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15 Mar, 2022
Cute, but was uncomfortable to pull the chain through.  read more »

It works

15 Mar, 2022
This is uncomfortable in a good way.  It stretches your back very well and I feel like I stand straighter after.  read more »


15 Mar, 2022
My eyes were sensitive so I don't know if it's  effective. read more »


15 Mar, 2022
Thin and flimsy, not what I expected.  read more »

Very complete

21 Oct, 2019
This kit has everything you could possibly need.  read more »


21 Oct, 2019
Just like the Purge, good value for 2. read more »

Ugly xmas sweater

21 Oct, 2019
Can't wait to the holidays! read more »

Cute mittens

21 Oct, 2019
Very cozy read more »


16 Oct, 2019
My bed is very hard to make,  I use these to keep the flat sheet on also!  read more »


16 Oct, 2019
The same part is that once they learn, they can remove the training part and use the chopsticks as is!  read more »

Great product

16 Oct, 2019
I love that it's shelf stable! read more »

Great product!

16 Oct, 2019
I use these in my car and they work very well!  read more »

Very convenient

16 Oct, 2019
Very convenient to use when Im on my laptop!  read more »

Very convenient

09 Oct, 2019
I love the extra wisks, super handy if one is in the dishwasher! read more »

So great that they come with a laundry bag!

09 Oct, 2019
I just throw them in the bag daily and throw the bag in the wash whenever I do a load. Another great way to reduce waste and save money.   read more »

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