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I am 30 years old from Bakersfield CA. Mommy of my amazing 7 y/o little man who also happens to be my best friend. Married for 8 years to his Daddy. Family always comes first for me. Love finding a good deal on Viralix for my Amazon purchases and really just love browsing their selections in general. Just your normal 30 y/o I guess lol
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Love these Soo much!

27 Oct, 2021
I love these pants so so much! I am even able to wear them to work and I work at WalMart! They can be worn in a number of settings and places! True to size 100% and I have them in all black as well! I... read more »

Love them!

14 Oct, 2021
Cant wait to wear them to the concert im going to on the 21st of October. I can also wear them at work, so they are great for all types of places to wear them to. I highly recommend and suggest these!... read more »

Absolutely PERFECT!

27 Apr, 2021
Set up was confusing for me personally at first but my Mom had it set up & ready to go in 10 minutes. I love that it has the talking feature where if there were someone on your property, whether o... read more »

Wow, wow.... WOW!!!

21 Apr, 2021
First, i am SO HAPPY I decided to get this as i was a bit leary at first. Now that i have it, I couldnt be happier! It is made so much better than I could've dreamed. Ita stretches & pops my b... read more »

My son loves them!

21 Apr, 2021
Got these for my son to play with when his cousins come over & when our pool is up. They work so very well and shoot pretty far as well. Cant wait to get more for my nieces & nephews, too! read more »

Perfect. Love them! Swim

21 Apr, 2021
Made SO well and they are ADORABLE! Super fluffy & versatile when it comes to color. I absolutely adore them.. Also, SUPER COMFY!!! Definitely plan to buy more! read more »

Kids love it!

20 Apr, 2021
Got this for my son amd his cousins to play in when before the pool is up or on days they dont want to go in the pool & play instead. Love how the way the water comes out. Super cool, literally &a... read more »

So in loveeeee

20 Apr, 2021
love every single thing about these earrings. Look sl good and made well. Durable. Will bw buying more for sure! read more »

Perfect for my 8yr old niece!

20 Apr, 2021
My niece is going to LOVE THESE for her birthday along with her other gifts but im convinced these are going to be a hit! I havent tried them myself but they seem to be really made well & very dur... read more »

Nice stand

20 Apr, 2021
Very durable & well made. Has different sized adjustments for yoir laptop. Definitely love & recommend this! read more »

True to size & made well!

20 Apr, 2021
I LOVE these for my son. They are not only true to size but they fit him so, soo well! ID definitely recommend& purchase again! read more »

Great in my car!

12 Apr, 2021
Love these lights so much! I put them im the spots shown in the pictures & they are just amazing! The remote to change the color or rhythm of the lights is so super convenient & really bring t... read more »


30 Mar, 2021
My 7 yr old niwce loved them and they fit all the types of barbies she has. Recommend. read more »

Love these!

17 Mar, 2021
I love that theyre half lashes so I can use my mascara for the other half. I highly recommend and love this set! read more »


17 Mar, 2021
Just got it today and I am soooo in love! It is made SO well and dont even get me started on how gorgeous it is. I can tell it'll last me a long time to come & i highly recommend!  read more »

Cant wait to get it!

17 Mar, 2021
The pictures are gorgeous and it should be here any day. I got one for my mom and myself. If theyre not absolutely AMAZING I will update my review ;) read more »

Love this!

17 Mar, 2021
Love the tingle ans the plump ot truly gives my lips! Especially after about 5 days of use. I absolutely LOVE IT! read more »

Charges all of our devices!

17 Mar, 2021
This charger is great for our phones, Nintendo switch lite and all other devices we have. Love it. read more »

Perfect sound!

17 Mar, 2021
Made so well. Very durable. Waterproof because theyve been wet & still work. Noise cancellation is great. Absolutely LOVE THEM! Highly recommend. read more »

Great lashes and liner

11 Mar, 2021
Eyeliner is very strong and eyelashes click right on and last all day long. Theyre both made so well and look so good! read more »

My fav wireless ear buds yet!

11 Mar, 2021
I love the style, the noise cancellation, color, how quickly they charge and connect to Bluetooth. There is nothing that I dont like about these and I would most definitely buy them again! High recomm... read more »

Really like them!

11 Mar, 2021
Theyre made well and perfect for eye shadow! Durable and I love the colors of the bristles. Id definitely recommend! read more »

Hubby loves them!

11 Mar, 2021
Got this set for my husband and he loves it! It is all made so very well and there is so much in it! read more »

Wow! Better than I thought!

11 Mar, 2021
I got these to keep in my car for camping and emergencies. The flash light is magnetic which I LOVE and the red light has 3 different modes. Love it and highly recommend! read more »

Love this light!

11 Mar, 2021
Love this so much and so does mt 8 year old son I got it for. It came with 5 different projection designs and dofferent modes to choose from which is my favorite! We use it every night! It is made so... read more »

Love this!

28 Feb, 2021
Got for my nephew and he loves it! Love how the sand isnt messy and sticks together. Perfect for all ages. read more »

Great clarity, look & sound!

28 Feb, 2021
Got these for my husband and chose the white set which look great! They are made so well and very durable. The sound is clear, the charge is fast and they definitely mute out all other sound. Recommen... read more »

Zero stars if possible!

22 Feb, 2021
After purchasing the ORIGINAL item, the pocture changed to a completely different product. THEN it said it was delivered to me IN A DIFFERENT STATE AT A DIFFERENT ADDRESS that has NEVER even come clos... read more »

It really works!

22 Feb, 2021
I love this spray! I have looked for years for an antiperspirant to help with sweating and ive finally found it! I spray 2 squirts and rub my arms together and if I needed to, I have no doubt this wou... read more »

Super cute!

22 Feb, 2021
Although it says it is made for a child, I got it for myself to use and wear. I was skeptical but when I got it and tried it on I really loved it! For play or real life, I love it! read more »

5 stars and then some!

22 Feb, 2021
Love the variety of sizes. The eyeliner is great and works so well! The eyelashes click right on to the liner and last ALL DAY even at work where I sweat lol i will for sure buy again amd I highly rec... read more »

Great gift for my 14 year old niece!

22 Feb, 2021
Got this for my niece who just turned 14 and she absolutely LOVES it! So happy that I got it. It is made so very well and is super durable. I highly recommend! And I plan on buying one for myself. Tha... read more »

Cant get enough of this stuff!

11 Feb, 2021
Ive never used any type of product that removes my black and white heads like this face mask does! I will continue to buy this until I'm not allowed to lol I highly recommend this to all people! read more »

Worked for my husband

11 Feb, 2021
I got this for my husband to use on his toes where the nails were removed due to an injury. So far it has helped clear up a lot of the severe dryness and even dark discoloration that formed a couple m... read more »

Great for my dark spots and discoloration!

10 Feb, 2021
I got this for the discoloration around my face includong dark spots and have now been using it for about a week. I can already see a huge difference and am so impressed! I love the texture and can re... read more »

Love everything!

10 Feb, 2021
Since i already own this same one and LOVE IT, I decided to get one for my nieces birthday as she loves taking pictures and videos. Its just as durable, made well, has everything needed such as the tr... read more »

Perfect for ANY occasion!

10 Feb, 2021
The quality of the lashes are impecable and very durable. The sizes are great as theres a size literally for every occasion! I wore a pair to work and i work at Sonic so I get sweaty, etc. And they di... read more »

Love having these for work!

23 Jan, 2021
Love the way these are made as they are made very well. I wear them in place of my wedding band whenever I go to work and love it! I get many compliments and I definitely recommend! read more »

Love it so much!

21 Jan, 2021
I fell in love with the image when I first seen it and knew I had to have it! I love that it is a canvas picture because theyre so much easier to hang and keep in place. This girl in the picture with... read more »

Absolutely amazed!!!

12 Jan, 2021
I cannot say enough just how much i LOVE this product! It has so many items in it, each one are made extremely well and it was a definite hit for my 8 year old nephew for Christmas, he literally was u... read more »

Have been NEEDING these for so long!

12 Jan, 2021
So happy that i finally made this purchase. Ive been wanting webcam/camera covers for a while now for my sons computer & phone. This came with NINE, very well made, very durable, 3M to stick and d... read more »

So far so good

11 Jan, 2021
I got these to help organize clothes in my bedroom as there are mine, my husbands and our 8 year old sons clothes and there are A LOT! These are made well and a good size, I can fit pretty much all of... read more »

Perfect for my husband!!!

10 Jan, 2021
Love love love this shaver for my husband. His facial hair grows back quickly and this is just perfect. Its made very well, has more uses than just shaving your face such has nose and ears. It also ha... read more »

Perfect for every womans needs.

08 Jan, 2021
I love all the modes and that it is waterproof. It is made very well and holds a long charge as well as charging quickly. Its not too big nor is it too small which I love because I can put it in my pu... read more »

Perfect for my Mom in law

07 Jan, 2021
Love this wine rack. Included is a place for corks, fake grapes and vines and is made so well. I cant wait to give it to my mother in law, she will absolutely love it. I highly recommend! read more »

Great size and graphics.

07 Jan, 2021
Fell in love with the image on this tapestry and when i seen the size, i knew i wanted to get it for my room. I am so happy that i did, it is made very well, the image is ear and gorgeous, i absolutel... read more »

Perfect shaver for women!

07 Jan, 2021
Made very well and leaves skin silky smooth. Love that theres 3 ways to use it. It charges so i never have to worry about batteries. I love and i so recommend it! read more »

Perfect for live streaming, pictures & lighting.

07 Jan, 2021
I owned a ring light similar to this already but really wanted this one due to having double tripod. The lighting is amazing and has different modes of light. Im planning on gifting it to my sistwr or... read more »

Made so good and super cute, too!

31 Dec, 2020
After purchasing the boys set of these, I needed to get the girls set for my nieces. These capes and masks are made so much better than I could have imagined and the masks are so very cute as well! I... read more »


27 Dec, 2020
Love how well it is made and that it is waterproof. The color is even awesome. It has 7 different modes to fit anybody's likes and needs. I'd definitely recommend. read more »

Love this!!!

23 Dec, 2020
This beanie is very well made, thick but not bulky, super soft and definitely keeps you warm! I'd recommend this to anybody looking for a well made, durable, adorable, long lasting beanie!&nb... read more »

Perfect for my nieces sweet 16

15 Dec, 2020
Love this set for my nieces sweet 16 cake, it looked absolutely amazing and I highly recommend this to anybody looking for any age birthday decor! read more »

So excited!

11 Dec, 2020
So happy that I made this purchase! I've got very oily skin and also have discoloration around the edges of my face and this helps so very much! Love that it came with 2 bottles, so if I wanted to... read more »

Got this and LOVE IT!

10 Dec, 2020
I originally set out to get this for my husband to trim his beard, etc. But I ended up keeping it for myself because it is perfect for my eyebrows, legs, everything. I absolutely love it! read more »

Perfect for cold mornings & days.

06 Dec, 2020
These will be great for those early mornings that are super cold and days that the cold doesnt subside. Getting them as a gift to my husband and I know he will love them. I recommend them no doubt! read more »

Love the whole package!!!

03 Dec, 2020
Ever since receiving this product, I have absolutely no complaints about even 1 of the razors, tweezers, etc. Everything is perfect & I will definitely be buying this again. Highly recommended pro... read more »

Hubby loves it!

03 Dec, 2020
I purchased this for my husband as an everyday belt. Although it is a baseball belt (basically because its stretchy lol) it is perfect for any & all types of clothing of his. He loves the buckle v... read more »

Perfect for the dog hair on my clothes...

03 Dec, 2020
Love this item. Having 2 dogs it's nearly impossible to keep dog hair off of my clothes, my sons clothes, husbands clothes, ALL clothes pretty much ???? this makes it so much easier & I no lon... read more »

Awesome halloween mask!

18 Oct, 2020
Got this for my husband to wear for Halloween. Love that it doesnt cover your eyes, blurring your vision and you're still able to breathe well also. I'd recommend this item for sure! Plan on k... read more »

Great product!!

17 Oct, 2020
got these for my husband who shattered his calcaneous heels a few bgg years back that left his right foot with many complications such as "hammer toes" and swelling. These help so much with... read more »

My birthstone!

14 Oct, 2020
Cant wait to get these! So happy they're hypoallergenic and hopefully wont turn me green lol they are absolutely beautiful and cant wait to wear them all the time. Will update my review if theres... read more »

Just like frozen!!!

13 Oct, 2020
These are adorable and look just like they're from the movie Frozen as described! They are made very well, very durable and beyond words cute as mentioned above! Perfect gift for my friends daught... read more »

Nice for my Halloweem gift baskets!!!

13 Oct, 2020
So excited to add these amazing wooden, decorative halloween spoons to one of the Halloween baskets I'm making! They're durable, made well and so super cute! I'd definitely recommend these... read more »

Great quality and sound!

13 Oct, 2020
Love the durability, the quality and the amazing sound these let out! The battery life is outstanding and the case is a wonderful bonus!!! Definitely worth buying and highly recommended ???? read more »

Cant wait to wear year round!!!

13 Oct, 2020
I have butterflies tattooed on me for lost loved ones and cannot wait to wear this year-round!!! So gorgeous and can wear it on Halloween as well! Win win for me and I highly recommend this item!!!! read more »

Love having this for work!

08 Oct, 2020
I have to wear a mask for my whole shift at work and on my breaks I have to completely take off my mask, with this I'm able to take it off and yet still have it ready to M put right back on plus i... read more »


07 Oct, 2020
Love this! Reminds me of the blow dryers at salons except this one is portable and can be used anywhere that you have your blow dryer! It is made so very well and it dries hair quickl Definitely highl... read more »

Hoping it works!!!

03 Oct, 2020
I placed this order because my Mom purchased this same item and it seems to be helping with firmness and so I decided to give it a go. Our bodies change after children and breast feeding. I will updat... read more »

Perfect for getting soft feet!!!

03 Oct, 2020
So happy I made this purchase! I love the pumice stones to remove dead or dry skin from the heels of my feet! I definitely recommend this item!!! read more »

Loving this stuff

29 Sep, 2020
Absolutely love the texture,  works well and great for a gift.  read more »

Love on my extensions!

23 Sep, 2020
Love using this on my lash extensions! Cleans them so well and keeps them on longer! Smells good, too! Recommend for natural lashes as well!!! read more »

My son loves it!

23 Sep, 2020
Got this for my son! All of the items are made very well and theres so many choices to choose from while he says! I definitely recommend this to anyone with children in their lives! read more »

So cute and well made!

15 Sep, 2020
Love this adorable little combo! The tutus are made out of great material as well as the head bands & bracelet bows. Even cuter on! Got them for my friends daughters and she absolutely loved them!... read more »

Absolutely amazing!

15 Sep, 2020
Works so very well on my back pain and helps so much if I apply it before work to get my through my shift. The smell is great but the relief is so much better! I recommend this to anybody with chronic... read more »

Great for my face!

15 Sep, 2020
Love this cream. Made very well, smells great, absorbs quickly and starting to see results for my crows feet around my eyes after 2 weeks. Highly recommend! read more »

Going to be great for Halloween

14 Sep, 2020
Cant wait to wear this on Halloween with a sugar skull painted face. Made very well and would be perfect for Christmas as well! read more »

So happy I found this!

14 Sep, 2020
So happy I found something to help my hair grow faster and make it more healthy. This product does exactly that!  read more »

Perfect for home and work!

14 Sep, 2020
i love that this comes with 2 chargers at such a great price and at great quality! I have 1 for work and 1 for home. So happy they have a protector by the connection port to keep it from bending or br... read more »

So excited!

13 Sep, 2020
I am so excited to have these drops! I have tried literally just about everything that I could get my hands on to lose weight and nothing has worked. So far the drops have been good and have dropped 2... read more »

Awesome for work or shopping.

12 Sep, 2020
Love that I can just grab 1 and go! They are very well made and durable. I can use 1 mask up to 3 or 4 times. I highly recommend this item.  read more »

Love the vibrant colors & shine!

04 Sep, 2020
Love the colors of these eyeliners. I have tried many different eye makeup products but this is definitely one of the best! I recommend these to anyone looking for high end makeup! read more »

Great for OT sessions

04 Sep, 2020
Myv7 year old some currently does occupational therapy and these are great for those sessions! I highly recommend this product! read more »

Excited to try these!

03 Sep, 2020
I sell nail products and always have my fingers and toes done and obviously want my skin to look nice as people are always looking at my feet. I've always had very dry, rough skin on the heel of m... read more »

So pretty and smells amazing!!!

28 Aug, 2020
Really love this item! The smoke from the cone incense looks so amazing when it comes down! The product is just how it is described and the incense smell nice as well! I would recommend this item! read more »

Love this for my niece!

23 Aug, 2020
My niece loves doing gel nails and this was the perfect addition to her items. The light dries nails very quickly and leaves them looking gorgeous!! I highly recommend this product! read more »

Cant wait to wear these!

17 Aug, 2020
Cant wait to wear these to show my support for Breast Cancer and give the remaining ones to family and friends to do the same. Such an amazing, made very well, beautiful product! So happy I ordered th... read more »

Love this!

17 Aug, 2020
Love this straightener and cannot beat it for the price! Heats up really fast, gets hair straight in one swipe through your hair and hair holds the straightness. Recommend this highly! read more »

So adorable! AND you get 12 bags!

16 Aug, 2020
Love these bags so much!! Made so well and durable! Highly recommend these! read more »

Cant wait to show these off!!!

14 Aug, 2020
So happy that I ordered these for my husband and myself. So far they're super durable, made well and gorgeous! The shine on these is like diamonds whenever any light catches them! Definitely recom... read more »

Perfect for my hair and my husband's beard!

14 Aug, 2020
Love this product so much! Heats up quickly and straightens my hair and also straightens and taims my husband's beard. The beard oil is great as it can be used for numerous things aside from just... read more »

Love this for my cuticles

12 Aug, 2020
Love using this to get rid of my cuticles and rough spots in my nails, makes it so much easier to shape my nails as well. I highly recommend this. read more »

Perfect for Sugar Skulls lover like Me!!!

12 Aug, 2020
I cannot say enough time just how much I LOVE THESE ITEMS!!! For Halloween last year I got a Day of the Dead headband similar to this and it literally broke as soon as we left to take our son trick or... read more »

Got for my niece and she loved them!

07 Aug, 2020
Got these for my niece along with barbie clothes. They are the perfect size and very durable. read more »


07 Aug, 2020
Love these. As I sell nail products I can say these are well made and the adhesive works. The designs are beautiful and they last. Recommend. read more »

So funny, well made!

07 Aug, 2020
First, these are made really well and are definitely durable. And they're just hilarious! I plan to wear them all the time, not just Halloween. Recommend.  read more »

So cute, made well!

06 Aug, 2020
Got these for my 7 year old niece, she absolutely loved them! They fit her real barbies just as they're supposed to. The material is durable and clothing is made well. Recommend.  read more »

Awesome for workouts

06 Aug, 2020
Love these for workouts. I'm getting ready to do a 28 day challenge and these are perfect. They instantly cool you off just as described and are so easy to throw on or put in a bag to go to the gy... read more »

Love these for my mons 50th

03 Aug, 2020
Love these, durable and perfect for my moms 50th birthday! Love that they can be used for any age! I highly recommend! read more »

Great for my business!!!

03 Aug, 2020
Love this light so so much!!! I run my own little business so I'm often doing live videos and this makes them so much easier to complete! I definitely recommend this! read more »

Love this!

24 Jul, 2020
Love how this mascara make my lashes look longer and fuller! I definitely recommend this product! read more »

Perfect when you dont want to show your socks!

02 Jul, 2020
Love these so much, I don't like having my sucks showing if I'm wearing shorts and capri's and these are just right for the job! Will be ordering more!! Highly recommend! read more »

Got for my mother in law

02 Jul, 2020
I got these for my mother in law and she just loves them for her workouts!! Going to buy some for myself for sure! Durable, sturdy, worth the money and delivered fast! I highly recommend! read more »

So cute & Perfect for going out in public during the pandemic!

11 Jun, 2020
Love this! I've been using regular black face masks for whenever I have to go in a public area. This at least I can wear, know I'm protected and look cute at the same time! Soo in love with it... read more »

Love my crawlers!!!

11 Jun, 2020
Absolutely love these! I've had others but definitely like these the best hands down! They hold well, also, which is a huge deal with crawler earrings. I'd for sure recommend these and plan to... read more »

Amazing for both kids & adults! Highly recommend!

06 Jun, 2020
These are amazing! First, they are extremely durable and sturdy. There are so fun to play, especially with over 400 games to choose from. Including pretty much every Mario Bros game you can think of,... read more »

Great sound!

04 Jun, 2020
Great sound, can't hear anything except what you're listening to and nice bass as well! Recommend! read more »

Makes my curly hair feel great!

04 Jun, 2020
Really love this! I have naturally extremely curly hair and when it's air dried it gets SOOOO poofy! I've tried a lot of different product to no avail. This, though... Wow! Totally helped tame... read more »

Love these for kids or adults!

03 Jun, 2020
Got these for my son,n and nephews who range in age from 3-15y/o and they're a total hit! Even kept a few for myself and my mom. Material is durable and I definitely recommend these!!! Can't b... read more »

So cool once you get the hang of it????

28 May, 2020
This is my 2nd purchase on this item and I really love it! I purchased the first for my son who is 7 and he has a blast with it. I wouldn't recommend for kids under maybe 6 at the youngest just be... read more »

Love the image

18 May, 2020
I love skulls and was able to pick a shirt with exactly that and some awesome color with this code! Love it! Totally recommend this to every type of person there is!  read more »

Totally AMAZING! Bought 2!!

05 May, 2020
My son has one of these my mom got him and it is absolutely perfect! Graphics are great, has all Mario Bros games plus soooooooo many more, hooks up to the TV and still great graphics! Love it! Defini... read more »

Love this and really waterproof!

05 May, 2020
I use this out by the pool and just love it! Make sure to cover the waterproof plug and it can even float around in the pool! Love the color changing lights but also the normal warm lights that have 3... read more »


27 Apr, 2020
Love these. They don't lift or leave air bubbles. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for screen protection!  read more »

So cute!!

25 Apr, 2020
Goes with any decor! Any room! I just love it and plan on buying more! Recommend!!! read more »

Perfect for going out during quarantine.

25 Apr, 2020
Love these for whenever I have to leave the house to get essentials. Recommend! read more »

Love these!

25 Apr, 2020
Definitely for adults or older teenagers but I love then for my lock box. Great stick without peeling. Recommend!  read more »

Anniversary gift for hubby

07 Apr, 2020
Got this for my 8 year anniversary for my husband as one of his small gifts. Love it! And def recommend!  read more »

So far so good

04 Apr, 2020
Got this for our female dog and love the customized name and number I got to put on it! Recommend! read more »

So awesome!

03 Apr, 2020
Got this for my son and it works so much better than i expected! I definitely recommend to adults and children! read more »

Can not get enough!!!

13 Mar, 2020
First of all it came with not one but TWO magnetic eyeliners that work and look so good. Application is literally easier and faster than any other step of doing my makeup. These lashes look more natur... read more »

Gorgeous colors, perfectly pigmented!

13 Mar, 2020
First, I absolutely love the case that the pallet is in. The color selection is amazing and they're so perfectly pigmented! Def recommend!! #rankboosterreview #Qibest read more »

Favorite magnetic lashes ever!!

08 Mar, 2020
Eyeliner is perfect consistentsy! Lashes are gorgeous for casual wear, night life, dinner out, lunch, staying home, etc. SO easy to put on! Love love love!! read more »

Fast results in little time!

27 Feb, 2020
So far I absolutely love it!! Can start to see a difference already. Can't wait to see how it continues to work in the coming weeks! Thanks Viralix for one of the best discounts I've ever used... read more »

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