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Soft and nonslip

21 Aug, 2020
The product came in a very beautiful packaging, which give a great first impression. The package come in 3 black and 3 brown socks which is perfect if you different flat shoes. It fits and snug per... read more »

Nice shaver, but design compromises utility and use.

21 Aug, 2020
After giving yourself a few moments to learns and understand the mechanics of the shaver, it works well. Be patient with pressing the button to releases the different appendages when cleaning. It cuts... read more »

Great controller

25 Jun, 2020
This Xbox controller actually feels like the legitimate Microsoft retail controllers I’ve been using it already for the past two months for playing call of duty and various games besides that. I... read more »

Grinds really fine

25 Jun, 2020
Not just for coffee and spices but i grind my epsom salt and flowers for bath bombs salts and fizzies . Its excellent and saves so much work and time. It grinds really fine and is excellent. One of th... read more »


03 Dec, 2019
This product works perfect. You can transform it to be tall enough to see all people through the camera perfectly. You can adjust and dis-adjust things easily. The material seems strong and resistant.... read more »

For smaller feet

03 Dec, 2019
I had on a pair of Sperry boat shoes this morning and when TIHOO arrived in the mail today I could not believe how comfortable they are.....these are my new go to shoes. I will not buy Sperry again. I... read more »

Great power

23 Nov, 2019
I found it really useful for work and other situations where I would find myself without both a charge, and an outlet, consistently. The device takes a bit to charge up initially but it charged up... read more »

Filters nicely

23 Nov, 2019
What a Dazzling Filter. This filter is easy to install. I put in in under 2 minutes..... This water filter cleaned and softened the water so good . After a shower my skin felt soft. My hair even felt... read more »

Great for acne and pimples

23 Nov, 2019
This product arrived quickly. I was drawn to its function to be able to absorb pus and oil from your skin. My skin is naturally oily, so I was really excited to find an acne patches that would work we... read more »


20 Nov, 2019
  This toy keeps has kept my kids entertained! They absolutely love it and they laugh and giggle as they play with it which makes me happy because they are not fighting! My husband even though... read more »


20 Nov, 2019
This scale is really accurate! I just went to the doctor the other day and got almost the sale reading from this scale as I did at the doctors. The scale itself is really pretty and visually appealing... read more »


19 Nov, 2019
It charges my devices fast and good. I really like the amount of power this portable charger has. It's easy to carry around. Not too big or bulky. Lasts a long time between charges.  I can ch... read more »

Cute, top part too big

07 Nov, 2019
The dress matches the picture. The buttons provide interesting detail. The low scoop arm holes make it a better dress for over a swimsuit or tank. The fabric is thin, but not too see through, and the... read more »


07 Nov, 2019
I think these spatulas are great. What I like best is that they are all in one piece, so there are no seams for food or moisture to hide in and turn moldy. The spatulas are also quite sturdy/heavy dut... read more »

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