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Hello! I'm a mother of two and a teacher from Canada. I am always on the hunt for music education items I can try out in my classroom or items I can try with my family.
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Great universal USB block

27 Mar, 2018
This block is fantastic and works well for all my electronic charging. The option for dual charging is also fantastic and makes this a very practical option for charging multiple items at one time. Th... read more »

Great add on for an aerator

04 Mar, 2018
This product would work well to add on to an existing pump aerator. Unfortunately I didn’t own one and was unaware that I needed the pump in order to use the product. The product is a great conc... read more »

So well built!

04 Mar, 2018
I got this bird house to paint with my kids. They exceeded my expedition in functionally and quality. This house is built solid and has some extra features I wasn’t expecting. The rear entrance... read more »

Great quality and so much fun!

04 Mar, 2018
Just gave these squishies to my daughter for her birthday today. She was so excited to play with them. My nephew tried to eat the ice cream cone as they are very realistic looking. My daughter is curr... read more »

Great quality and well made

28 Feb, 2018
This mermaid blanket is of hand made quality. So surprised with how nice And thick this blanket is. My girls love it and often fight over who gets this one. I am very impressed with the quality and hi... read more »

Super cute and quality build

18 Feb, 2018
I bought these bird houses as a favour gift for a bridal shower and they will be perfect gifts during any spring time fiction. They are durable and built to handle the outdoor elements in canada. I lo... read more »

Perfect beginner instrument

18 Feb, 2018
This small Ukulele is a perfect child size beginner instrument. The pony art detail made this very appealing to my 5 year old. The sound quality is good and the bonus is that this comes with a carryin... read more »

Perfect addition to my terrarium

18 Feb, 2018
This hammock is perfect and well loved by my crested gecko. His feet were constantly getting stuck in our previous hammock and this one has perfect sized webbing to prevent that from happening. It com... read more »

Amazing quality and unique style

18 Feb, 2018
This gorgeous ukulele was a real gem to discover. I ordered this along with a $130 Ukulele and seriously cannot tell the different in the quality and workmanship. I am absolutely blown away at the fac... read more »

Beautiful heart jar that even comes with bonus decor

18 Feb, 2018
These heart jars have endless possibilities. They can be used for so many purposes. I will be using them as a bridal shower favour. The extra accents that come with his cute and quality jar will reall... read more »

Perfect for the toy room!

17 Feb, 2018
This cute and durable screw driver set is perfect for the toy room shelf. I am always scrambling to replace batteries and can never find the right screw driver. This cute design is a child friend... read more »

Perfect if you have a green thumb:

16 Feb, 2018
These pots are great quality and comparable to the ones sold for nearly twice the price in local gardening stores. Great size to grow tomato plants and even potatoe plants. Living in a flood prone are... read more »

Works well and looks nice!

14 Feb, 2018
This little diffuser gives off a good mist! It isn't overly large. It holds Enough water to run all night. I am very impressed with the versatility of humidifier and oil diffuser options with this... read more »

Great plant for aquarium or terrarium.

05 Feb, 2018
I bought this plant to add some decor to my terrarium. This is perfect for any aquarium or terrarium set up. The plant has a good solid base so It stays in place nicely. The plant is the Per... read more »

Very cute! Perfect little girl dress up!

05 Feb, 2018
very cute and well made! Fits my four year old and my two year old. They both are having fun dressing up as a unicorn. Great quality and cute design. Arrived before anticipated arrival date. Impressed... read more »

Perfect hands free option

01 Feb, 2018
This hands free device paired easily to my phone and works well. This device works well to keep me connected while driving without risking a distracted driving ticket or accident. This is a must have... read more »

Super adorable cat headphones!

01 Feb, 2018
my daughter is going to be so in love with these gorgeous cat ear headphones. These are going to make an amazing birthday gift. They arrived packaged in a nice and colourful box. They appear to be mad... read more »

Fantastic Bands and a well put together kit!

24 Jan, 2018
These resistance bands are top notch! They are wider and far better than the last set I purchased. I was so impressed with the bonus stretch tools and the storage bag. Everything worked well and feel... read more »

Handy and well made

23 Jan, 2018
This little cable is a perfect back up for all the school concerts. It definitely isn't as heavy duty as my professional cables but is well worth it to have a few on hand. This price point makes t... read more »

My absolute fav!

23 Jan, 2018
This strap is my absolute favourite! I cannot believe how universal this strap is. The fabric feels well woven and will likely hold up well with everyday use in my classroom. I love the neutral colour... read more »

Great quality and beautiful pattern

23 Jan, 2018
This guitar strap shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. I was very impressed with the quality of the strap. The leather is soft and gorgeous. I trust this strap will hold up well in my music clas... read more »

Essential item for pet care

21 Jan, 2018
These test strips appear to indicate an accurate measure of water or liquid PH. The plastic stick provides great durability and the colour chart makes it easy to read the level of ph. The handy plasti... read more »

Compact, sturdy and quality

17 Jan, 2018
My guitar stand arrived neatly packaged and better than expected. This stand is universal and adjustable, I have had my grade 9 guitar class try it out today and they fell in love. This stand is going... read more »

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