit fabric large enough for adult use. Pretty blue... read more »

Fancy harmonica

22 Dec, 2017
I love this harmonica. Comes in a nice box very well built and the sounds that come from it sound amazing. I am actually for the first time in my life taking the time to learn how to use this harmonic... read more »

This party light is awesome

22 Dec, 2017
I absolutely love this party light it is the best thing that I use in my room it has a remote and very easy to use built really well. I've had no problems with it. I fully recommend this product.... read more »

This motion light is perfect

22 Dec, 2017
I absolutely love this motion light I put it above the sink so it night time soon as you walk anywhere near it it turns on and it also turns off all by itself pretty neat product .it's rechargeabl... read more »

Product testing

05 Dec, 2017
This is it pretty cool power supply box my condenser mic. Very easy to use put together make music..mugig is a awesome brand and to my professional opinion is a high-grade company that sells quality M... read more »

Product testing

05 Dec, 2017
I absolutely love this music stand. It's a very well built piece of musical equipment. I am in love with the color on it. There was nothing flimsy about the stand. Very easy to assemble like a 1-2... read more »

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