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Excellent product

31 Jul, 2020
I really love this product and in fact I brought it with me on a small road trip. It is so compact and does come with all the function I need to make ironing such an easy task. Thank you read more »

Awesome product

09 May, 2019
The mouse feels great. The click is so quiet, and I also love the fact that it lasts so long after one charge. The size of the mouse is also very small that fit perfectely in my palm. Easy and conveni... read more »

Great product but the strap is too long

09 May, 2019
I love this product and the material it was made of. The only wish is I hope the strap could be adjusted. The length of the strap is a little bit too long for a me. I am a 5'3" girl so the si... read more »

Nice Sweater and fit well

27 Feb, 2019
The red color is very vibrant. Most importantly it fits well. Highly recommended this sweater to other buyers. read more »

Good quality and nice material

27 Feb, 2019
The size of this pouch is big enough to carry my small size terrier. It also feel very comfortable to be worn around and definitely something I can use to carry puppies around for a long walk. The mat... read more »

Terrible aftermath artificial flavor

19 Feb, 2019
This product has a terrible aftermath artificial flavor. I am a long term tea drinker, but I have never gotten any tea that taken so chemical before. It literally tasted like some artifical compounds... read more »

Low quality and thin material

19 Feb, 2019
Comes in very low quality and thin materials. The fabric ripped easily in my dryer machine. Not recommended. read more »

It's a great addition to my key box and helped identify keys easily

19 Feb, 2019
I am in the property management business, and I always have keys for different property laying around. My clients and tenants also coming in and out requesting/dropping off/picking up keys, so these k... read more »

The case is solid and it helped preserving the silicone better

14 Dec, 2018
The case is solid and it helped preserving the silicone better. The quality of the adhesive silicone is also great. The only thing I think could be improved on is to include a solution to divide and p... read more »

Looks solid and real

14 Dec, 2018
This toy is an amazing gift for kids. I bought this one as a holiday gift for a friend's kid, and he loves it. The toy looks very real and fun to play with. I was so glad he enjoyed it. read more »

Look great and love the style and fabric

10 Nov, 2018
Elastic well made swimsuit. I got size small and fit very well. Very pretty. Love it! especially the color combination, very outstanding and vibrant! read more »

As expected

10 Nov, 2018
Very vibrant color and good size. They are light and look very real. Love them! read more »

Very cheaply made with low quality fabric

10 Nov, 2018
The stiches are not aligned, very cheaply made. The fabric looks so cheap and thin. Overall, it looks like something that you could wear once and will fall apart. Plus size small is a little too big f... read more »

Very comfortable and good looking shoes

10 Nov, 2018
These shoes are so comfortable and very well made. I wore them for a long walk today, they feel nice and fit very well.  read more »

Awesome product wuth high quality

01 Nov, 2018
I have received this shower head for my home remodeing, and I was so happy with how sturdy and high end the shower head feels. It is larger in size than I could imagine, which makes it ecen more aweso... read more »

Material is very thin

28 Oct, 2018
Not as good looking as in the pictures. The materials are thin and dress is not well made.. kind of disappointed. read more »

It was good but not strong enough to hold my iphone 6 plus

28 Oct, 2018
My iphone 6 plus can barely fit into the holder mount, and when I tru to force it in, I felt like my phone would be bented over time. Over all the product is sturdy but it made me feel uncomfortable t... read more »

Warm and vibrant paintings

28 Oct, 2018
love the warm and vibrant touch of this painting on the wall. It added fun and color to my neutral beige wall paint.  Highly recommended read more »

high quality painting and looks very nice in person

22 Oct, 2018
This item is great. It is true to what it shows on the product image. Good quality and the blue color on the canvas is vibrant. Thanks.     read more »

Great product with high quality

08 Oct, 2018
I love the fact that this product comes with a metal place that gives the option as an easy replacement for the old school 3 hole faucet. It looks sleek and in high quality.  read more »

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